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Solar Panel Shingle Roof Mount

By Benjamin Strusnik March 15, 2022

Solar Panel Shingle Roof Mount

Installing a solar panel shingle roof mount is one of the most discussed topics in the solar power world. This is because most homeowners who have shingle roofs are curious if they can install solar panels on their roofs without any issues.

Before installing an off-grid solar system on your property, it’s prudent to understand the basics of mounting solar panels on asphalt shingles. Without the proper knowledge, you could end up damaging your roof, which would be a costly mistake.

This article discusses mounting solar panels on asphalt shingles and provides some important tips to make the entire process easier. 

Can I Mount Solar Panels on My Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Shingles are some of the best roofing materials for solar panels. This is because they offer a few key benefits, such as being lightweight, easy to install, and having a long lifespan.

In addition, shingles provide an excellent surface for solar panel shingle roof mounts because they can be attached directly to the roof deck.

As long as the best roof angle for solar panels is used, there should be no problem attaching solar panels to an asphalt shingle roof. However, it’s always best to check your local building codes before starting any installation project.

install solar panel on shingle roof

Solar Panels and Shingle Roof Damage

One of the overarching questions people ask is whether solar panels damage shingle roofs.

There are several instances where solar panels have been known to cause damage to shingle roofs. They include:

Poor installation

Some people consider installing solar panels on roofs a DIY project. 

While this is possible, it’s not recommended. This is because improper installation can lead to roof damage. Damage caused by solar panels usually happens when the solar panel shingle roof mounts aren’t properly secured or when too much weight is placed on the roof.

Overweight Solar Panels

Another common cause of solar panel shingle roof damage is when the solar panels are too heavy for the roof. This happens if there’s a mismatch between the size of the solar panel and the weight it can hold.

It’s crucial to get a qualified installer and ask questions such as how many solar panels you can fit on your roof. The answer to this question will help you understand the weight of your solar system and ensure that it does not overload your roof.

Improper Roof Pitch

The roof pitch is also an important consideration when installing solar panels. If the roof pitch is too low, it can create several problems, including water infiltration and ice dams.

Aged Roof

Installing solar panels on an older roof can also lead to problems. Old roofs may not have the same structural integrity as new ones. As a result, adding solar panels could cause the roof to prematurely fail.

How to Mount Solar Panels onto Shingle Roofs

Solar panel shingle roof mount comes with several risks, as outlined above. So, how do you mitigate these risks?

How to Mount Solar Panels onto Shingle Roofs

Here are a few tips to help you mount solar panels on your asphalt shingle roof:

Check with Your Roofing Manufacturer about Flashing

Before you undertake a solar panel shingle roof mount, it’s essential to check with your roofing manufacturer about the flashing. Flashing is a material used to seal around the base of the solar panel and prevent water from seeping in.

Most manufacturers have a recommended type of flashing for their shingles. Therefore, it’s best to use this flashing to avoid compatibility issues.

Use Quality Flashing

The quality of the flashing is also essential. This is because it will be exposed to the elements and needs to withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays.

A good quality flashing should have a warranty of at least 20 years. This will give you peace of mind that the product will last for a long time.

Consider flashing with elevated attachment points. This is because it will provide additional protection against water infiltration. Additionally, it will prevent flashing curling, which is a common problem with low-quality flashing.

Inspect the Roof before Installing Solar Panels

It’s also essential to inspect the roof before installing solar panels. This is because you need to make sure that the roof is in good condition and can support the weight of the solar panels.

If there are any signs of damage, it’s best to repair the roof before installing.

Use Solar Panel Shingle Roof Mounts

Use Solar Panel Shingle Roof Mounts

Selecting the best solar panel shingle roof mounts is critical to a successful installation. There are a few factors that you need to consider when choosing solar panel shingle roof mounts, including:

  • The weight of the solar panel: This is important because you need to make sure that the solar panel shingle roof mounts can support the solar panel's weight.
  • The pitch of the roof: You also need to consider the roof's pitch when selecting solar panel shingle roof mounts. This is because the steeper the pitch, the more difficult it will be to install the mounts.
  • The type of shingle: The type of shingle is also an important consideration. This is because different types of shingles have different thicknesses and profiles. As a result, you need to make sure that the solar panel shingle roof mounts are compatible with the type of shingle on your roof.

It’s also important to choose a mount that’s easy to install and remove. You may need to remove the solar panel shingle roof mounts in the future for maintenance or repairs, so it’s important to have one that you can remove yourself. 

Use The Right Sealant

It’s important to use the right sealant when installing solar panels. Good sealant prevents water from seeping in and causing damage to your roof and any structure below.

The type of sealant you use depends on the roofing material. For asphalt shingles, you should use a silicone-based sealant. This is because silicone has a high resistance to UV rays and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Solar Panels and Shingle Roof Damage

Don’t Disrupt Water Diversion

Even though asphalt shingles are the best roof material for solar panels, disrupting water diversion is never a good idea. Water diversion is the process of redirecting water away from vulnerable areas of the roof.

It’s vital to ensure that you don’t disrupt the water diversion when installing solar panels. This will help keep your roof in good condition and prevent any water damage.

Is It Safe to Install Solar Panels on Asphalt Shingle Roofs?

Unless you are a professional, it’s not wise to solar panels on your roof yourself. It's a pretty big job and could be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

There are many hazards that come with installation, such as working at heights and dealing with electrical wiring.

If you don't have the right gear, a slight mishap could result in serious injury. In some cases, poor installations by DIYers lead to fires which could be fatal.

Solar Panel Shingle Roof Mount: DIY or Left to Professionals?

Solar panel shingle roof mount is not complicated, but it should be left to professionals. This is because they have the experience and expertise to get the job done safely and correctly.

Solar Panel Shingle Roof Mount DIY or Left to Professionals

There are several benefits of hiring a professional installer, including:

  • They have the necessary tools and equipment: A professional installer will have the necessary tools to get the job done safely and correctly.
  • They are familiar with local building codes: Solar panel installation can be tricky, especially when complying with local building codes. A professional installer will know what is required to meet all necessary codes.
  • They have insurance: If something goes wrong during the installation, you will be protected by the installer's insurance policy.
  • They help you avoid voiding your roof warranty: If you install the solar panels yourself, you may void your roof warranty. A professional installer will ensure that the solar panels are installed correctly and do not damage your roof.

Hiring a professional installer is always the safest option when installing solar panels. They have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and they will also help you avoid any potential problems.

Final Thoughts

Solar panel shingle roof mount is a great way to save money on your energy bill. However, a mistake during installation can be costly in terms of money and safety.

It is always best to leave the installation to a professional installer. They have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and they will also help you avoid any potential problems.

The same case applies when you want to install solar panels on a metal roof or any other type of roof. Always hire a professional installer for the best results.

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