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Checklist for receiving a delivery - freight delivery tips

Freight Delivery Tips:

We work extremely hard to ensure that your order arrives complete, accurate, and damage-free.  Nonetheless, damage can occur during storage and transit. With that, there are some things you should know if in the rare chance your order arrives damaged.

We've created this "Receiving a Delivery Checklist" (below) that outlines best practices and things to keep in mind.  

If items are damaged or short for an order, please take action immediately by marking this information on the delivery receipt. If damages are not notated on the delivery receipt, it is hard for us to take responsibility for replacements based on the fact that there will be no recourse when attempting to file a claim on your behalf.

Upon signing the delivery receipt, you are stating that you are taking ownership for the materials “as is.” This can include damages, shortages, and incorrect items.

Best practices in receiving a shipment include:

  • Taking photos of the pallet(s) while they are coming off the truck.
  • Inspecting the pallet closely and check for the following:

    For Solar Panels - Please Check the following:

    • Are all pallet feet intact?
    • Are there any dents or punctures through the packaging?
    • Unwrap and inspect as many panels as time allows.
    • Check to see if all clips along the corners of the pallet are intact. Does the pallet look lopsided?
    • Make sure topmost and bottommost panels are not damaged- are there visible glass shards?
    • If damaged panels are found, please take photos of each individually damaged panel and notate the damage on the delivery receipt before signing.

    For Rails & Racking:

    • Inspect the ends of rails. Are they damaged or bent?
    • Inspect wrapping and plastic on rails, is it torn?
    • If yes, take photos and notate on the delivery receipt before signing.

    All other pallets/equipment:

    • Take out packing slip and do a quick inventory of what has arrived
    • Make sure to review your tracking numbers and the products associated with each shipment, especially if you are receiving multiple shipments around the same time.


    • Thoroughly mark delivery receipt as “damaged” or “short 1 piece” etc, while the driver is present!
    • Exact quantities are required for replacements.
    • Inform the driver.
    • Take photos of each damaged item.
    • Notify us ASAP or at least within 24-48 hours.   E-mail or call Client Support at: 877-242-2792 /