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Best Location for Solar Panels

Best Location for Solar Panels

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article discusses the benefits of solar energy and focuses on the best location for solar panels, particularly on rooftops. It explains that roofs offer direct sun exposure, maximizing energy absorption, and keeping attics cooler. Placing solar panels on roofs is practical and efficient, as they can convert sunlight into electricity for home appliances.

Safety checks, like roof condition and weight capacity, are necessary before installation. Alternative locations for solar panels include sheds, barns, ground mounts, and portable setups for RVs. Overall, installing solar panels on rooftops is highlighted as the optimal choice for efficient solar energy harnessing.


Knowing how to position solar panels can be tricky if you are stepping into the world of solar energy for the first time. 

Luckily, we are here to make that job much easier by helping you decide on the best location for solar panels around your house.

Join us as we dive into the world of solar energy and how to harness it effectively.

But first, let’s go over why using solar energy can benefit you in long run.

A Little Bit About Solar Energy

Solar energy is a natural and renewable source of energy that is being used more and more every day as an answer to global climate concerns.

It’s an energy source harnessed from the sun and converted into a reliable form of electrical energy using Solar Panels. These panels can then be used to power up appliances, both big and small.

best place for solar panels

The more people are starting to invest in solar energy and panels, the more gas generators become obsolete.

When you run out of gas or your standard supply of electricity, the only option is to go buy more which is going to cost you every time.

With solar panels, all they need is to be exposed to sunlight and you will be powered and ready to use any appliance. 

This also saves you from needing to pay a substantial electrical bill at the end of every month.

Both gas and traditional electricity come from the burning of fossil fuels, a method that emits harmful gasses into the air causing pollution.

Not only does this cloud the environment, but it worsens the effects of climate change.

Since the sun is natural and renewable, its solar energy is green for the environment.

Solar panels harness the sun’s rays and make use of the energy for long periods. They are also built to last, with the average lifespan of a solar panel being upwards of 30 years.

Now that we know the power of the sun and the energy it provides, we can start to think of ideal placements for our solar panels.

We won’t be covering the best angle for solar panels, but more of where they should be physically placed.

Where to Put Your Solar Panels

Chances are that you’ve seen a few solar panels in your neighborhood, and chances are that those solar panels are on the roofs of the resident’s homes. But why is that?

In all fairness, you could put a solar panel anywhere, but only one area will allow you to get the most exposure to the sun.

where to put solar panels

When looking for a place to set up shop, you want to ensure that the area is getting a good amount of sunlight. What better place than the roof of your house.

The Roof is on Fire

We don’t mean that literally, so if your roof is on fire then we suggest putting it out and then coming back to this article.

What we meant is that the roof is the ideal location for a solar panel because it’s in direct exposure to the sun itself.

Just in case you were wondering whether solar panels need direct sunlight, they don’t, but it sure does help a significant amount.

If you are someone who owns an attic, you will notice during the summer or on a hot day in general, that’s an area of the house that becomes unbearable due to the heat. 

The reason this roof gets so hot is that it’s the closest to the roof, the area where the sun’s rays directly hit.

With the placement of the solar panels being on the roof, it allows for the sunlight to hit the panels without it being obstructed by any surfaces.

And with regards to the attic heating up, placing solar panels on your roof helps keep it cool as most of the rays will be absorbed into the solar panels.

Since solar panels act as an inverter that converts DC power to usable AC electricity, it allows you to power up appliances in your home.

Within these solar panels are solar cells, which are semiconductors made up of individual layers, each with their processes to ensure that the energy is kept in the cells and not reflected away.

If these cells are in direct exposure to the sun, the output is at optimum capacity, becoming fully charged and ready to use.

With all, the roof makes for the best place to set up your solar panels.

Things to Note of When Placing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Before you can even consider placing solar panels onto your roof, there are a few safety checks you need to perform.

where to install solar panels

Firstly, you want to make sure that your roof is a condition that doesn’t require any extra maintenance or repairing. You wouldn’t want to install expensive equipment on a roof that’s about to break.

You also need to consider the shape of your roof. This isn’t as big of a deal as the condition of your roof but having a roof that’s flat and spacious will allow you to make use of more solar panels.

However, having a standing seam roof will also be good if you are wanting to know how to orient solar panels. If the panels have an unobstructed view of the sun, you’re good to go.

Installing solar panels onto your roof will increase the weight of the structure. It’s important to have your roof evaluated so you can avoid the risk of your roof collapsing and causing damage.

Alternate Places to Install Solar Panels

Many customers who don’t want to have solar panels on their roofs prefer having a small shed or barn on their property.

Whatever needs to be charged or powered up can be placed inside and will still receive all the power it needs.

Another option is to have a ground-mount installation and create an array of solar panels. This can be found on farms or widespread pieces of land needing to power machinery.

where are solar panels installed

Lastly, you have the option of portable solar panels that can be hooked up to a solar generator like the Bluetti eb150. This is ideal for campers or RV users wanting to go on a long road trip.


As much as you aren’t limited to where you would want to place solar panels around your home, placing them on the roof will be your best bet to achieving optimal power.

With an unobstructed view of the sun, the solar cells can harness the natural energy and convert it into the greenest AC power for your appliances.

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