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Who Makes the Best Solar Panels for Home Solar Power Systems?

who makes the best solar panels for home solar powered systems

Do you dread opening your monthly electric bill? Well, if so, you’re in good company. In 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the cost of electricity had jumped around 15% in the US, mainly due to the rising natural gas costs. 

It’s no secret that self-sustainability and alternative energy are becoming more popular amidst the growing electricity prices, and a staggering 39% of US homeowners are considering transitioning to home solar power. But although there’s a lot of hype, only 8% of US homeowners have installed panels in large part due to the cost.

Switching to home solar power is costly, and understanding what panels to buy can cause much confusion. So, before you become a proud solar-powered homeowner, you first must acquaint yourself with the panels. Then, you can select the right type and brand and bask in the cost-efficient glory of home solar power and all the accompanying tax benefits.

What Do Solar Panels Do?

The most important part of a home solar power system is the panel. It’s the part you’re likely most aware of, as solar energy is synonymous with the image of rows of dark glass panels in a sunny grove or plastered to the roof of a suburban home. We see this often, but you might wonder what’s happening from a mechanical standpoint.

In essence, a solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it to electricity. But how does it do this?

Within every solar panel, two layers of semiconductor material work as the absorbing agent. These are called photovoltaic cells. One layer is positively charged, and the other is negatively charged. When the sunlight beams down, the semiconductor absorbs the photons and converts them into a direct current (DC).

Once the sunlight is absorbed, it gets passed into a battery or through an inverter. The inverter transforms the DC into an AC, which powers home appliances. 

What Makes a Good Solar Panel?

Now that we understand the function of solar panels, it’s essential to know how to evaluate them so you can choose the best solar panels for your home. Therefore, always check on the following elements when researching the various options. 


Every solar panel has an efficiency rating which determines how productive it is. The rating comes from calculating the percentage of sunlight converted to power. The average efficiency rating is 15-18%. But high-performance panels can reach as high as 30%, and budget options tend to rate around 16%. 


Reliability is a must, especially for those depending on solar panels for blackouts or periods of extreme weather. When researching, ask how the panels stand up to severe weather and the average lifespan, and check reviews for consumer trends commenting on poor durability. 


Sometimes, homeowners need to consider their available space before purchasing solar panels. For those with limited space, buying smaller, more efficient panels may be necessary. 


Nobody wants to be stuck on hold while their electricity is down. Whenever buying a solar panel, be sure to check up on the brand’s warranty and service options. Check the support and product page to review installation, service, and maintenance policies. 


After understanding what your needs are, you can assess the financial aspect. First, you should evaluate each option based on the efficiency rating, wattage, size, and quality. Then, compare costs to ensure you’re getting a good deal. 

Who Makes the Best Solar Panels for Home Solar Power Systems?

Bird's eye view of solar panels set up on a grey roofed home

You may know what type of panel you’re looking for, but do you know what brand to opt for? When choosing the best solar panel, a brand is more than a name. Solar panels can vary significantly in quality, cost, and support depending on the brand behind them.

We recommend looking into Rich Solar panels for your home solar power needs. Rich Solar has been around since 2005 and is a trusted name in the industry. Its products come in various sizes and prices. In addition to its excellent products, Rich Solar has a robust and caring customer support staff to take care of your needs during and after the purchase. 

Below are some of the best solar panels Rich Solar offers:

  • Emergency Backup and Outdoor Applications: 100 and 200-watt rigid and flexible solar panels are excellent for backup systems or powering smaller buildings or campsites
  • Hybrid and Off-Grid Applications: 200-400 watt rigid panels are great for buying in bulk if you plan on trying to do a large-scale transition to home solar power

Of course, it’s critical to research various brands before choosing a panel, but it’s essential to buy from a trusted one like Rich Solar. Established brands are likelier to have better customer service, prices, and more effective warranty agreements. 

Get a Complete Home Solar Power System with Solar Kits

After searching far and wide, you may find yourself unable to decide which route to take to secure the best solar panels for a home system. Here’s a tip: consider purchasing a kit.

The best home solar power systems often come in one complete package that includes panels as well as everything else required to meet your powering capacity and durability needs. Not only do kits come in all different sizes and for various budgets, but many of them include an active support system that takes you through each step of the way, including research, installation, and maintenance.

ShopSolar.com provides a variety of complete solar kits for different power needs. 

Who Makes the Best Solar Panels for Home Solar Power Systems - Conclusion

When it comes to transitioning to solar power, thorough research is essential. Finding the best solar panels is only one piece of a much larger picture, as many factors play into successfully transitioning from grid-based power.

Find everything you need to become an expert in home solar power at The Solar Lab, an online community with tons of resources, including videos, articles, and a solar power mini-course. Once you have the know-how, visit ShopSolar.com to research various sprawling offerings. Along with Rich Solar kits and panels, we sell many other brands and offer tons of information to help you along your journey.

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