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Jackery FAQ Page - What you need to know about Jackery

This page answers ALL of the most common questions we get asked everyday about how the Jackery Generators work and what comes with your Jackery purchase.


General Questions

Q: What comes with the Jackery?
  • A: Your Jackery comes with a multitude of extra's.  Here is a list of what you can expect with your purchase of a Jackery: 
(1) x Jackery Solar Generator
(1) x AC (standard wall) Charger
(1) x DC Car Charger (for charging on the GO!)
(1) x Setup/User Manual
(1) x Carrying zippered pouch
2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Lowest Price Guarantee
Lifetime Customer Support

Q: Will my Jackery arrive fully charged?
  • A: Due to shipping regulations, your Jackery is only allowed to be shipped partially charged. Make sure you fully charge your Jackery after you receive it.  
Q: What is the warranty on the Jackery?
  • A: The Jackery comes with a two-year warranty.
Q: How many watts can the Jackery handle?
  • A: The Jackery has a 500 watt pure sine wave inverter that can surge up to 1000 watts.  
Q: What are the maximum voltage at full charge? 
  • A: At full charge, your Jackery is 518Wh or 21.6V / 24Ah 144,400 mAh / 3.6V
Q. What temperature can the Jackery handle? 
  • A: The operating temperature for the Jackery is 32-104 degrees F

Q: What devices can Explorer 500 power?

  • A:  The Jackery Explorer 500 can power any device that runs at 500 watt or lower.  


Battery Questions:

Q: What type of battery is in an Explorer 500?

  • A: Explorer 500 contains a battery pack which consists of an array of cylindri cal 18650 lithium-ion battery cells with high energy density.  In other words, the battery in your Jackery is a lithium battery!

Q: How do I know if my Explorer 500 is charged?

  • A: To check the charge level of the Explorer 500, refer to the LCD Battery Display.

Q: What is the lifespan of the battery in the Jackery?

  • A: To keep the battery in best shape as possible, we recommend charging your Jackery every 3 - 6 months.  With proper care, you can expect to get a whopping 500 cycles until to 80% capacity!  


Charging Questions:

Q: What are my options for charging the Jackery?

  • A: You have (3) ways in which to charge your Jackery.  You can charge it via a standard AC wall charger, you can charge it via car cigarette charger or you can charge it with solar panels.  

Q: Can I use my Jackery while it is being charged?

  • A: Yup! 

Q: How long does it take to charge the Jackery using the AC wall charger?

  • A: Approximately 7.5 hours.  

Q: How long does it take to charge my Jackery using the car charger?

  • A: It will depend on the output from the car DC port, but it can recharge up to 100 watts from there, meaning you can recharge in as little as 5 - 5.5 hours.  It can also take around 16 hours at the slowest.  

Q. How long does it take to charge the Jackery with solar?

These times are approximate dependent on sun condition, panel angle, etc.
  • 100 watt panel = approx 7 hours


Usage Questions:

Q: How long will the Jackery run the following: smartphone, tablet, basecamp LED, laptop, CPAP machine, TV, electric blanket, microwave, or refrigerator

A: It will run those items as follows. These are approximate only. The actual times may vary due to variations in make, models, conditions, and settings.

  • Smartphone (5-7 watts) – 34+ recharges
  • Tablet (25-40 watts) – 28+ recharges
  • Cameras – 60+ recharges
  • Laptop  – 7+ recharges
  • Drones – 6+ recharges
  • Mini Fridge- 8+ hours
  • Fan - 40+ hours

Q. Can I connect the Jackery to my house main control panel?

  • A: No. 

Q: Can the Jackery power my entire home?

  • A: No. The Jackery has limitations on what it will run. Most electric appliances exceed the capability of the Jackery. If it is a gas appliance, the Jackery can power it provided that they have a standard 110 VAC wall plug.

Q: Will the Jackery run my air conditioner or clothes dryer?

  • A: If these items are electric, the Jackery will not power them. These types of appliances use 220 VAC and the Jackery can only discharge 110 VAC.

Q: Can you leave the Jackery on full time with a fridge plugged into it? 

  • The Jackery isn't designed to act as a UPS. While that would work until the battery ran out, the Jackery is designed as a back up option or a portable camping option.

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