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Patriot Power Generator Reviews: What People Are Actually Saying [The TRUTH]

Patriot Power Generator Reviews - What People Are Actually Saying [The TRUTH]

If you're shopping for a solar generator for emergency power back up, camping or to survive a potential grid outage, you've probably heard about the Patriot Power Generator. 

At Shop Solar Kits, we are always interested when a new solar generator gains popularity. After a few customer inquiries, I decided to write a full review of the Patriot Power Generator, which is only available on 4Patriot’s website. In our eyes, the Patriot Power Generator can work well for temporary off grid power, but there are simply too many better alternatives available at lower prices or larger capacities.   

Who’s Talking about the Patriot Power Generator?

Because 4Patriots only sells their patriot power generators directly from their website, it is difficult to find honest reviews of their products, as they have the ability to moderate what is displayed on their pages. Additionally, 4Patriots puts out a lot of helpful comments on their youtube pages, but all of the videos discussing the Patriot Power Generator reviews have the comments disabled.  

We consider ourselves experts in the portable power space, but solar energy is a worldwide phenomenon. Sustainable, off grid power is a rapidly growing space that is occupied by plenty of professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

With that, we've created this article in order to get an honest look at some of the real reviews, from real customers on the patriot power generator as well as break downs some of the main pros and cons that people mention about the patriot power generator. 

Just Want To Know What The BEST Patriot Power Generator Alternative is? 

The most popular and best patriot power generator alternative is by far the EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generator Quad kit with 4 x 100 watt solar panels.

The Delta solar generator has twice as much battery capacity, same size inverter with a bigger surge and comes in 15lbs lighter and charges up twice as quick as the Patriot power generator!

Check out the comparison chart of the two solar generators below and you'll quickly see why..

Patriot Power Generator Vs EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generator:

Click here to see the EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generato Quad Kit 

4Patriots Power Generator Facebook Page Reviews

First of all, it is important to know that 4Patriots sells more than just their solar power generator. The company has a large, dedicated group of customers that purchase prepackaged meals for emergency scenarios. 

The company’s official Facebook page is loaded with five star reviews and company recommendations. Many posts, like the one pictured above, cite 4Patriots customer service and products providing a high quality experience. 

Due to the popularity of their food products, it took a little bit of digging in order to find a review that related to their electronics. Below, you can see a review that claims the company’s charger never worked properly. With this in mind, I feel that people may be reluctant to sink $2,000 into a larger 4Patriot power system.  

4Patriots Power Generator Website Reviews

Like I said, it may be impossible to legitimize reviews on 4Patirots website, as the company probably has the ability to moderate and remove comments. With that said, there are many favorable (and a few unfavorable) Reviews on the Patriot power generator product page.

Among the over 200 five star patriot power generator reviews, like the one above, many customers cite peace of mind as the main benefit of the Patriot Power Generator. Whereas backup power is perfect for emergency situations, I often worry that most people fail to properly test their patriot power generator before it is too late.  

In a three star review, pictured below, a verified buyer of the Patriot Power Generator 1800 cited not being “really satisfied with the amount of electrical power time” that the unit could provide. I am guessing that the user is probably frustrated with the limited 768Wh battery capacity. This limited amount of storage makes the Patriot Power Generator 1800 one of the highest price per watt-hour power stations available today ($2400/768 = $3.12/watt hour). 

To put that in perspective, something like the Bluetti 1500 Solar Generator comes in at a price tag of $1299 which has it at .86 cents/watt hour ($1299/1500).


Patriot Power Generator Video Reviews

In order to find real Patriot Power Generator users, I took to YouTube in order to find product reviews and real-life experience with 4Patriot’s solar generator.  

Lost on Land Again - Youtube Video Review (Among Other Topics)

One of the first videos I came across was from the channel Lost on Land Again. The author chose to interview one of their friends who had been using a Patriot Power Generator in their RV. Overall, the review is favorable, but there is one important thing I’d like to point out.

When the unit is first introduced, you can see Bill strain has he struggles to answer the camera operator’s question.  He says that the patriot power generator is “about 40 pounds.” The product is listed at 46 pounds on the company website, which may be too heavy for some people who need lighter, portable power.  

Once the video was finished, I scrolled through the comments to find the one pictured below. Youtube user “Frugal RV Gal” notes that the $2,600 price tag on the Patriot Power generator is shockingly expensive. They go on to recommend a Yeti Goal Zero. Whereas I am not sure I can recommend a Goal Zero, there are plenty of other better, cheaper options. You can our full review of the Yeti Goal Zero 1000 here

Vague Patriot Power Generator Reviews from Bill Preston & S.E.R. Safety

As I dug a bit deeper on youtube, there were only a few patriot power generator reviews that just barely scratch the surface of the technical aspects of the 4Patriots Power Generator. 

First, there is this patriot power generator review video from Bill Preston. This brief snapshot highlights the output capacity and lifecycle of the lithium ion battery in the patriot power generator, but fails to get too technical. Instead, commences with the idea that the patriot generator is perfect for “you and your family.”  

Likewise, in this patirot power generator review video from S.E.R. Safety, the patriot power generator is presented in comparison to traditional gas generators, rather than its competitors. Only in the comments, are the technical aspects of the 4Patriots power generator product analyzed against competing brands.

Below, you will find two comments that bring some of the Patriot power generators downsides to the attention of the viewer. The first comment cites that the Patriot power generator 1800 is only capable of powering a refrigerator for “less than half a day.”  This is not surprising, as our patriot power generator review noted that the limited battery capacity would likely limit a fridge’s power to less than one night. Plus, you can only input 240 watts of solar power into the Patriot power generator, making it extremely difficult to sustain energy use.  In the event of a long term power outage, this is simply unacceptable.

Finally, you can read the comment from Youtube user “Big Rig Cook,” who calls out the review’s ambiguity and contends that the patriot power generator comes at a “terrible price.”  The comment goes on to recommend the Inergy Apex. I think Big Rig Cook has the right idea, as the Apex is one of the best alternatives to the Patriot Power Generator. 

The Two Best Alternatives to 4Patriots Power Generator

The Bluetti Solar Generator

Do you want a powerful, long lasting solar generator that weighs nearly 10 lbs less than the patriot power generator?  The Bluetti solar generator is a convenient and portable power solution that weighs roughly 35 lbs. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying handle on top making it perfect for emergency back and survival situations.  

If the power goes out in your home, you will want to be able to deliver electricity wherever, whenever you need it and the Bluetti is perfect for this. Plus, you do not have to sacrifice power or worry about running out within an hour or two. The Bluetti EB150 can deliver 1000 watts of continuous power with it's pure sine wave inverter, plenty for fridges, TVs, lights, and more. Even better, the Bluetti can deliver power longer, with its 1,500Wh battery capacity. Almost double to battery/storage capacity as the patriot power generator.  

As you can see, you get a ton of upgraded features, yet the Bluetti still remains $1,000 cheaper than the Patriot solar generator..

The Titan Solar Generator 

If you are rightfully worried that a Patriot Power Generator will not cut it as a full home emergency backup system, then you will need something a bit stronger. Point Zero’s Titan Solar Generator is perhaps the most powerful clean energy power system on the planet.

In comparison to the Patriot 1800, the Titan solar generator has over three times as much battery life (2,000wH), nearly double the continuous output capacity (3000 watt pure sine inverter) AND an exponentially larger capacity for solar input (2 charge controllers at 1,000 Watts of solar input each). Not to mention the Titan solar generator is modular so you can add more 2,000wH battery packs should you require more power down the line.

Essentially, this means that with the right setup, you will be able to continuously operate your home’s power system, all with solar energy! If you are looking for the absolute best back up for your home's power in an emergency, the Titan is well worth your investment. Although it is slightly more expensive than the Patriot power generator at a starting price of $2,995, the Titan generator blows the patriot power generator out of the water when it comes to features and benefits.

Patriot Power Generator Reviews - Conclusion

Overall, the 4Patriot's brand does appear to be well liked and stands for a good cause. That being said, at almost $2,500 for the patriot power generator and as we can see from some honest customer reviews, there are simply to many alternative options for emergency back up power that come with MUCH better quality components AND are much easier on your wallet. 

Trying to decide if the patriot power generator is any good? Read our in-depth Patriot Power Generator review here.

If you still have questions about which solar generator is best for your needs, feel free to reach out or give us a call today at 877-242-2792.

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