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Base Camp Solar Kits™

Base Camp Solar Kits™ are designed for emergency backup power needs of all sizes. Powerful enough to run the essentials, yet portable enough you can move it wherever you need. Base Camp Solar Kits eliminate the worry of blackouts, power outages and grid failures. These solar generator kits are the perfect emergency backup power solutions and can be setup and running in less than 30 minutes.

You can use these solar generators inside your home — to power a fridge, freezer, lights, TV, electronics, medical devices & more. It's fume-free & SAFE for indoor use. They come charged and ready to use, and never needs gas, ever. Plus, every Base Camp Solar Kit comes with a solar generator, compatible solar panels, the necessary accessories for setup as well as an EMP Shield for the solar generator.


These kits include all of the cables, connectors, adapters, solar panels, needed to get up and running with quiet, free reliable solar power!

Experience simplicity, value, and reliability with our complete solar kits. Embrace the freedom of renewable energy and take control of your power needs.

Order securely online with major credit cards or PayPal, and enjoy instant financing options at checkout. Experience convenience and flexibility with a solar kit, delivered to your doorstep. Take control of your energy future today!



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