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What Is a Solar Kit?

what is a solar kit?

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Solar panel kits are convenient packages containing all components needed to create a home solar power system, including mounting hardware, panels, inverters, batteries, and cables, often at half the cost of systems from local solar companies. They offer online shopping, cost savings, and flexibility in choosing components. Kits are designed for specific energy needs like off-grid or backup systems, making selection easier.

Benefits include cost savings, convenience, and control over components. Kits also offer better customer support and lifetime assistance. Shopping from suppliers like shopsolar.com provides access to a wide range of kits and support for installation and maintenance. Overall, solar panel kits offer a simpler, more affordable way to go solar, providing control and cost savings compared to traditional solar power systems.


You've seen bloggers and DIY enthusiasts raving about them. You've heard about them on the news. You've even managed to end up on a site called shopsolar.com. But what exactly is a solar panel kit, and are solar panel kits worth buying?

Residential solar power systems have never been more popular as thousands of Americans turn to off-grid solar power amidst the latest energy crisis. Better and cheaper solar technology, greater availability and access, and more financial incentives from the government and financing companies have made solar power an easier and more attractive option for homeowners than ever.

Solar panel kits are part of the revolution. By buying an innovative solar energy system in a box, homeowners can access clean, renewable energy at a far lower cost than ever before.

What Is a Solar Kit?

Solar kits are a convenient way to get all of the components you need to create your home solar power system, including mounting hardware, solar panels, inverters, batteries bank, cabling, et cetera, and get them for half the cost of the same system provided by a local solar company.

Solar kits of all shaped and sizes are available online, and your solar kit retailer will help you figure out which kits is right for your needs. All of the components inside these kit have been tested to ensure that they are compatible and will work as promised, and have been sourced from the top brands on the market. Unlike solar power companies that are restricted to supply agreements with one or two suppliers, solar kit providers can pick and choose only the best components from everything that's available on the market.

Solar kits are usually designed to fit specific energy needs, e.g., off-grid solar systems, mobile camping set-ups, or backup systems for power outages. That makes it far easier to figure out what you need and which system you should get.

Why Are Solar Kits Different?

Setting up a solar power system using a solar kit is different from the conventional way of doing things in a number of ways:

  • Convenient online shopping and delivery: With a conventional system, the solar supplier will call in an order, wait for delivery of the various components and then, after a few weeks, deliver and install your parts. Either that, or they’ll have to keep parts on hand in a warehouse and will only be able to offer from a small selection of components as they pass along the warehousing expense to you. They'll usually have only one or two suppliers, which can lead to stock issues. With a solar kit, you can choose exactly what you want in your kit, and it will be delivered from any supplier directly to your door in days, saving time and money.
  • Huge cost savings: Solar kit companies sell more solar panel systems nationally than local solar companies, which means they get bigger discounts and better pricing. They also don't have the same overheads (shipping, warehousing, marketing, installation), which keeps costs really low. More than 65% of the cost of a solar power system from a local company can be contributed to labor, admin, warehousing, marketing, and supply chain costs. A solar kit company can cut all of those costs and passes it the savings on to you.
  • No bloated labor costs: With a solar kit, you either do the installation yourself or hire a handyman or DIYer to do it for you. This can save you thousands of dollars in labor costs alone. But doesn't it require years of training and knowledge to install a solar power system, you ask? Nope. You need a diagram and a set of pliers. Pliers aren't included, but everything you need to know to set your solar power system up is.

Benefits of a Solar Kit

Not convinced yet? Here's why solar kits are the way to go:

  • Cost: You can save 50% on your solar power system by simply buying a solar kit from an online supplier instead getting your system through a local solar company. That's right. You'll get the exact same solar power system, with better customer support in a faster time frame, for 50% less.
  • Convenience: If you want to go the DIY route but don't know a whole lot about solar panels and solar power, you need to whip out your calculator and Excel spreadsheet just to figure out what the necessary components are, what they'll cost, and whether or not they can work together. With a kit, the hard work of figuring out what configuration works best has already been done. The only numbers involved are the credit card digits you have to type in when you check out.
  • Support:  A lot of solar companies just install the system and leave, never to be seen or heard from again. A solar kit company does a lot more hand-holding. They'll help you find the right kit, help you find an affordable installer if you need one, and then offer lifetime support to answer any questions that might pop up over the next 25 years as you enjoy the fruits of your minimal labor.
  • Control: You aren't limited to one or two suppliers with a solar kit. You can pick and choose the best components from any supplier you wish.
  • Fun: Buying and installing a solar power system on your own is fun! You can learn a new skill, fix your panels on your own, brag to your neighbors, and feel justifiably smug when the power goes out for every single house on the street but yours. What's not to love?

Where to Get a Solar Kit?

You're already here! Shopsolar.com has a wide variety of solar kits from the top solar suppliers in the US and abroad at great prices. If you aren't sure where to get started, start with a mini-course in solar power. It'll give you a better idea of what solar power and installation are all about. It'll also help you figure out what type of kit you need.

If you still have questions or just prefer to speak to a human being, get in touch on the phone or via email. Our team of experts can answer any questions you might have and can provide advice or a free quote to get you started.

Solar kits are the simplest, most affordable way to go solar. Shop from a wider collection of components and take control of your entire power system for good.

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