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Benefits of Living Off the Grid With Solar Power

benefits of living off grid with solar power

You've probably had a fantasy about disconnecting from the grid at some point in your life. However, it doesn't need to be a fantasy. For 1.7 billion people around the world, living off the grid is their reality.

With the right land and the ability to generate power, you too can benefit from off grid living. Read on to learn about the benefits of living off the grid, and discover how to use solar kits to gain energy independence easily and inexpensively.

What Does it Mean to Live Off Grid?

The term “off grid” is a reference to the power grid that generates and distributes electricity to communities. If you're living off the grid, it simply means you're living without tapping into public utilities, such as public water, sewer, and electricity.

If you're off the grid, you then need to generate power in some other way. Alternative energy could be hydro-power, geothermal power, or the source that is available for most people: solar power.

The Benefits of Living Off the Grid

The grid can be a luxury for many people because it provides readily available energy for a monthly fee. However, there are pros and cons of living off the grid. 

So why live off the grid? Four of the biggest benefits of living off the grid include:

1. Energy Independence

If you can generate your own power, you are no longer dependent on the public grid. Generating your own power through clean, renewable energy sources, like solar, can protect you during storms or blackouts when the power grid goes down. 

2. Cost Savings

Though solar kits and other forms of renewable energy require upfront installation costs, the lack of monthly payments to the electric company saves you money in the long term. Living off the grid also saves you from paying extra on price hikes and fees during storms and blackouts. 

3. Self-sufficiency

Going off the grid means being able to generate power and live without utilities. In addition to energy independence, you can attain further self-sufficiency by collecting your own water and providing food through hunting, fishing, and farming. 

4. Saving the Planet

Going off the grid means using clean energy rather than burning dirty fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses. Using solar can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and thus lower your carbon footprint. 

The Challenges of Living Off the Grid

Is living off the grid worth it? Aside from the benefits of living off the grid, here are some cons of living off the grid:

  • Energy generation can be expensive, especially at first.
  • There aren’t many sources of freely available energy.
  • Land can be expensive or difficult to find.

Once you overcome the initial challenges of living off the grid, it can provide many long-term benefits. 

How Does Living Off the Grid Help the Environment?

There are numerous benefits of off grid solar systems for campers, preppers, and anyone who wants to save money on electric bills. But living off the grid benefits not only people but the environment, too. 

Traditional energy production involves burning nasty fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide. By using clean energy sources like solar power, you can live sustainably and self-sufficiently while helping to save the environment.  

Living Off the Grid With Solar Kits

solar generator kit is a complete kit that includes all the components required for producing solar power for living off the grid, such as a generator, solar panels, cables, and batteries.

Benefits of using a solar generator kit include:

  • Using clean, renewable solar energy
  • Being able to move around easily because kits are portable
  • Generating energy easily — just aim the panels at the sun
  • Having a reliable energy source during power outages
  • Saving money on electric bills
  • Helping to save the environment

Final Thoughts

Is off grid solar worth it? Gaining energy independence with solar panels will save you money, increase your self-sufficiency, and help you do your part to save the environment. 

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