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EMP Proof Solar Generator - Everything You Should Know

EMP Proof Solar Generator

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article explores the use of solar generators for emergency preparedness, particularly against nuclear or EMP attacks. It discusses the impact of EMPs on electronic devices and the effectiveness of solar generators in such scenarios. Solar generators are highlighted as being resistant to EMPs due to their lack of solid-state electronic controls.

However, they may still be affected to some extent, losing a large degree of functionality but remaining operational. The article also suggests ways to protect solar generators from EMPs, such as using Faraday bags or shields. It concludes by recommending solar generators for their ability to provide some protection against EMPs compared to standard fuel generators.


For those of us who want to be prepared against any attack, nuclear or EMP, solar generators have become critical. But just how adept are these little devices at handling the effects of an EMP attack?

After all, most electronic devices lose all functionality in the event of an EMP and generators are there to provide electricity. 

It is no wonder that confusion exists regarding whether solar generators will provide any sort of resistance against an EMP attack. 

If you are wondering yourself, don’t worry, because we are here to debunk the facts and look at whether solar generators will survive the effects of an EMP attack and if so, where you can find your hands on one. 

After all, prevention is better than cure. 

EMP Proof Solar Generator

EMP Proof Solar Generator

An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse that is either caused by a device or by the sun. When it is caused by the sun, it involves the sun releasing built-up energy through a solar flare. 

When it is caused by a device, the device is often specifically designed for this purpose and it has mostly been studied in terms of military tactics. 

So, in essence, it’s not like EMP’s occur daily. In fact, they are quite rare, and the last EMP that originated from the sun occurred in 2012. 

These types of EMP attacks or occurrences can leave your devices non-operational temporarily or for a permanent period. 

That being said, Just because an EMP occurrence is a rare event, does not mean you should not be prepared for it. 

Apart from the fact that you would be unable to function with, and operate, most of your electronics, EMP attacks may also leave entire cities and even countries paralyzed to deal with an attack during warfare (or otherwise). 

There has been some debate regarding EMPs’ effects on solar panels and solar devices. But at least, some consensus has been reached. 

Let’s look at whether solar generators will be as hard-hit by EMPs as your other devices. 

Are Solar Generators EMP Proof?

Some devices are protected against EMP attacks, and these include vintage devices, non-electronic devices, and manual devices. 

So, there is some good news and some bad news here. 

Good News

emp proof solar generators

Renogy Solar Generator

Solar generators will actually be protected against EMPs because, in essence, they do not operate with the same solid-state electronic controls as devices that are affected by EMPs. 

On top of that, most other solar-powered devices and solar panels themselves will not be as affected by EMPs as electronic ones.

Bad News

So, what’s the bad news? Well, before you run to buy the best-kept secret in terms of electronics that are guarded against EMPs, it should be noted that solar generators and other solar devices may still largely be affected by EMPs. 

It has been said that they will lose a large degree of their operating functioning, but that they will still function nonetheless. 

This might be a worthy pursuit considering that EMPs may affect entire electronic and electricity grids, which will pretty much leave large areas in darkness, and left to their own devices, so to speak. 

In that event, you would be happy to know that your solar devices will retain some functioning. And better yet, that your solar generator will continue to function. 

Which Solar Generators are EMP Proof?

Solar generators have become a popular alternative generator in recent years, especially because of their practical applications. 

This is especially because of the fact that there is no solar generator noise when comparing solar generators vs fuel generators

In addition, they run on sustainable solar energy and are produced with the latest in solar and generator hybrid systems technology. 

Can You Buy An EMP Proof Solar Generator?

Solar generators have been praised by many for their innate resistance to the effects of EMPs. 

In terms of solar generators that are specifically designed to withstand the effects of EMPs, the options are quite limited. So, any solar generator you buy carries the risk of being vulnerable to some sort of EMP attack. 

But, in general, you can buy any solar powered generator, knowing that you will at least get more protection from the effects of EMPs than with a standard gas or fuel generator. 

Unfortunately, if you want your solar generator to last, it would be wise to protect your solar generator with additional accessories so that it can withstand the effects of EMPs. 

How to EMP Proof Your Solar Generator?

There are many smart ways for you to EMP-proof your solar generator without breaking the bank. 

This will offer even more protection and is a very popular choice among people looking to EMP-proof their generators. 

In this regard, many people opt to cover their solar generator in an EMP bag or shield that can fit over a multitude of appliances and is often used to cover solar generators.

solar generator emp proof

These bags come in a variety of sizes. 

If you are looking for something even larger because you want to cover many of your devices at once, you can look for bags that come in extra-large sizes or for shielded EMP-proof covers. 

But, it should also be noted that some solar generators are designed to be encased in a specifically designed cover. 

How Effective Are Branded EMP-Proof Covers?

Some brands of solar generators have branded protective covers that will protect your solar generator from the effects of EMP. These covers are specifically designed to fit solar generators. 

For example, some Faraday bags have been developed to fit snugly over the corresponding solar generator, offering optimal protection. 

Many of these have also been tested and approved for military use. 

There are also a variety of EMP branded shields that cover the specific branded solar generator of the same name. 

These solar shields are perfect for covering your solar generator and offering a great amount of protection.  

If you’re buying a solar generator for the first time, you might want to buy a kit that includes everything you need for making the switch to solar, with the added benefit of EMP protection. 

In this regard, you can start looking at base camp kit sets, which include a generator, solar panels, EMP-proof bags or shields, and everything else you need to ease your way into the benefits of solar living. 

Of course, there are other “home remedies” to protect your devices against the effects of EMPs, such as the use of tinfoil or building Faraway cages. 

But when it comes to solar generators, we highly recommend making use of specialized products that have been tried and tested. 

Plus you will save some time and energy as well.  


All in all, there are many options when it comes to choosing how you want to protect your solar generator from the effects of EMPs. 

You can opt to buy a solar generator and corresponding bag that is designed to fit snugly over it for protection or follow a one-size-fits-all approach and buy a large cover for all your devices. 

The good news is, you need not buy a solar generator that, in itself, is designed to protect against the effects of EMPs. 

In this case, it is definitely easier to opt for a solar generator and provide it with some protection of your choice.

Or better yet, buy a base camp kit that can offer protection against EMP attacks and set you up with everything you need to make the switch to solar. 

EMP Proof Solar Generator (FAQs)

What is the best EMP-proof Solar Generator?

The best EMP-proof Solar Generator depends on your needs. Any generator will suffice so long as it is protected by a cover that is specifically designed to withstand the effects of an EMP attack. 

What happens to solar generator’s connected devices when EMP hits?

In general, the devices will stop working. You can protect all wiring with electrical line filters as a measure for protecting your home against an EMP attack. 

Houses with metal and solar panel roofs can also provide some protection against an EMP attack. 

Are solar panels EMP proof?

Like solar generators, solar panels contain little that can be damaged by EMPs. But, they have wires with electric current attached to them, which means they lose functionality.

Often the panel will survive, but many of the other components will need to be replaced. 

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