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200 Watt Solar Panel How Many Amps?

Updated: August 3, 2023

200 Watt Solar Panel How Many Amps


200w solar panels are a portable, environmentally friendly, and convenient way to power home appliances in off-grid setups like RVs.

We are here to tell you how many amps are produced by a 200-watt solar panel and to give you a rundown of its power output in volts and watts.

With a simple calculation, we will show you how easy it is to determine the output of your 200-watt solar panel.

You will also find out why your solar set-up needs batteries, and which batteries to use. We will tell you what appliances can be run with a 200-watt solar panel, and how long they take to charge different batteries.

200 Watt Solar Panel How Many Amps

How Much Power Can a 200 Watt Solar Panel Produce?


200-watt solar panels can have different values for the voltage output. The two types of voltage outputs for 200-watt panels are 18V and 28V.

Most commonly, 200-watt panels have a voltage output of 18V. This produces around 11 amps per hour.

On the other hand, 200 Watt 28 V panels generate around 7 amps of power per hour.


Watts is the unit of power that is the basic measurement of the solar panel’s performance. It is the product of amps and voltage.

A 200-watt solar panel produces 200 watts of energy per hour. If there are 4 hours of sunlight during the day, this would amount to an output of 800 watt-hours over 24 hours.

But in reality, a solar panel would actually produce about 70 – 80% of its rated power. This means that a 200 Watt 12 V solar panel would produce around 140 – 160 watts per hour.

Solar panels have a much smaller output on cloudy days. Your solar panel generates around 10 – 25% of its normal power output on an overcast day.


Amp is the unit for measuring current, which is the transfer of electric charge.  

A 200-watt solar panel will produce 10 – 12 amps of power per hour on average. Assuming there are 6 hours of sunlight during the day, this would amount to 60 – 70 amp-hours over 24 hours.

In the middle of winter or on cloudy days, you might get 3 hours of peak sunlight. This amounts to an output of 30 – 40 amp-hours.

Calculating Amps

The power output of a solar panel will be influenced by factors like the intensity of the sunlight, cloud coverage, heat build-up, and the installation angle.

These factors need to be considered if you are looking to calculate precise values in your system for 200 W solar panel output per day.

Amps can be calculated as follows: 

Watts (Power) / Volts (voltage) = Amps (current) 

If a 200 Watt 18V solar panel is used, it would produce 200/18 = 11.1 Amps per hour.

Do You Need Batteries to Run a 200 Watt Solar Panel?

To effectively run appliances with a 200-watt solar panel you may need some additional equipment like batteries, inverters, and solar charge controllers.

You need batteries with your solar setup if you want to save excess electricity.

Why Do You Need Batteries?

Solar panels cannot store energy if it is not connected to a battery. Batteries function to store excess electricity that was generated throughout the day.

This means that you can use the stored electricity during nighttime or on cloudy and overcast days. Without a battery, you will waste a lot of power.

If your solar panel produces 60 amp-hours in a day, and you only use 10 amp-hours, the rest of the electricity will be wasted.

What Batteries Should You Get?

12V batteries are mostly used with 200 Watt (18V) solar panels. If you want to generate more than 50 amp-hours of power per day with direct sunlight, then a 12V 60Ah deep cycle battery or 75Ah normal battery would do the job.  

A 12V 100Ah battery will also suffice without a doubt.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a 12V Battery with a 200 Watt Solar Panel?

Under normal conditions, a 200-watt solar panel cannot produce 200 watts per hour. The power output depends on a few factors.

But how long does it take a 200W solar panel to charge a 12V battery?

If the solar panel produces around 120 watts per hour, which is just about 50% of the possible output, it can charge a 12V battery in about 5 hours.

This is when there are 5 hours of optimal sunlight. 

Can a 200W Solar Panel Charge a 100Ah Battery?

Yes, a 200 watt (18V) solar panel will charge a 100Ah battery in about 5 hours if there is direct sunlight.

Can a 200W Solar Panel Charge a 12V 200Ah Battery?

A 200W solar panel can charge a 200Ah battery, but this depends on a few things, including sunlight availability and the level of depletion of the battery.

To completely charge a 12V 200Ah battery, a 200-watt solar panel will need 12 hours of sunshine

If your battery is 35% discharged, it would recharge within 4 to 5 hours. A battery with a depth discharge of 50% will need about 7 hours to recharge.

It is not advisable to let your battery become 100% depleted since it will take days to recharge. Keep your battery at 50% or above for it to have a longer lifetime.  

What Can Be Run with a 200 Watt Solar Panel?

If you are ready to dive into the solar power game you might be wondering: What can I run with a 200-watt solar panel?

A 200-watt solar panel will be able to handle most smaller household appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, LED lighting, light bulbs. It can also power light electronics like radios, mini coolers, small TV sets, and small projectors.

Can a 200 Watt Solar Panel Run a Refrigerator?

You may be able to run a mini cooler, but can a 200-watt solar panel run a refrigerator? Well, probably not.

To run a fridge 300 watts of solar would be more sufficient and it would have to be paired with a 120Ah battery and inverter.

200 watt solar panel can power

Can a 200 Watt Solar Panel Power an RV?

A 200-watt solar panel can run lots of nifty appliances in your off-grid setup. If you want to use your solar setup to power your RV, you may wonder: Is 200 watt solar enough for RV?

Unfortunately, no. 200 watt solar panels are great for keeping batteries topped up and running smaller appliances. But, one 200-watt solar panel will not be enough to run an RV or a tiny home.

You may need to connect a few 200-watt solar panels and more than one battery to run an entire RV set up for extended periods.

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