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Top 5 Titan Solar Generator Alternatives

Top 5 Titan Solar Generator Alternatives

Top 5 Titan Solar Generator Alternatives

So you’ve decided it’s time to drop some serious cash on a beefy solar energy system. The Titan Solar Generator (manufactured by Point Zero) is one of the most powerful all-in-one solar stations on the market today and can meet the energy demand of any gas generator with clean, renewable electricity.

At Shop Solar, we love the Titan, as it’s one of our longest-standing and best-selling products. Feel free to read our complete Titan Solar Generator review.

Of course, we understand that it is not a one size fits all solution. For this reason, we’ve taken the time to put together this collection of Titan solar generator alternatives to help those looking for tons of portable solar power.  

What to know about the Titan 

The Titan is known for being able to efficiently generate and store tons of solar energy with a large input capacity and modular storage options. In use, the Titan can discharge huge loads of current with its massive inverter and output options (solar power inverters collection). 

Most of those who own the Titan love the device, only knocking it for its hefty weight and steep investment cost. For reference, here are the exact specs of the Titan solar generator:

  • Battery: 2000wH Lithium-Ion
  • Inverter: 3000W / 7700W Surge
  • 2 MPPT Charge Controllers
  • Charging Options: Solar panels, AC, & DC
  • Outputs: 6 AC wall outlets, 4 DC (12V) ports, 1 RV Plug (30amp), and 8 total USB ports
  • Shelf Life: 3-6 Months
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Weight: ~35 lbs. (plus batteries)

We are very fortunate to have tested and sold the Titan solar generator, as this high-powered device tends to fly off shelves as soon as it becomes available. For those that cannot wait out the pre-order period, we are often asked “Do you have anything available similar to the Titan solar generator?”

Top 5 Titan Solar Generator Kit Alternatives 

Whether you are tired of waiting on backorder or simply want to explore your options, here are our top 5 Titan solar generator alternatives.

Hysolis 4500Wh Solar Generator Hex Kit

If you’re looking for a ton of continuous solar power, the Hysolsis 4500Wh Solar Generator Hex Kit is a great way to get started. The kit is centered around the Hysolis 4500Wh solar generator, which has the same inverter capacity as the Titan, with tons of extra default battery storage. 

With the Hex Kit, customers receive 800W of input energy distributed among 4 high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels. Although the Hysolis only has one MPPT (the Titan has two), it can still efficiently charge its massive battery in ordinary daylight sun conditions.  

Hysolis 4500Wh Solar Generator Specs: 

  • Inverter Type: Low frequency pure sine wave single phase
  • Rated AC Output Power:  Continuous 3,000W Pure Sine wave 120VAC/ 60Hz
  • Surge Power: 6,000W
  • Solar Charge Controller: MPPT 48V/30A
  • Solar Input Voltage Range: 60VDC-150VDC
  • AC Charger: 120VAC/1KW
  • Car Charger: 12VDC/10A
  • Built-in Battery Bank Capacity: 4,500 watt-hours (Lithium)
  • Battery Life Cycles: 2,000
  • Weight(Kgs): 120 lbs (55 Kg)
  • Product Size(In):  L 19.8 in* W 12.5 in * H 19 in

Learn more about the Hysolis MPS 4,500wH / 3,000W Solar Generator


Alarmingly, the Hysolis 4500Wh battery offers more than double the standard 200Wh capacity of the Titan solar generator. While the Titan has modular storage optional the Hysolis is more compact with tons of storage in a smaller overall unit. 

Secondly, the Titan accepts 1kW of solar input, whereas the Hysolis can handle up to 1500W of continuous solar charging. With more input and more capacity at the same output level (3,000W inverter on both), we may dare say that the Hysolis solar generator can even be considered more powerful than the Titan. 


On the other hand, the Hysolis weighs more and is less portable than the Titan overall. The Hysolis is about the same total price as the Titan (when adding an extra battery) but lacks the outlet variety that the Titan offers with 6 AC outlets. 

What can it power?

Designed primarily for stationary use, the Hysolis has the battery and inverter capacity to power tons of devices over extended periods of time. Here are some estimates: 

  • Smartphones (5-7 watts): 750+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts): 150+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts): 90+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 60 hours
  • 50" LED LCD TV* (65 watts) : 69 hours
  • Refrigerator (55 watts): 81 hours
  • Chainable USB LED Lights (6 watts): 750 hours
  • CPAP Machine (30 watts): 150 hours

Two kits to choose from:  If space is limited but power is necessary, small-scale electricity demand can be easily met using the Hysolis 4500 Hex with 1.2kW of Solar. The 1.2kW utilizes 6 x 200 watt solar panels, ideal for RVs, school buses, boats, and more.

For permanent, ground-mounted, and rooftop installations with extra space, you may want to consider our Hydross 4500 Hex kit with 1kW of solar divided among 10 x 100W solar panels. 

Lion Safari ME Gold

Next, people who love the easy-swap modular batteries of the Titan will also appreciate the unique design of the Lion Safari ME solar generator. Without sacrificing a ton of power, the Lion Safari ME can still deliver large loads, store lots of electricity, and even be converted into a hand-held portable unit. 

The base unit (922Wh capacity) weighs a mere 45 pounds, with each additional battery weighing just about the same. With our Gold Kit, the Safari ME includes 4 x 100 Watt solar suitcases for the ultimate portable power experience. 

About the generator: 

  • Output - AC [Standard Wall Plugs]: 2 (Easily split these with a surge protector or extension cable)
  • Output - USB: 2 USB-A  & 2 USB-C
  • Rated Battery Capacity: 922wH + 2,048wH = 2,970 watt hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Inverter: 2000 Watt Continuous / 4000 Watt Surge - Pure Sine
  • Fastest Solar Recharge Time: Under 2 hours
  • Lifecycles: 2,000

To learn more about his unit, feel free to read our complete review of the Lion Safari ME solar generator.


The Lion Safari ME has some of the fastest solar charging rates on the planet, powering each of its modular batteries in under 2 hours of ordinary sunlight conditions. It can also be efficiently charged via AC power, making it much better than the Titan for “charge up and go” situations such as camping trips, tailgates, or emergencies. 


With a 200 Watt continuous inverter, the Lion Safari ME can only provide 1000W less continuous electricity than the Titan. While this is rarely a concern for recreational and occasional use, if you plan on running your entire home with the Lion Safari ME, you may want to reconsider the Titan.

Although it is quite compact, the Lion Safari ME is also very limited in terms of outlet variety with only 2 AC wall plugs available. 

What can it Power?

  • Full Size Fridge (120W) - 25+ Hours
  • Phone Charging (5W) - Charge up to 200+ times
  • Laptop Charging (56W) - Charge up to 50+ times
  • 55" LCD T.V (75W) - 38+ Hours
  • LED Reading Lamp (4W) - 720+ Hours
  • Hot Plate (500W) - 5.8+ Hours
  • Air Conditioner (500W) - 5.8+ Hours
  • House Fan - (50W) - 60+ Hours
  • Microwave - (1k) - 3+ Hours
  • Electric Blanket (50W) - 60+ Hours
  • CPAP Machine (90W) - 28+ Hours

Get started here: Lion Safari ME Gold Kit

EcoFlow Delta Double Kit

EcoFlow Delta Double Kit

When it comes to sustainable energy, staying creative is important. Through vigorous experimentations, trial, and error, we have come to the conclusion that remote distributed energy can sometimes be even more effective when distributed even further. 

Our EcoFlow Delta Double kit comes with 2 x solar generators chained together for 2,600Wh of total battery life. With 400 Watts of solar power and two of the best solar generators on the market today (see our complete review of the EcoFlow Delta 1800), this kit replaces the Titan in ways most people may never think of. 

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator Specs (single unit):

  • Battery Capacity: 1260Wh (350Ah,3.7V)
  • Compact Design Dimensions: 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6in (40 x 21 x 27cm)
  • Light Weight: 30.9lbs (14kg)
  • Works in all Weather Charge Temperature: 32-113℉ (0-45℃)
  • Discharge In Freezing Temperatures: -4 -113℉ (-20-45℃)
  • Testing and Certifications: UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE
  • Cell Chemistry: Lithium-ion  
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year (after fully charged)
ecoflow delta


Whenever a lot of power is needed in a remote location, the weight and portability of all included components are critical. With two separate solar generator units, it may be easier to transport your energy to a location and use it more efficiently and widespread once onsite. 

So unlike in the judgment of Solomon or the bicycle from Seinfeld, occasionally the solution may be to “cut the Titan solar generator into two.” With 2,600Wh of battery, two EcoFlow units combine to total 600Wh more battery than the standard Titan system.


Of course, with the power split in two, double EcoFlow Delta users are still limited by the generator’s 1800 Watt pure sine wave inverter. At almost half of the operating capacity of the Titan, a singular EcoFlow delta will not be able to handle large electrical demands as efficiently as those with higher ratings.

What can it Power?

  • Large Fridge 15-18+ Hours
  • Lights (10W) 36+ Hours
  • Coffee Maker 50+ Cups
  • Circular Saw 1+ Hours
  • Laptop 27+ Recharges
  • Electric Vehicle 3-5 miles (5-8 km)
  • CPAP Machine 20+ Hours
  • Air Conditioning 0.8+ Hours
  • Electric Blanket 25+ Hours

What’s included: Learn more about the EcoFlow Delta 1800 Double Kit.

Bluetti AC200P Hex Kit

Bluetti AC200P Hex Kit

Next, our Bluetti AC200P Hex kit is a great Titan solar generator alternative, with equal battery capacity and an extended lifetime (3,500+ charge cycles). The Bluetti AC 200P has all of the great outputs and intelligent features that are included with the Titan, with a few bonuses unique to the brand.

Our Hex Kit includes 600W of solar input to help you maximize the usability of your independent power station. 

Bluetti AC200P Specs:

  • 2,000wh High Capacity Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)
  • 2000W Inverter for Continuous AC Power
  • 6 x AC (Wall) Outlets
  • 1 x 60W PD 2.0 USB-C
  • 4 x 5V/3A USB-A
  • 1 x PV 35-150V/12A
  • 1 x 12V/25A Output
  • LG premium electric-vehicle battery cell
  • 3500+ Charge Cycles
  • MPPT Charge Controller
  • 2*15W Wireless charging pads
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled cooling fan
  • Smart touchable LCD control panel
  • 24 Month Warranty

For more information, read our review on everything you need to know about the Bluetti AC200P.

bluetti ac200p


The Bluetti AC200P is lighter and less expensive than Titan solar generator, which makes it great for lower and mid-range electricity demands.  Standard with tons of AC and USB outlets, the AC200P Hex kit is great for remote workstations or charging many small devices at once. With 3500 battery life cycles, the Bluetti is also expected to last longer than a standard Titan battery. 


Unfortunately, a lot is sacrificed with the Bluetti AC 200P kit. Compared to the Titan, the AC 200P has 1000W less continuous operating capacity and can only accept 700W of continuous solar input (rather than 1KW). Still, these considerations may be moot if you do not plan on pushing your solar generator to its maximum capacity.  

What can it power?

  • Full Size Fridge (120W) - 25+ Hours
  • Phone Charging (5W) - Charge up to 200+ times
  • Laptop Charging (56W) - Charge up to 50+ times
  • 55" LCD T.V (75W) - 38+ Hours
  • LED Reading Lamp (4W) - 720+ Hours
  • Hot Plate (500W) - 5.8+ Hours
  • Air Conditioner (500W) - 5.8+ Hours
  • House Fan - (50W) - 60+ Hours
  • Microwave - (1k) - 3+ Hours
  • Electric Blanket (50W) - 60+ Hours

What’s included: Bluetti AC 200 Hex Kit

Lion Safari ME Elite Kit

Finally, anyone who is truly power-hungry for renewable energy should consider the Lion Safari ME Elite Kit for massive amounts of reliable electricity. Just as in our gold kit outlined above, the Lion Safari ME is a great alternative to the Titan solar generator for its increased portability and comparable features.

The Lion Safari ME Elite Kit vs Gold Kit: 

Lion Safari ME Elite

If you decide to upgrade to Elite from Gold, you will get to enjoy 200W more solar input to maximize charging speeds and efficiently expand your storage capacity. To help you celebrate your extra power, we include a set of LED string lights (6 Watts) standard in all Elite kit orders.

With capabilities for recreation, emergencies, and so much more, the Lion Safari Elite kit is a great way to enjoy long-lasting, convenient, and portable power. 

Learn more: Lion Safari ME Elite Kit

Titan Solar Generator Alternatives: Final Thoughts

Essentially, we are now fortunate enough to live in an era of affordable solar energy. With panels guaranteed to efficiently generate electricity for decades, the right solar generator can help provide long-term power for homes, RVs, emergency situations, and other remote electricity applications (get complete solar power kits for homes).

If you’re still looking for the right solar generator and have some time on your hands, feel free to check out our complete guide for the top 6 solar generators. Here, you will find comprehensive buying information and in-depth reviews for some of the other great Titan generator alternatives. 


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