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52V Battery Voltage Chart

A 52V battery voltage charge is helpful if you’re looking to understand how much you can power with your specific battery.

We’ve created a useful chart below. We’ll also explain the relationship between charge and voltage, and why this relationship is important in terms of a solar setup.

The Relationship Between Charge And Voltage

Voltage is the work done per unit charge. In other words, it’s the pressure from a circuit’s power source. In this case, voltage comes from batteries charged by solar power, pushing electrons through a conducting loop. This powers something like an appliance or battery bank.

52v battery voltage chart

The charge of an object is understood on a more atomic level. It’s a physical property that causes something to experience force. When a battery is charged, the atoms inside it move faster and provide more power.

When it’s less charged, it’s not able to provide as much power, or voltage, to an electrical circuit.

So what’s the relationship between these two aspects, and why does it matter?

Charge and voltage have a directly proportional relationship in an electric circuit. This means if the voltage of a circuit is 10V, the charge of a unit will be 10C. 

Why Is This Relationship Important?

Understanding the charge stored in your inverter’s batteries is helpful because you can work out how many appliances you can power with it. 

This is important because as soon as you overexert your inverter, the batteries deplete. Doing this over time reduces your batteries’ ability to charge to full capacity, meaning you lose the ability to power the same amount of appliances or electronics as before.

52V Battery Voltage Chart

52V batteries can actually have a voltage slightly higher than that value. In plain terms, the full charge voltage of a battery is higher than the listed voltage.

You can find this information in general lithium-ion battery voltage charts, but it helps to have one suited for this specific battery size.

52 volt battery voltage chart

With that in mind, have a look at the below table showing you the voltage and usable voltage when compared with different charge percentages below.


Usable Voltage

Charge %


































Understanding Charge and Voltage

As you can see, the available voltage of a battery decreases as the charge of the battery decreases. This is true for AA battery voltage charts, RV battery voltage charts, and marine battery voltage charts.

A solar panel voltage chart will look much the same. Your panels will be hooked up to a set of batteries inside your inverter, which lose their charge when the sun isn’t shining on your panels.

52v lithium ion battery voltage chart

This is because you’ve got electronics or appliances plugged into them. This is what they’re meant to do, but you need to be mindful of how much power you drain from the batteries when the sun isn’t out.

Battery degradation is a process that happens over time. Batteries slowly lose their ability to perform at 100% capacity, and using them until they’re sitting at below 50% of their capacity repeatedly means you speed up this process.

The result will be that you need to purchase new batteries sooner, and you spend more money overall. When you move to solar, you want to save money on power, not spend more of it.

If you have a 24V battery, have a look at our 24V battery chart. These numbers can be super useful in determining whether you can plug a certain appliance into your inverter without overloading your batteries.

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48v to 52v battery voltage chart

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