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Inergy FLEX 1500 Modular Solar Generator - Launch Updates & Guide

By SSK Admin December 10, 2021

Inergy FLEX 1500 Modular Solar Generator - Launch Updates & Guide

Inergy Flex Modular Solar Generator - Launch Updates & Review

Inergy is well-known for it's previous two models of solar generators, the Kodiak and the Apex, however Inergy has just announced the launch of it's newest solar generator, the Inergy FLEX coming at some point in mid to late 2020.

They have JUST announced that they will launch in 2021 and so far they have provided the following information on the new Inergy Flex solar generator:

Meet the Inergy Flex™ 1500 Portable Power Station

Get ready for the most versatile, plug-and-play, modular portable battery powered outlets yet. The Flex Modular System consists of an advanced, intelligent Flex control unit and the extremely smart and powerful Lithium-ion Flex battery.

INERGY FLEX Battery - Lithium Expansion Battery


One thing we're extremely excited about is the fact that the Flex battery is the Lithium expansion battery that is compatible with BOTH the Kodiak and Apex.

Not only is the Flex a game changer when it comes to lithium expansion, they have also opened the doors for solar charging.

On board the Flex control unit is a 12-90VDC MPPT charge controller, allowing you to charge with a huge variety of solar panels. 

Inergy has released another update announcing their Inergy Flex DC 1500 Power Station 

The Flex DC allows you to enjoy twice as many DC outlets plus 50% more regulated 12V power output - That’s 30 Amps of regulated DC power at 13.8 Volts, all with massive storage capacity options with the modular Flex Battery.


Inergy FLEX 1500 Product Launch!

We now have all of the specs on the four new products being launched under Inergy FLEX portable power station. The four new products are: 

1. Inergy FLEX 1500 Portable, Solar Power Station

2. Inergy FLEX Expansion Battery (1,069wH)

3. Inergy FLEX MPPT Supercharger

4. Inergy FLEX DC Power Station

We do not have any word on the pricing just yet, however, the presale starts on May 14th, 2020!

We will continue to update this page as we get more information and feel free to bookmark it so you can check future updates!

To be the first to know when the Flex launches, click here and add your email to the list.

You can also view the Inergy Flex here & sign up to the presale notification list so you don't miss out! -

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