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Solar Powered Generators: 2 Most Common Questions We Get, Answered [Generator Sizing Guide]

By SSK Admin November 26, 2021

Solar Powered Generators 2 Most Common Questions We Get, Answered

Solar Generators: 2 Most Common Questions We Get, Answered..

Whether you’re shopping for a solar generator or have one already, this article answers the 2 most common questions we get asked about solar generators and how much they can power, for how long. If you're trying to figure out what size solar generator/how much off grid power you need, then click to read more!

We’re not going to debate whether they should or shouldn’t be called solar generators, but rather dive into everything you need to know about them.  

Let’s start with answering the 2 MOST common questions we get on a daily basis: 

The #1 most common question we get is - “how fast will my solar generator charge”, which is answered with a quick math equation:

Total battery watt-hours (in the generator) divided by Total watts of solar/ac power going in

So for example, the Bluetti EB240 has a 2,400 - watt hour battery, if you had 400 watts of solar panels (4 x 100W panels) you could recharge it in roughly 6 hours (2400/400 = 6)

The #2 most common question we get is – “how long will my solar generator last me?” – also answered with a quick math equation: 

Total battery watt-hours (in the generator) divided by Total wattage draw of the load(s) 

This is technically more of a “it depends” answer since we have to figure out your average load size in order to get an accurate amount of time it will last you. But let’s say you plan on using it while camping to run some lights, a fan, charge some phones and maybe play some music, you’d probably be drawing roughly 200W of power at any given time. So taking the EB240 again, it’d be 2400/200 = 12 hours of run time at a 200W draw.

Pro tip*: The next biggest thing to know is that most of the solar generators we carry, have what we call pass-through charging (the ability to be used while also charging from the sun). So technically you can be using it all day long, while charging it up from solar and if you have enough panels and sun, you could enter the evening with a full battery having used it all day!

Understanding these fundamentals will help you better understand the abilities of specific solar generators. If you’re interested in learning more, we have lots of great solar generators blog posts and resources here:

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