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Inergy FAQ - What You NEED to Know about the Inergy APEX Kits

This page answers ALL of the most common questions we get asked everyday about how the Inergy Apex Generator works and what comes with the Inergy Apex Solar Kits.

General Questions

Q: What comes with the Apex?
  • A: The Apex comes with a shoulder strap, an AC wall charger, information booklet and the Apex itself.  
Q: Will my Apex  arrive fully charged?
  • A: Due to shipping regulations, the Apex is only allowed to be shipped partially charged. Make sure you fully charge the Apex after it is received.
Q: What is the warranty on the Apex?
  • A: The Apex comes with a one-year limited warranty.
Q: How many amps can the Apex handle?
  • A: The Apex had a 1,500 watt pure sine wave inverter that can surge to 3,000 watts or 12.5 Amps AC sustained or a 25 Amp surge.
Q: What are the maximum voltage at full charge? What is the minimum voltage at the maximum safe depletion level?
  • A: At full charge, the voltage will be between 12.3V – 12.6V. The minimum level will be between 9.3 - 9.6V.
Q: Does the Apex have a charge controller to keep from overcharging the battery?
  • A: Yes, the Apex does have built-in MPPT to keep the battery from being overcharged.
Q. What temperature can the Apex handle? 
  • A: The Apex can handle temperatures as high as 115 degrees F and as low as 20 degrees F. 
    Q: Does the Apex have a built-in fan? Does it run all the time & is it noisy?
    • A: The Apex has two fans; the primary fan will turn on when the power button is pushed.  The secondary fan will only go on when the inside temperature goes up.  Both fans are quite quiet; especially in contrast to their diesel or gas counterparts.  
      Q: Do I have to have the inverter on to use the Apex?
      • A: Nope!  The 3-position power switch when put to the DC position allows you to use the 12V DC sockets or the USB ports or even the basecamp LED ports without having the inverter on.


      Battery Questions:

      Q: Is the battery replaceable in the Apex?

      • A: Yes and no.  The battery is replaceable. However, replacing the battery must be done by Inergy Solar at the warehouse. Currently, they are not replaceable by the end user. If you open your Apex, it will void the warranty.

      Q. How do I tell how full my battery is on the Apex?

      • A: The battery capacity remaining can be viewed in the upper left hand corner of the LCD screen. It is displayed in number format and as a battery icon.

       Q: Can I add additional batteries to the Apex? If so, what kind of batteries can I use?

      • A: Any 12v deep cycle AGM, Gel or Lead Acid Battery will work with the Apex.  It has terminals where you can attach the extra batteries.  

      Q: If using an external AGM battery, what size cable is needed to run between the battery and the Apex? 

      • A. 2/0 Gauge battery cables (made of pure copper, NOT copper plated) with 3/8” ring terminals for up to a 5 foot long cable

      Q: What is the lifespan of the battery in the Apex?

      • A: The Apex battery has one of the longest expected lifespans of any solar generator on the market.  It's life is good for 2,000 cycles or 10 years at 100% capacity. One cycle is completely empty to completely charged.

      Q: What kind of battery is in the Apex?

      • A: The battery in the Apex is a Panasonic 90 Amp hour 1,100-watt lithium-ion battery.

      Q: Can two or more Apex units be daisy chained together to double the inverter and battery capacity?

      • A: Unfortunately, you cannot daisy chain Apex units together.  The Apex does have the capability to add additional batteries to it.

      Q: How long will the Apex hold its charge?

      • A: The Apex will hold its charge for for up to a full year. However, it is recommended to check the battery level every 3 month to make sure it is not below 10%.  

      Charging Questions:

      Q: What are my options for charging the Apex?

      • A: Our favourite way to charge the Apex is with solar panels.  You can find the kits here.  You can also charge it via the car charger or the standard AC wall charger that comes in the box with your Apex.  

      Q: Can I use my Apex while it is being charged?

      • A: Yup! 

      Q: How long does it take to charge the Apex using the AC wall charger?

      • A: Approximately 11 hours.  

      Q: How long does it take to charge the Apex using the car charger?

      • A: Approximately 10-11 hours.  

      Q. Is there a more powerful AC charger than the standard AC charger?

      Q. How long does it take to charge the Apex with solar?

      These times are approximate dependent on sun condition, panel angle, etc.

      Q. What is displayed on the Apex LCD? 

      • A. The LCD screen gives you information about your unit.  The screen will show the net combination of input or output. This is show thru both CHG/DIS or thru arrows pointing different ways. It also displays the net combination of power in watts as well as the battery voltage.

      Usage Questions:

      Q: How long will the Apex run the following: smartphone, tablet, basecamp LED, laptop, CPAP machine, TV, electric blanket, microwave, or refrigerator

      A: It will run those items as follows. These are approximate only. The actual times may vary due to variations in make, models, conditions, and settings.

      • Smartphone (5-7 watts) – 100+ hours
      • Tablet (25-40 watts) – 40+ hours
      • Basecamp LED (6 watts) – 183 hours
      • Laptop (50 watts) – 20+ hours
      • 50” LED LCD TV (65 watts, Energy Star Certified Appliance) – 16 hours
      • Electric Blanket – Queen Size (75 watts) – 14 hours
      • Refrigerator, 19 cu.ft. – (20% duty, Energy Star Certified Appliance) – 33 hours
      • Sump Pump (1/3 HP) - 2.5 hours
      • Chest Freezer (9 cu ft., 15% duty) - 50 hours

      Q. Can I connect the Apex to my house main control panel?

      • A: No. 

      Q: What can I run with the Apex and how long will they run?

      • A: The ideal output for the Apex is around 550-600 watts continuously.  However, you can run almost anything that plugs into a wall that draws less than 1,100 Watts or 10 Amps at 110 VAC. Adding solar panels will extend your run time for these items. With the right sized solar panel system and external battery bank attached to your Apex, you could have an unrestricted run time experience.  

      Q: Can the Apex power my entire home?

      • A: No. The Apex has limitations on what it will run. Most electric appliances exceed the capability of the Apex. If it is a gas appliance, the Apex can power it provided that they have a standard 110 VAC wall plug.

      Q: Will the Apex run my air conditioner or clothes dryer?

      • A: If these items are electric, the Apex will not power them. These types of appliances use 220 VAC and the Apex can only discharge 110 VAC.

      Q: Can you leave the Apex on full time with a fridge plugged into it? 

      • The Apex isn't designed to act as a UPS. While that would work, the Apex is designed as a back up option or a portable camping option.

        Q. Will the Apex power my electric stove, air conditioner, furnace, hot water heater, or electric dryer? 

        • A. If these appliances are electric, the Apex will not power them. The Apex only discharges 110 VAC. These appliances use 220 VAC. The Apex can handle a load of up to 1500 Watts AC or DC. These electric appliances require much more power than the Apex is designed to deliver. 
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