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Does a Whole House Generator Add Value To Your Home? The Definitive Guide []

Does a Whole House Generator Add Value To Your Home The Definitive Guide [2021]

Does a Whole House Generator add Value to your Home? The Definitive Guide

A whole house generator is a great source of backup power for short or long term periods of electrical outages.  If the grid goes down, you will still be able to power your necessary and luxury items with the right backup system.  But if you are planning to sell your house, is it worth it?  

In order to reach a verdict on this, we are going to outline the different types of whole house generators and outline their best (and worst) features.  At the end of this article, we will also recommend some of your best options for ensuring you have the right power source for home backup power.  

What is a Whole House Generator?

A whole house generator provides a backup system for continuous home electricity use in the event of a grid power outage.  A “standby” generator is a popular product that is designed to automatically start up when the power goes out.  In the event of an emergency or long-term grid failure, a whole house generator can be used to power medical devices, lights, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and more.  

When most people hear the word “generator,” the first thing that comes to mind is a traditional gas-powered backup system.  Although these are still widely used to provide homes and businesses with electricity during power outages, there are a growing number of options to generate independent electricity.  

Whole House Generator Options for Home Backup Power

As mentioned above, gas generators are historically and currently one of the most popular options for whole home generators.  Alternatively, in the last ten years, the United States and Canada have seen an exponential increase in homes with permanently installed battery-backed solar panel systems.  The technology has even caught up in such a way that “solar powered generators” are also now a realistic option as well.  

1. Traditional Gas Powered Generators

Traditional generators are powerful backup sources of electricity that generally run on gasoline, liquid propane, or natural gas.  They may be expensive to install, but can also provide a seamless, automatic source of electricity. 


  • Extremely Powerful, Like Running on Grid Power
  • Most are Programmed to Start Up Automatically in the Event of an Outage
  • Can be Run on Natural Gas Lines (Although, they may be down as well) 
  • May be Portable, But Still For Outdoor Use


  • Installed Outside Your Home, Hard to Access (if Needed) in Severe Weather 
  • May Require Professional Installation (Added Costs)
  • Possible Time Spent on Refilling and Maintenance
  • Added Expense to Power (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • Typically High Upfront Cost for Whole Home Power 

2. Small Solar Kits

Installing a solar kit is a great way to utilize the free, renewable energy that hits your roof or backyard every day.  By piecing together the components of a solar energy system, homeowners can enjoy a daily or emergency backup source of power.  


  • Free, Sustainable Source of Energy 
  • Emission-Free, and Noise-Free Electricity Generation
  • Can Be Used Daily If Desired
  • Freedom to Design However Small or Large as Needed
  • Battery Charges Automatically, Very Little Maintenance 


  • Large Solar Batteries & Inverters can be Expensive
  • Permanently Installed, or Else Removal and Transportation Costs
  • May Require Professional Installation 

3. Solar Powered Generators

Solar powered generators, also known as portable power stations, are a great, dynamic option for home backup power.  Solar generators have a wide range of prices and capabilities. Learn how a solar generator works.


  • Generally, Very Portable Source of Power
  • Emission Free, Safe to Use Indoors
  • Many Can be Recharged in a Variety of Ways (Including with a Vehicle)
  • No Added Cost to Power when Using Solar Panels 
  • Extremely Easy to Setup and Use


  • Large Solar Generators can be Expensive
  • Most cannot be Installed as an Automatic Home Backup
  • Affordable Options may not be Large Enough to Power Whole Home at Once
  • Limited Shelf Lives could Require Semi-Annual Charging 

The Verdict - Does a Whole House Generator Add Value To Your Home? 

If you are adding a complete solar power kits for home as a permanent installation, then it can add value to your home.  If you are planning to sell your home, perspective buyers may see a solar panel kit or a permanent standby gas generator as a premium feature that would come at an additional cost.  

With that said, home value alone should not be a driving factor of your decision to install backup power.  The value it adds is truly a lifestyle bonus that can save you in the case of an emergency or even lower your monthly electricity bills.  

With a portable solar powered generator, you are able to own a backup source of electricity that can be transported anywhere if you plan to sell your home.  Whereas it will not increase your home value, your investment will pay for itself with the added convenience of an alternative source for long-term, renewable power. 

Recommended Solar Generators for Whole House Backup Power Supply  

Solar generators are powerful enough to provide power for most (if not all) household devices in the event of an emergency.  Plus, they are affordable and can generate electricity using a free, clean source of energy.  Here are our top 3 solar generators to use as a whole house backup.  

Bluetti Solar Generator

MaxOak has delivered several high capacity solar generators under the Bluetti brand name.  The company’s latest Bluetti EB240 packs a 2400Wh battery into its 48 pound carrying case.  The Bluetti is limited by its 1000W inverter that may not be able to handle full-home electricity loads, but its price and storage capacity make it a great source of backup emergency power.

Learn more about the Bluetti Solar Generator.

EcoFlow Delta Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow Delta is a truly portable and high powered solar generator that weighs in at just over 30 lbs, despite its massive 1800W inverter.  Although its battery is only 1300Wh, it can still power a CPAP machine for over 20 hours or charge a laptop nearly 30 times.  The Delta can be recharged in an astonishingly low 2 hours when plugged into a traditional wall outlet, then can be easily stored and transported for safe, indoor power use whenever it is needed. 

Learn more about the EcoFlow Delta.

Titan Solar Generator

Last but certainly not least, we would like to introduce the Titan Solar Generator.  The Titan is just as, if not more powerful than most gas generators and is designed to sustain normal home electricity use throughout the duration of a blackout.  The Titan has stackable battery packs for easy added storage and a 3000W inverter to power any home appliances (even AC!).  

Learn more about the Titan Solar Generator.

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