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Ultimate Emergency Power Supply Checklist: Never Get Caught Without Power

Ultimate Emergency Power Supply Checklist Never Get Caught Without Power

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article emphasizes the importance of preparing for emergencies by having a reliable emergency power supply, especially in uncertain times like pandemics or natural disasters. It discusses the benefits of solar-powered generators over gas-powered ones, highlighting their safety, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.

The article also recommends specific products for emergency power supply, including solar generators, solar panels, batteries, chargers, and lighting solutions. It concludes by stressing the importance of being prepared and encourages readers to explore further resources on solar generators.


It is difficult to anticipate an emergency, but in the event of a disaster, or, as we've seen lately, a pandemic, it is important to prepare as best you can - especially when it comes to having a solid emergency power supply. There's a lot of uncertainty in the world today. Grid failure can result in a loss of electricity and the total inability to power the things that you need to survive.

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In a disaster situation, you need emergency power to run a fridge or cooler, lights, a fan, communication devices, a CPAP machine, and more.  If you're considering a solar generator, check out the most in-depth solar generator buying guide ever written.

Emergency Power Kits And Supplies: Being Prepared with the Right Equipment

Although the power grid is susceptible to temporary blackouts during storms and heavy winds, other situations, like global pandemics, hurricanes, flooding, and fires, can lead to a lack of electricity for multiple days or weeks on end.

For this reason, it is important to have a portable, renewable, clean, indoor source of power. Maintaining electricity can save lives and certainly makes it easier to recover from an emergency.

Essential Emergency Power Supplies

  • A solar-powered generator
  • Solar panels (or solar power kits)
  • Batteries & chargers
  • Lighting

Emergency Power Supply Solar Generators

Many households have gas-powered generators as backups to generate electricity during a blackout. Although these can work in a pinch, solar-powered generators are a far superior option.  

Gas generators are loud, produce toxic gases, and are very expensive to maintain. Solar-powered generators are much quieter, you can use them safely indoors, and they run on the most abundant renewable resource available: sunlight. Owning a solar-powered generator is the perfect way to store and use emergency power.  

If you’re interested in a solar-powered generator, read our in-depth article on the top 6 solar generators for emergencies or check out one of the following products.

  • The Titan Solar Generator - The Titan is one of the highest-powered solar generators on the planet. The massive 3000-watt inverter makes it possible to power everything in your home, including refrigerators, washing machines, water pumps, and more. The system is designed so that you can add extra batteries for an increased storage capacity.

  • The EcoFlow Delta - The EcoFlow Delta is another great solar generator that's fully capable of powering your life-saving devices. If you need emergency power in another location, the EcoFlow Delta is perfect. It is lightweight, portable, and charges to full battery capacity in as little as two hours while plugged into a standard AC wall outlet.

  • The RockPals Solar Generators - RockPals makes a line of high-quality, affordable solar generators in the $250 to $600 range that makes for the perfect emergency power supply - especially if you're looking for something very portable and easy to move around. 

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Solar Panels for Emergency Power Supply

If you want to harness and store solar energy with a solar generator, you need solar panels to do so. In an emergency, it is best to have a high-efficiency solar panel set up so you can generate the most electricity possible.

    • Renogy 100 Watt Eclipse Mono Solar Suitcase. This solar suitcase comes with 100 watts of highly efficient, long-lasting solar power production. It folds and comes with a handle and support stand for easy portability and installation. The Renogy Solar Suitcase works great with a generator such as the Bluetti as a high-powered, portable solar solution.   
Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Mono Complete Solar Panel Kit with Mounting Hardware
    • Renogy 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit - If you want to install a permanent backup system on the roof of your home, RV, or van, this kit from Renogy is perfect, even for a beginner. It comes with a charge controller and installation materials, too, so all you need to finish your power system is a battery and inverter.

    • RockPals 100 Watt Solar Suitcase (Blanket)The RockPals 100-watt folding solar panel (solar blanket) works with almost every solar generator on the market - Jackery, Goal Zero, Inergy, EcoFlow, you name it! This product includes all of the adapters and connectors you need to charge these solar generators, too, so if you already have an emergency power supply that accepts solar, this is the perfect fit.

If you want an all-in-one plug-and-play package, there are a few great bundles you can purchase for permanent or mobile solar installations. We highly recommend the Inergy Apex Gold Flexible Solar Panel Kit.

This solar panel and solar generator kit is perfect for a quick on-the-go setup. The Inergy Apex is a high-performing solar generator built to last over 2,000 full battery cycles. The five 100-watt flexible solar panels are lightweight and make for a quick installation on any surface, from your backyard to the roof of your car.

Batteries and Chargers for Emergency Power Supply

If you live somewhere susceptible to natural disasters, having backup power sources ready to go for your life-saving communication devices, like cell phones or radios, is a good idea. Here are a few great portable backup batteries:

  • Lion Energy Cub Go 120 wH - This lithium battery is as small as a wallet but contains two USB outlets, a full-sized AC wall outlet, and a 12-volt DC outlet. With so many options, you can power your devices, lamps, or any other small device. As a bonus, the system maintains its charge for an entire year, so you can use it whenever emergency power is needed unexpectedly.  

  • Lion Energy Cub JC - Maybe your electronics are not the only things that need charging. What about your vehicle? If you are stranded with your car, truck, or motorcycle, the Lion Energy Cub JC is a perfect source of emergency power that can jump-start most vehicles. The system also has built-in USB ports for charging smaller devices.

Lighting for Emergencies

Obviously, a flashlight is one of the most essential emergency backup items. If the sun is down or you are indoors, seeing where you are going and what you are doing is the first step to surviving an emergency. Here are a few unique lighting solutions that you will be thankful for when you need emergency power.

  • My Medic - Recon First Aid Kit - This first aid kit comes with a small light stick and a penlight, plus all of the medical essentials you may need during an emergency, including bandages, creams, antibiotics, and painkillers.

  • Inergy Basecamp LED Lights - For those times when you can't always hold a flashlight, having a set of these USB lights is perfect for shedding light in dark places during an emergency. If you have a solar generator or a portable battery pack, these LED lights are perfect for quickly illuminating a room.

  • Final Words

    Ultimately, by having a backup source of power, you will be more prepared in an emergency. Thanks to modern technology, solar panels, and solar power generators are some of the best ways to utilize clean, renewable energy for prolonged periods. 

    We hope this article helps you choose the best products for your emergency power backup systems. Still want more information on solar generators? Read the most in-depth solar generator buying guide ever written.

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