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What Will a 15 Watt Solar Panel Run?

what will a 15 watt solar panel run

Solar panels come in handy, whether they’re big or small. This is one of the things that makes them so viable when you’re in the outdoors or looking for something to power a few appliances.

While a 15W solar panel is not the largest of panels, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what it can still do while also being small and portable to go just about everywhere.


A 15-watt solar panel isn’t the biggest panel you can get, and it’s not the smallest either. It’s a solar panel that does the best it can. 

In sunlight, it can generate around 1 amp every hour. This means that the solar panel can keep certain batteries charged like those on a boat, quad-bike, tractor, car, and RV. 

what will a 15-watt solar panel run

A solar panel of this size can also be used to power an electric fence or a deer feeder. 

Charging batteries means that you’ll need to purchase a few extra things like a 12V car adapter, some wire, and battery clamps. Keep an eye out for a 15W solar panel that includes these as part of a kit, it’s more convenient that way.

The 15W solar panel helps to maintain the battery, making sure that it lasts as long as it can. That leaves you with a battery that stays in peak condition while being used for various applications.

When it’s not a car or boat battery that you need to charge, the LifePo4 battery is another convenient piece of equipment that can be used to provide power to larger appliances. Since this is also a 12V battery, the 15-watt solar panel can be used to charge it. 

To prevent overcharging and discharging you’ll need to use a charge controller. This is necessary for a 15W solar panel. 

Lion Energy GO Watt Solar Panel - a Review

The Lion Energy GO is small and portable. It can power a 120Wh AC inverter and has built-in USB outputs to charge smaller devices like your smartphones or tablets.

what can a 15-watt solar panel run

Weighing only 4lbs, this solar panel makes for a highly maneuverable piece of equipment. It’s ideal for outdoor use anywhere you go. 

The Details

The solar panel is made with high-quality monocrystalline cells. It measures 18.4 × 14.3 × 1 inches.

It features a dual USB connector wire that’s 11.8 inches long and has a maximum power output of 8 amps. This feature is specially built to be compatible with another product from Lion Energy.

The panel is suitable for charging smaller devices, too, with two USB outputs. These are 5.34V each, with an output power of 4 amps.

The Verdict

A small solar panel provides enough power for your batteries, solar inverters, and smaller devices. It’s ideal for those looking to get away for the weekend while keeping a few luxuries running, and a few smartphones charged - just in case.

More Solar Panels

A 15-watt solar panel suits smaller needs and does it exceptionally well. 

But are they the only option for you? Of course not. Here are some more solar panels, each with its own power output and applications. 

400 Watt Solar Panels

A 400 Watt solar panel can supply enough power to a variety of appliances with full sunshine exposure.

what can a 15 watt solar panel run

Some of these appliances include but are not limited to a dehumidifier, rice cooker, vacuum, and slow cooker. A dehumidifier needs around 240A to operate while the vacuum needs 200A. 

A solar panel this size can more than comfortably run these appliances when exposed to the ideal amount of sunshine.

These solar panels are best suited for off-grid projects and prolonged outdoor trips where electricity is scarce. Measuring an average of 80×40 inches, these panels are best for mounting on the roof of your RV or home. 

100 Watt Solar Panels

A 100-watt solar panel can power quite a few devices. Even one solar panel can generate enough power to run several small devices like smartphones, ceiling fans, lamps, a WiFi router, and even laptops. 

This won’t be enough to power larger appliances like a TV, heater, or air conditioning unit. These appliances generally need more than 100 watts to operate.

15 watt solar panel

Using a 100-watt solar panel in combination with a battery is a good way of storing energy that will otherwise be lost. Whatever energy the solar panel generates that isn’t immediately used can’t be stored otherwise, and a battery helps to save that energy for when you need it at night. 

These solar panels are compatible with either lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. 

50 Watt & 45 Watt Solar Panels

While these two aren’t as big as the 100W or 400W solar panels, they’re still useful. 

But what can a 50-watt solar panel power exactly? Well, it’s designed to charge batteries that run other appliances. The only prerequisite here is that the batteries should be 12V. This can include your car battery, the one for your boat, and even a tractor battery.

It won’t necessarily run an appliance directly but it can provide power to a small USB fan if the panel features a built-in USB port. This can also be used to charge smartphones, too.

So, while a 50-watt panel can provide power for these appliances, a 45-watt solar panel will run similar devices. Although it’s 5W smaller, a 45W panel can still be used to provide power for a fish finder, smartphone, GPS, a trolling motor, and even a lawnmower.

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