Are off grid solar kits the answer to independent energy dreams?
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Are off grid solar power kits the answer to your independent energy dreams?

Are off grid solar power kits the answer to your independent energy dreams?


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Off-grid solar kits offer a simple, cost-effective way to generate your own electricity and live off the grid. These kits include all necessary components like solar panels, batteries, and inverters. They are ideal for remote areas or for those seeking self-sufficiency. DIY installation saves on costs, provides more control, and offers greater independence. Kits can be customized and easily scaled up. Installing a kit is not overly complex, with most homeowners able to handle the process with guidance.

Cost-wise, kits are significantly cheaper than hiring a professional solar company. Prices for complete kits vary but generally range from $10,000 to $21,000, depending on capacity and components. Sizing your energy needs and choosing a reputable retailer are key steps in selecting the right kit. Overall, off-grid solar kits offer a reliable, sustainable, and independent energy solution for homeowners, RV owners, and boaters alike.


Are you dreaming of living completely off grid? You can literally take your own power back by going solar with a simple DIY off grid solar kit

Off grid solar kits are ideal for people living in remote areas without access to the grid or for those who want to become self-sufficient and reduce their reliance on traditional power sources. The kits are easy to install and maintain, eliminate your power bills, and are the key to more sustainable and independent living. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular choice for homeowners, RV owners, and boaters. 

If you want to get off grid, keep reading. We'll show you exactly what to do.

What are solar power kits?

An off grid solar kit is a self-contained solar power system that allows you to generate and store your own electricity without relying on the grid. The kit includes all the necessary components for generating, storing, and using solar energy, including solar panels, an inverter, batteries, a charge controller, and cables.

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit HBK-PLUS only at

Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit HBK-PLUS only at

You can determine your energy needs by looking at your electricity bill to see how much power you use or list the appliances and tools that need power and how long they need it. Once you know how much you need, you can buy the perfect off grid solar system kit and have it shipped wherever you need it. Off grid solar kits can be installed by professionals, on your own, or using a combination of both options.

The beauty of an off grid solar kit is that you can buy it online and install the entire kit yourself whenever you are ready. There is a wide selection of kits available so you can definitely find one that is perfect for powering your house, cabin, or RV.

Discovering the right kit could be as simple as answering a few questions and getting a personalized recommendation.

What's in an off grid solar power kit?

Your typical kit consists of the following: 

  • solar panels to harness the sun's energy
  • a charge controller to protect the batteries from damage
  • a battery bank to store the energy generated by the panels
  • an inverter to convert DC electricity to AC electricity
  • a switchboard to distribute power to outlets around the home (for larger systems)
  • an optional generator (it’s good for a smaller system or solar generator, and  contains the battery, charge controller, and inverter all in one)
  • cables and connectors to connect all the components together

What are the benefits of off grid solar kits? 

If living off the grid is important to you, you definitely need to look into the many DIY solar kits available on the market. An off grid solar kit does more than meet your power needs. Some of the benefits of and off grid solar kit include:

  • A great price

Buying a solar panel kit and installing it yourself is the most cost-effective way of getting off grid and generating your own power. While most people opt to visit the solar company directly, nearly half the cost of their system goes to installation and operating costs. If you want to save money, solar panel kits can shave 50% off your cost.

  • More control over your off grid solar power system

Solar kits can be customized to include exactly the equipment you'd like. With an off-the-rack system from a solar company, you need to take what you can get. With a kit, you have complete peace of mind knowing that you've chosen a reliable solar system for your home and that it has been installed properly.

  • Greater independence

If you value your independence, solar kits are the way to go. After all, it's your only power source. If something goes wrong, you can't afford to wait for a supplier to find stock or visit your property. When you go the DIY route, you'll learn enough about the system during the installation process to diagnose and fix the problem yourself - for free! Plus, you’ll sever all ties to the utility company and never have to pay their bills or suffer through their outages ever again.

  • Scaling up

With a solar kit, you can scale up whenever you need to. If you outgrow your solar power system and need additional capacity, you can quickly expand your entire off grid system to meet your changing needs.

  • It's DIY!

Here's a benefit of DIY off grid systems the solar industry doesn't talk about enough: it's fun! Building your own off grid solar power system is incredibly rewarding. There's nothing better than learning a new skill and watching the lights turn on for the first time, knowing that you built the entire system by hand.

Construction Worker Installing Solar Panels on white roof

What about installation? 

Installing an off grid solar power system is not as complicated as it may seem. With the guidance and support of a good solar kit retailer, most homeowners can handle at least 90% of the installation themselves.

The first step is mounting the solar panels on a roof or ground rack, followed by attaching cables and running them through a junction box to connect them. Next, the charge controller regulates the current from the panels and feeds it into the battery bank or generator for battery storage.

The current is then converted to AC electricity by the inverter before being wired into the home's electrical panel. This final step is the most complicated but it can still be completed by most homeowners, or a professional electrician can be hired to complete it.

How much do off grid solar kits cost?

Getting a solar power system requires a significant up-front investment, but an off grid solar kit will always be cheaper than hiring a professional solar company that handles the installation process.

You can buy a complete 6000W Off Grid Solar kit, with twelve 390 W panels and a 12kWh Battery Bank for a little over $10,000 online.

A 13,000W Off Grid Solar kit with a 19kh-23.5Wh Battery Bank and eighteen solar panels will cost around $16,000 while a 13,000W Off Grid Solar Kit with eighteen 120/240V panels and a 38kWH battery bank is just shy of $21,000. 

Considering that the average installation cost you'll be charged by a solar company for just the smallest of these systems is around $25,000, using a solar kit and installing it yourself can cut your costs down by 50%.

How do I know which kit is right for me?

Sizing your energy needs is the first step. If you are currently on the grid, you can find this out by simply looking at your utility bill, otherwise you can use a handy online calculator. Your solar kit retailer will also help you figure out how much you'll need.

Where can I get an off grid solar kit? 

You can find your entire solar kit with everything you need to go off grid  from good online retailers. These retailers offer support and advice throughout the entire lifecycle of the kit to make your solar journey as smooth as possible.


An off grid solar kit is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of independent solar power without paying an exorbitant cost. Visit to learn more about the benefits of solar kits from real experts in the field. You'll find a host of professionals that can give you a quote and help you find the kit that's right for you.

Learn more with our off grid solar power guide!

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