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String Inverter: Definition & Meaning

String Inverter Definition


Fronius Primo LITE 15kW Solar String Inverter

A string inverter, commonly used in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, is a device that converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by a series (or "string") of solar modules into alternating current (AC) electricity suitable for use in homes, businesses, and for feeding into the electrical grid.

Key aspects of string inverters include:

Connection Configuration: In a PV system, solar panels are often connected in series to form a string. Multiple strings can then be connected to a single string inverter. The inverter's capacity must be matched appropriately to the combined output of these strings.

Conversion Process: Solar panels generate DC electricity. However, most household appliances and grid infrastructure utilize AC electricity. The string inverter plays a pivotal role in this conversion, ensuring that solar-generated power is usable.

Centralized Setup: Unlike microinverters, which are installed at the back of individual solar panels, a string inverter typically serves multiple panels. This centralized setup can be both an advantage (in terms of cost and ease of maintenance) and a limitation (since shading or performance issues on one panel can affect the entire string's output).

Monitoring and Management: Modern string inverters often come equipped with digital interfaces, enabling users to monitor the performance of their solar array, diagnose issues, and sometimes even integrate with smart home systems.

While string inverters are prevalent in many residential and commercial installations, system designers must consider factors like shading, orientation, and panel mismatch to determine if they are the optimal choice for a specific project.


"Given the uniform orientation and minimal shading on the rooftop, a string inverter was an efficient choice for the building's solar installation."

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