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Does Solar Make Sense For My Farm or Ranch?

More than likely yes (more on this below). Farms can use solar panels to generate electricity for their operations. In fact, many farmers are choosing to go solar as a way to reduce their energy costs, become more sustainable, and potentially even earn additional revenue by selling excess energy back to the grid.

Solar panels can be installed on the roof of a farm building or on the ground if there is enough available land. The amount of energy generated by the panels will depend on various factors, such as the size of the system, the orientation and tilt of the panels, and the amount of sunlight the location receives.

Farms can use solar energy to power irrigation systems, livestock facilities, and other farm operations that require electricity. Some farms may even be able to generate enough energy to become energy-independent, reducing their reliance on the grid and traditional energy sources.

Going solar can also have environmental benefits for farms. By using renewable energy, farms can reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment. Additionally, solar panels can help to shade and cool buildings, reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning during hot summer months.

Overall, solar panels can be an effective and sustainable solution for farms looking to reduce their energy costs and become more environmentally friendly.

The Future of Green Agriculture

Farmer or Rancher's Guide to Going Solar

1. Evaluate your energy needs: Before going solar, it's important to understand your energy usage. Calculate your monthly and yearly energy consumption and determine the size of the solar energy system you'll need to meet your needs.

2. Assess your site: Take a look at your land and buildings to determine the best location for solar panels. Look for areas that receive maximum sunlight and are free from shade or obstructions. Also, consider the orientation and angle of the roof or ground where you plan to install the solar panels.

3. Determine your budget: Going solar is a significant investment, so it's important to determine your budget and explore financing options. Calculate the cost of the solar panels, installation, and any additional equipment needed, and consider if there are any tax incentives or rebates available in your area. For agricultural businesses, the nice thing is that ROI is usually pretty quick given your energy demands.

4. Choose a reputable solar company: You’re already in the right place! That said, you’ll want to check reviews, credentials, and certifications to ensure they have a proven track record of quality work.

5. Design and install the system: We’ve made this easy with pre-set packages, designed specifically with agricultural operations in mind. That said, you can work with our team to design a more custom system that meets your energy needs and fits your site. Once the design is finalized, you or a local installer will be able install the panels and equipment.. This process usually takes a few days, however may take several days or even weeks, depending on the size and scope of the system.

6. Monitor and maintain the system: After installation, it's important to monitor and maintain your solar energy system to ensure it's functioning properly. Schedule regular inspections and cleanings to keep the panels working at maximum efficiency.

By following these steps, you can successfully transition your farm to solar energy and reduce your energy costs while supporting renewable energy.

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Affordable Solar for EVERY Scenario

Maybe you’re sick of listening to (and paying for!) a generator all the time.

Maybe you got an outrageous quote from the power company to run lines to your buildings.

Maybe your sick of rising energy costs and the fragility of our grid.

Whatever the case, we’re your one stop shop for farmer's and rancher's all across the lower 48 states looking to go solar!

Below you'll find our most popular types of solar kits for farms and ranches.

Benefits of Solar Panels For Farms & Ranches

As a farmer, there are several reasons why going solar can be a good idea for you and your farm. Here are some of the key benefits:

Cost Savings: By generating your own solar energy, you can reduce your dependence on the grid and potentially save thousands of dollars in energy costs over the lifespan of your solar panels. This can be especially beneficial for farmers who use a lot of energy for irrigation, lighting, heating, and cooling.

Stable Energy Costs: Unlike traditional energy sources like fossil fuels, the cost of solar energy is stable and predictable. This can help you to better manage your farm's budget and reduce your exposure to price fluctuations.

Environmental Benefits: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy, which means it does not produce harmful emissions or contribute to climate change. By going solar, you can reduce your farm's carbon footprint and help to protect the environment.

Additional Revenue: Depending on where you live, you may be able to earn additional revenue by selling excess solar energy back to the grid through net metering programs. This can provide a new source of income for your farm.

Increased Property Value: Installing solar panels can increase the value of your farm's property, making it a more attractive investment for potential buyers or tenants.

Overall, going solar can be a smart investment for farmers looking to reduce their energy costs, become more sustainable, and potentially even earn additional revenue. By working with a reputable solar company like us, you can design a solar energy system that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your goals for your farm.

What Type of Solar Panels Are Included in My Solar Kit?

We only include Tier-1 / Grade A solar panels in our solar kits. They are always monocrystalline and come with at least a 25-year power output warranty. We only source and supply solar panels from reputable brands that have been in business for many years. For more information on your solar panels, click to watch our video.

What Kind of Batteries Are Included in My Solar Kit?

We almost only include lithium iron phosphate batteries in our solar kits. This is because they are the longest lasting and safest battery option available today. We only source and supply batteries from reputable brands that ideally have US based operations and support teams. We stand behind the batteries we sell and because of that, your lithium batteries will always be covered by a long-term, comprehensive warranty. For more information on your battery bank, click to watch our video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does these solar kits come with a warranty?
    Of course. You're covered by all of the manufacturer warranties on each product plus our free, lifetime customer support!
  2. How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping is calculated at checkout. You'll get lowest possible shipping rates when you buy from You can also reach out to us here and inquire about shipping, or just give us a call 877-242-2792.
  3. Where do you ship from?
    We have 3 main distribution centres (CA, TX, NY) along with suppliers across the US. We ship from multiple different warehouses in order to try and keep costs as low as possible for our customers
  4. How long will it take to get my kit after ordering?
    If you're in the lower 48 states we do our best to get you your order within 5-15 business days. Recently with the incredible demand for products, our delivery times to customer's door are averaging around 9-12 business days. You will receive your tracking numbers as soon as they are available.
  5. Will I be able to track my order and deliveries?
    You will receive your tracking numbers via email and/or text message as soon as they are available. So please make sure you use a good Email address when ordering or a phone number that can receive text messages for your tracking information. Also, please expect to receive multiple deliveries and packages as we ship from multiple warehouses to keep costs down.
  6. Do you offer financing?
    Yes we do! We have 2 financing options which you can learn more about if you keep scrolling down this page.
  7. Do your solar kits come with a wiring diagram/setup guide?
    Yes, you'll get our 3-page setup diagram and instruction manual along with all of the manufacturer guides and user manuals. We've also created the SolarHub which you get lifetime access to when you order from us.
  8. Can I install this system myself?
    We've created the kits for absolute simplicity. That said, we highly recommend getting the help of a professional installer / certified electrician. You should plan on potential costs associated with this as well.
  9. What sort of after-sale customer support do you offer?
    You can reach us Monday to Friday via phone, live chat or email. You'll also get free, lifetime access to the industry leading "Solar Hub" - Where you'll find all of our diagrams, installation manuals, troubleshooting guides and more!
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