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The Best US Made Solar Panels – Options for Those Looking to Buy American

The Best US Made Solar Panels

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article debunks the misconception that all solar panels are imported and low-quality, emphasizing the availability of high-quality, American-made solar panels. Choosing US-made panels supports domestic manufacturing jobs and ensures better quality control and customer service. The article recommends several top US-made solar panels and kits, including Zamp Solar’s 45W portable kit, Lion Energy’s 100W foldable panel, and Mission Solar’s 385W PERC panel, highlighting their efficiency, durability, and portability.

It also suggests RV and boat solar panel kits for reliable off-grid power. For those new to solar power, complete kits offer a convenient and cost-effective way to get started, bundling all necessary components for easy installation. Additional resources and support are available through


There is a common misconception that all solar panels are imported and made from low-quality materials. The truth is, there are plenty of well-made solar panels that are made right here in the United States.

If you are looking to purchase domestically made solar panels for your solar power system, we can help. Not only will we recommend and review some of the best US made solar panels on the market today, we will highlight some complete kits you can choose from if you are new to solar electricity.

Why Should You Choose US Made Solar Panels and Solar Kits?

While there are some excellent imported solar accessories on the market, choosing solar panels that were made domestically helps support valuable manufacturing jobs right here in the United States.

As the demand for renewable energy rises, it is important that Americans are able to fill some of these jobs. Today, there are nearly 300,000 Americans working in the solar industry and by purchasing US made solar panels, you are helping to keep those high-paying jobs right here.

Then, of course, buying American is beneficial from a quality-control standpoint. The US solar industry is known for innovation and quality, so, by purchasing US made products, you know that you are buying quality that you can trust. It also helps from a customer service perspective, if you are purchasing your solar panels from a company based out of the United States.

So, if the idea of choosing US made solar panels appeals to you, read through our recommendations and find the perfect products for your solar needs!

 The Best US Made Solar Panels

  1. Zamp Solar - 45-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit

This highly portable solar panel kit is the perfect choice for those that are looking for a lightweight solar panel they can take with them on their next camping or RV trip. At just 11 lbs, this small, yet efficient solar panel can produce 45 watts in 2.5 amps. It uses high-grade monocrystalline solar cells and has been treated with an anti-reflective coating, which maximizes light absorption.

The simple and convenient design features foldable legs, which allows you to position the panel at the optimal angle for sunlight absorption. It can also be connected directly to a battery bank or inverter. A sidewall solar port and integrated SAE plug allow you to connect the panel to others, which allows you to generate even more solar electricity.

Best of all, Zamp Solar manufacturers all of their solar panels in Bend, Oregon, so you know you are buying a high-quality, American-made product. This unit is also backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence and know that your solar panel will last for many years to come.

  1. Lion Energy - 100-Watt 24V Foldable Solar Panel

Lion Energy is based out of American Fork, Utah. In their relatively short history, Lion Energy have been able to establish a reputation for offering high-quality solar products at affordable prices.

Their 100W foldable solar panel is the perfect option for those that are looking for a portable solar panel that is easy to store when it is not being used. We liked that the panel is expandable and can be linked to as many as eight other solar panels at one time. The panel uses high-quality monocrystalline solar cells, so, despite its small size, it is incredibly efficient.

With a built-in carrying handle and a total weight of just 20 lbs, this is a great option for those looking to add solar capabilities to their RV or boat.

  1. Mission Solar - 385-Watt PERC 72 Cell PV Solar Panel

Mission Solar is based out of San Antonio, Texas and their American-made solar panels have some of the highest performance ratings of any panels on the market today.

This 385W panel features their unique PERC technology, which is highly efficient and offers improved energy absorption over traditional solar panels. Essentially, a passivation layer is added to the rear of the solar cells, which allows light to be captured throughout each cell, rather than just on the surface. This layer also has integrated reflective properties, which allow light to bounce to other areas of the cell, so more can be absorbed.

Due to their outstanding efficiency, these panels work flawlessly as part of any residential solar array. Whether you are looking to build a fully off-grid solar power system, or add to your grid-tied system, these Mission Solar panels are an excellent choice.

Every solar panel is backed by Mission Solar’s own 25-year performance warranty, as well as full money-back 12-year product warranty. Given that Mission Solar is a proudly American company that is dedicated to quality, reliability, and safety, their panels are a great option if you are specifically looking for a US made solar panel.

 Additional Solar Panel Options

While the American-made solar panels listed above are all excellent products that we highly recommend, you may want to expand your options. Luckily, we carry a wide range of solar panels, as well as a variety of other high-quality solar components you can use to build your ideal solar power system.

RV Solar Panels:

If you own an RV, you should seriously consider travelling with solar panels. Not only can a solar power system take some of the burden off of your RV’s battery, they can act as a reliable emergency power source in the event that you accidentally drain your battery.

Browse through our collection of RV Solar Panel Kits and find a complete solar kit you can use to generate electricity from wherever your next RV trip takes you. Whether you drive a full-size RV, or you use a camper van, a solar panel kit will let you enjoy the convenience of charging your electronic devices from anywhere.

Boat Solar Panels:

Solar panel kits are also a practical power solution for those that own boats. Having the freedom to turn sunlight into useable electricity, even when you are far away from land, can be incredibly valuable. Many boat owners are turning to solar panels as an energy power source, while others are using solar panels to generate electricity that they can use to power everything from mini refrigerators to televisions.

Feel free to search through our collection of Boat Solar Panel Kits.

All Solar Panels:

If you would like to take a look at some of the other solar panel options, feel free to browse our Complete Collection of Solar Panels. We carry everything from the smallest and most portable solar panels, to full-size solar kits that you can use to power an entire off-grid solar power system.

It is worth noting that the majority of solar panels can be wired together to create a larger solar power system, so even if you already own a set of solar panels, you can always expand and increase your energy potential.

If you are unsure where to start, a complete solar kit is always a good option. Not only do you get everything you need to start harnessing solar energy in one convenient package, kits are usually a more affordable option, as prices are reduced when the products are bundles.

Rather than having to source solar panels, a charge control, power storage unit, and other accessories separately, everything you need will come together. When we assemble our kits, we always make sure that we have packaged compatible products together that will run safely and efficiently.

Final Words

No matter what your solar needs are, you can always reach out to us directly at, or by calling 1 – 877-242-2792.

If you are unsure what sort of solar panels you will need, we recommend taking a look at our Solar Watt Hour Calculator, which well help you determine how much solar electricity you actually need. Also consider checking other blogs  - Solar Panel Ratings and How to test solar panels.

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