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How to Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

As useful as solar panels have proven to be to us humans for the purpose of producing solar energy, coincidentally, they serve just as useful to pigeons for the unintentional purpose of providing a safe and comfortable place for them to perch and roost. 

This can be problematic as pigeons have the ability to cause serious damage to your solar panel system. As such, pigeon-proofing your solar panels is deemed to be an essential solar panel maintenance step. 

For this reason, we here at Shop Solar Kits have come up with a list of easy, effective and totally harmless ways to get rid of pigeons under your solar panels which we’ll take a look at in this article.

Why Should You Keep Pigeons Away from Your Solar Panels?

As mentioned, pigeons can cause some serious damage to your solar panels. 

For starters, pigeon droppings are corrosive and, as such, they can contribute to rusting your solar panels faster than usual. Thus, it should be obvious why keeping them away from your solar panel would be in both your and your solar panel’s best interest. 

Furthermore, this avian presence under and around your solar panel could lead to increased dirt and rubble collecting on the panel’s surface.  

This could be a problem in the sense that any obstructions on your solar panel’s surface could lead to it producing less energy than it usually does. Knowing this, you would have to clean your panel more regularly whilst the normal cleaning process is already a hassle in itself. 

birds nesting under solar panels

Finally, the bits of environmental debris and sticks that pigeons bring with them to build their nests serve not only as a safety hazard but also as a fire hazard. Whilst these twigs themselves could scratch and damage your panel surface, they also have the potential to catch alight in the event that any exposed electric wires are protruding under your panel.

How to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Solar Panels

Anti-Roosting Spikes

Although they might not be the most visually appealing devices on the market, anti-roosting spikes are reasonably easy to find and install. 

Their purpose is to prevent pigeons from nesting or perching around or under your solar panels and so, these spikes make this as difficult and uncomfortable for them as possible. For this purpose to be fulfilled, they should be set up in the area where the pigeons regularly perch or nest.

Slope Sheathing 

This is another way of creating a surface that makes roosting as uncomfortable as possible for pigeons. Essentially these devices comprise of three sheets of any smooth material, such as wood, metal, or even PVC, that are stuck together to form a right-angled triangle. 

These long triangular sheaths will then be installed in any flat areas around your solar panels where your problematic pigeons tend to roost. The slippery surface of the material you use accompanied by the steep angle of the surface they provide will make it seriously hard and uncomfortable for any pigeons to roost in that area.

Critter Guards

This installation is generally considered to be one of the more humane methods of preventing pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.  

Here, rope netting or PVC mesh made of galvanized steel is simply cut and attached to the edges of your solar panel, covering the side entrances to the bottom of your panel. This will prevent any pigeons from entering and roosting in this easily accessible and cozy space. 

Once again, this netting or mesh is not only easy to obtain but is also one of the more attractive and low-impact pigeon repellants. That being said, it will, however, have to be replaced or repaired every now and then as this is not the most durable of the options at your disposal.

Scare-Pigeon Devices

As the name suggests, these devices are installed with the purpose of scaring pigeons that enter the space that you want to protect into leaving. 

Essentially just scarecrows for pigeons, they are basically just figures presenting the shape and silhouette of a hawk or owls. Their fear of these predators will obviously scare the pigeons into leaving your protected space. 

However, as small as their brains are, pigeons will eventually catch onto this scare tactic if you leave these devices in the same area and position for too long. Make sure to move and angle them in different angles and positions on a regular basis to ensure their continued success. 

pigeons nesting under solar panels

Professional Services 

In the event that you’re having difficulty installing any of the aforementioned DIY methods to prevent pigeons from roosting around or under your solar panel, hiring the services of a professional is always a reliable go-to. 

A professional will install a one-way trap door. This is simply just a one-way door that allows pigeons to exit the space that you want to prevent them from roosting in, but does not allow them access to it again. 

Professionals will also take care of the tedious and often, disgusting job of cleaning up any feathers and dropping that these unwanted visitors leave behind.


Although pigeons are neither the cleanest birds themselves, nor are they fussy about the neatness of their nests, cleaning the area where your pigeons tend to roost might help you get rid of them. 

The cleaner the surrounding area is, the less food (like insects, bugs, or seeds) and building materials there will be at the pigeons’ easy disposal and so, the less inhabitable and inviting the environment might seem to the pigeons for roosting. 

The same goes for your solar panels themselves. As a general rule, it is always good to remove snow from solar panels as well as any other dirt or debris. However, regular solar panel cleaning, cleaning solar panels with vinegar, and general maintenance will also help in addressing your pigeon problem in the same way. 


Overall it should be clear that the purpose of the above ways to get rid of pigeons under your solar panels is not to harm the pigeons that are causing you concern. 

Rather, these devices and installations purport to make the area around and under your solar panels as uninhabitable as possible for these pigeons in the hopes that it will encourage them to leave. 

By using the ways that we here at Shop Solar Kits recommend using to get rid of pigeons under your solar panels, you should be able to rid your panels of these avian invaders in no time.

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