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Renogy Charge Controllers


Renogy’s MPPT, or Maximum Power Point Tracking, controllers will maximize the production output of your solar system. Rather than dissipating excess energy as heat, an MPPT controller will monitor and regulate your system’s current. While this typically means a lower voltage yield, your overall output will increase as a result of current management and you can expect efficiency ratings of 90% or higher.



  • Should I wire the panels in series or parallel using MPPT charge controller?

    The panels can be wired either in series or parallel or combination of series/parallel using MPPT charge controller.

  • Can I connect an inverter to the load terminal?

    The load terminal is only compatible to run one small 12 V DC load with low amp consumption.

    All the other devices and appliance with surge and high amp draw should be connected directly to the battery.

  • Can I change/adjust the charging parameters on MPPT charge controllers?

    MPPT charge controllers offer a USER setting, this USER setting will allow you to program your own charging parameters, such as Boost voltage and Float voltage.

  • Can I cover or mount the charge controller in an enclosed box?

    The Charge controller will convert the excess voltage into heat and dissipate into air.

    Therefore, it should be mounted in a well-ventilated area with 9-Inch clearance around the charge controller.