Why Use an Off-Grid Solar Kit to Find Energy Independence?
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Why Use an Off Grid Solar Kit to Find Energy Independence?

why use a solar kit to go off grid?

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Going off grid with solar power offers independence from utility providers, cost savings, and self-sufficiency. An off grid solar kit simplifies setup and maintenance, providing all necessary components at a lower cost compared to hiring a solar company. These kits include solar panels, battery storage, a charge controller, cables, connectors, and an inverter to convert DC to AC power for household use.

The primary benefits of using a solar kit include significant cost savings, control over your energy system, independence from utility companies, ease of troubleshooting, scalability, and the satisfaction of DIY installation. A typical solar kit costs around $10,500 compared to $24,000 for a professionally installed system, with further savings from federal tax credits and the elimination of utility bills. Solar kits allow for easy expansion as energy needs grow and come with lifetime customer service for ongoing support.


If you're going off grid, you've probably considered solar power. And no wonder: it's quiet, affordable, easy to install, and liberates you from relying on energy providers. You don't have to pay utility bills, you can set it up anywhere, and you're self-sufficient during blackouts or natural disasters. Best of all, you don't have to rely on anyone else to set up or maintain your electrical system. You are truly independent.

But even if you've decided on solar, you still have choices for setup. So why use a solar kit?

A solar kit provides huge savings, improved reliability, and a powerful sense of personal satisfaction. It is the best way to achieve energy independence and go off grid. 

What Is an Off Grid Solar Power Kit?

off-grid solar setup in the mountains

An off grid solar power kit provides all the equipment you need to set up an off grid solar power system through an online retailer. You have the power to choose components and have them shipped directly to your door at a fraction of the cost of going with a solar company that decides everything for you.

An off grid solar system includes five basic parts:

  • Panels: Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that collect energy and create an electric charge
  • Battery storage: The panels produce DC electricity that flows to the battery, which stores energy for future use
  • Charge controller: The battery includes a charge controller to prevent overcharging or discharging
  • Cables and connectors: Cables and connectors bring electricity from the panel to the battery inside your house
  • Inverter: Before the power goes into your electrical panel, the DC electricity stored in the batteries goes through an inverter that converts it into AC power for household appliances

Why Use an Off Grid Solar Kit?

An off grid solar power kit may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of installing solar. So why use a solar kit? What are the benefits?

  • An off grid solar kit saves you money
  • An off grid solar kit gives you control over your system
  • An off grid solar kit makes you independent
  • An off grid solar kit lets you troubleshoot by yourself
  • An off grid solar kit is easy to expand
  • An off grid solar kit lets you DIY (and is fun!)
Which Solar Kit is Right for You?

An Off Grid Solar Kit Saves You Money

You may be asking yourself: why use an off grid solar kit when you could just get a solar company to do the work? The top answer is simple: cost. Kits save users thousands of dollars upfront and over time.

Solar companies quote high prices that include business costs, installation, and parts. On average, you'll pay about $24,000 for a 6 kW system with a 12 kWh battery bank, which amounts to about $3.25 per watt. A similar solar power kit only runs about $10,500. If you do the installation yourself, you'll save 50% or more on the upfront cost. 

Americans can save an additional 30% of the setup cost for an off grid solar system with the Federal Tax Credit. So, your $10,500 system actually costs you just $7,350 after your tax rebate.

You’ll also never have to pay a utility bill again. Based on the current average electricity prices in the US, you’ll save about $1,728 a year, which means you can save over $40,000 over 30 years with a solar kit. 

The solar kit’s lower upfront cost means that you can pay off your initial investment much quicker – usually in just a few years – giving you more years to enjoy your free electricity. 

An Off Grid Solar Kit Gives You Control Over Your System

Blackouts, brownouts, and rising prices are part of the deal when you rely on a utility company. As an individual, you simply don't have control. 

With a solar kit, you get total control over your system. You can choose quality components so you know exactly what your system can do. You’ll be self-sufficient in case of a natural disaster or power outage. You won’t have to deal with utility company issues or rising prices. The power is in your hands—literally. 

An Off Grid Solar Kit Makes You Independent

When you’re tied to the grid, you have to make sacrifices on where you live, what you pay, and what kind of system you have. You’re also dependent on utility companies to keep that system running.

Off grid solar frees you from relying on solar companies that charge more without offering quality service, parts, or installation. Before solar kits, those companies operated without competition and could charge the prices they wanted. Now, you’re in charge. You can be truly self-sufficient with a solar kit.

An Off Grid Solar Kit Lets You Troubleshoot by Yourself

For those tied to the grid, electrical problems mean waiting around for a utility worker or electrician to make costly repairs. But with an off grid solar power kit, you can troubleshoot components yourself, because you’ll know every part of your system and exactly how it works. You won’t have to put up with the hassle of long wait times or unfair prices.

An Off Grid Solar Kit Is Easy to Expand

Your solar power kit will cover all your energy needs when it's set up, but what if your energy needs grow over time? Good news: off grid solar power kits are scalable, and you can expand them to meet your needs.

To add more batteries, just plug them into the series using cables. You can also add panels to bring more power to your system. Because you know everything about your system, you can buy the right equipment at the best price and complete additions by yourself.

The lifetime customer service provided by reputable solar kit vendors means that if you need further information beyond online resources, help is always just a phone call away.

An Off Grid Solar Kit Lets You DIY (And Is Fun!)

Few things are more rewarding than a DIY project. Off grid solar power kits allow you to DIY step by step, customize your system, and save money. 

For those still wondering why to use a solar kit, the DIY factor may be the best answer of all. Every day, you’ll get the satisfaction of using something you built yourself. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Off grid solar kits give you energy independence without the high price tag. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars while creating a system that’s customized for you. With a dependable system that runs even during blackouts and in remote locations, you can build your ideal lifestyle anytime and anywhere. Best of all, you’ll get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

At ShopSolarKits, we’re committed to helping you achieve energy freedom. Our specialists have the expertise to get you started with solar kits that meet your needs. When you partner with our professional teams, you’ll get expert advice and custom quotes for the kit that’s right for you.

Learn more with our off grid solar power FAQ, or become an expert in everything about off grid solar power with our comprehensive guide, Off grid solar power 101

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