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We’d like to announce the acquisition of the domain by

About was initially a domain name for a tech news company’s website. This domain name got an excellent search flow from the web as most people looking for electronic-based technology came here. It received global attention, and it’s a great asset to add under Since it dealt with the distribution of products to the public, it will give website ideal market coverage.

The domain name came with various website pages like the about page, unique product/service pages, an attractive homepage, a client's portfolio, and a blog page. All these pages will let the products at get all the public attention they need.

About is a fast-growing solar-based products company. We have adopted an independent, cleaner, and portable solar engineered power solution for everyday power needs. Our team members are based all around the world and are ready to bring affordable power solutions to everyone who needs them.

Our company sells complete solar generators,kits, batteries, and cabling accessories. These products come at affordable prices, and they also make them simple and easy to carry with you. Every order comes with:

  • Setup instructions
  • Wiring diagrams
  • After-sale support for customers
  • Affordable and reliable shipping services
  • A library of solar training resources like books
  • Personalized after-sale solar content through emails
  • Free lifetime support from the company’s customer care support

All these services make us the ultimate solar power solution company for everyone.

We enjoy membership with great organizations like the American Solar Energy Society and Crunchbase: Innovative Companies. The membership guarantees its customers legit, and quality approved purchases. 

By choosing, you can only expect the best.

Description of Key Pages We Will Provide

The new domain,, gives us the flexibility of broad coverage and visibility of products pages. These pages help promote our products in numerous different ways and attract new customers. The pages that the new domain intends to boost and promote include:


Solar Panel kits for RV, Van, Boat, and more

We need solar panel kits for most day-to-day auto-mobile machines. We make your selection process easier by offering you the right solar panel kit for your desired project. Our wide variety of complete solar panel kits come at affordable prices and in various sizes.


200 Watt Solar Panels

200 watt monocrystalline solar panel help harness solar energy from the sun giving you clean and dependable energy. In addition, the solar panels guarantee easy use and come very portable. The product is a perfect choice if you need to power your camping site or other remotely based spaces.


100 Watt Solar Panel

The 100 watt monocrystalline solar panel is easy to install and use. The high-quality monocrystalline properties help it function best in low-lighting areas. In addition, the waterproof, tough, and sealed nature of these solar panels withstands changing environmental conditions. 


Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible monocrystalline solar panels help people get power anywhere. These solar panels come in different designs and prices. However, their flexible nature allows them to fit in various spaces and provide power harnessing from different angles.

Portable Solar Panels

Our RV portable solar panels fulfill most of your off-the-grid power needs. They’re easy to store under the RV or in your car trunk. The portable features guarantee easy travel and lighting whenever you need it. 


DIY Solar Panel Kits

We all need some devices with simple DIY steps to enable personal installation. These DIY solar panel kits work in a van, boat, or small cabin. The easy installation steps guarantee safe self-installation. 


Solar generators

Off-grid living and adventures require some solar generator to guarantee fun times. Our solar powered generators guarantee free renewable power. With the high living costs, you need a durable, high-quality solar charging generator for your power needs. 


EcoFlow DELTA PRO Portable Power Station

A portable power station guarantees you a power supply even in remote places. EcoFlow Delta PRO portable power station has an expandable battery and output capacity. It stores enough power to run you for a long time. 


EcoFlow DELTA MAX Solar Generator

These solar generators guarantee our customers a stable power supply. The EcoFlow DELTA MAX generator provides sufficient lighting power and backup. In addition, the expandable battery has a power capacity of 2KWh up to 6KWh, giving you enough off-grid power. 

Bluetti AC 300 MAX

Bluetti AC 300 MAX solar power station comes with full and expandable modularity. 

It has no battery inside which makes it very portable. Moreover, this item offers a smart/digital connection system with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.  


Bluetti AC 200 MAX

Bluetti AC 200 MAX portable station is one of the most recent solar generators that comes with two expansion battery ports. In addition, it comes with sixteen AC200 power outlets to suit all your devices' usage. 


Bluetti EP 500

Bluetti EP 500 solar generator provides you with 5,100Wh power storage which is enough to power all the electronic devices that you plan to use off-grid.

You also get other features like split-phase bonding, plug-and-play usability, and seamless UPS backup protection.


Solar Panels Affiliate Program

Finally, one of the most popular pages on our website is definitely our affiliate program.

With our Solar Panels affiliate program, you can earn a commission after referring customers to us. In addition, we provide an affiliate marketing link to enable purchases on our site. So, if you need to make some extra income, try out our solar panel affiliate program


Our Final Statement

The newly acquired domain name will allow us to reach even more ideal target customers, and solve their problems & fulfill their needs.

We continue to stay committed to our mission of bringing you the best solar equipment to help you with your off-grid solar power needs.

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