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Solaria Solar Panels Review

solaria solar panels review

Solar power is clean, renewable, and abundant. This power can easily be harnessed with the help of solar panels. Solar power systems with arrays of these solar panels can help people generate their power and get off the grid. 

Are you ready to harness the awesome power of the sun? If yes, then read on to learn about solar panels in our review of the Solaria 360 Watt PowerXT Solar Panel. Using Solaria solar panels can help collect sunlight and turn it into useful power for you and your family. So let’s take a look at these panels, go through their technical capabilities, and where to find them, so you can get them up on your roof and start generating power. 

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is electricity produced by the sun. Sunlight is captured by photovoltaic cell panels that are facing the sun. While the sun is shining, the power is saved in batteries and can be used later when it’s dark or even if the electric grid goes down. If the panels are mounted on a house, the electric field created by the sun's rays is directed to an inverter, which transforms it into usable alternating current (AC) electricity that can power electrical outlets, appliances, and lighting.

There are many reasons solar power is so great:

  • It is a renewable energy source —s sunlight is abundant!
  • It doesn’t produce dirty, harmful gases into the atmosphere like fossil fuels
  • Solar panels can be purchased in portable DIY kits

How To Use Solar Panels

Solar power can be produced by installing solar panels or solar panel arrays on a rooftop, on vehicles, or as a component of a smaller portable solar generator. A solar generator collects solar energy from solar panels and stores the energy in internal batteries. This electrical power is usable long after the sun goes down.

The sizes of solar systems vary from small, singular panels to massive arrays that produce megawatts of electricity. A small DIY kit may have two, four, six, or eight panels. For rooftop arrays, you install the number of panels that the building requires, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Solar panels can be purchased individually, so you can purchase the precise number of panels you need for your solar panel system. The Solaria solar panel is one option of panels that is available at Shop Solar Kits.

Solaria Solar Panels Review

Let's take a look at the Solaria 360 Watt PowerXT solar panel. We describe its key features and some of its technical specifications.

Solaria 360 Watt PowerXT Solar Panel | POWERXT-360R-PD

SKU PowerXT-360R-PD-1

Price: $369.96

The Solaria 360 Watt PowerXT Solar Panel is our choice for a Solaria solar panel at This aesthetically pleasing black monocrystalline silicon panel has a black anodized aluminum frame and a more uniform appearance than other panels. 

The Solaria 360-watt PowerXT solar panel is certified by six third parties, including the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These solar panels are backed by a 25-year warranty, though these panels are designed to last far longer than the warranty period. 

This solar panel, added to an array of solar panels, can produce natural, clean energy without the need for fuel, moving parts, or noisy components. It generates electricity silently and produces no odors or smoke, unlike fossil fuel burning. Solar power is sustainable and renewable, meaning it is good for the environment and will not run out, unlike petroleum and other fuels. 

Purchasing a solar power system has its upfront costs, but it comes with tax credits and manufacturers' rebates that help to decrease the total cost. Over the years, the energy generated with solar will save you money on electric bills and help to eventually pay for the whole system. Then, the electric power will be generated cleanly and relatively cheaply compared to power derived from the power grid, which you never have to worry about dealing with ever again.

Solaria solar panels are expertly produced by Solaria and backed by a 25-year warranty, making them long-lasting, effective, and dependable. We think Solaria solar panels would be a great addition to any solar panel system for dependable, sustainable energy.  


  • The PowerXT 360 solar panel is backed by a 25-year warranty for parts, power, and labor, though it is designed to far exceed this warranty.
  • The panel has certifications from six third parties: UL 1703/IEC 61215/IEC 61730/CEC/CAN/CSA-C22.2.
  • This panel is over 20% efficient, meaning it can convert over 20% of the sunshine that hits the panel into usable electricity.
  • Comparing Solaria vs. LG solar panels, Solaria solar panels are more efficient (20.5% compared to 19.5%). 
  • These panels produce more power per square meter, lowering installation costs.
  • Its solder-less cell interconnections make this panel more durable.
  • Solaria PowerXT panels are resistant to potential induced degradation (PID), making them predictable and stable.   
  • There is a lower temperature coefficient for the Solaria solar panels vs. Sunpower solar panels (-0.39º C compared to minus -0.29º C).
  • These panels are designed to look beautiful on your roof, so they not only are powerful and efficient, but aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Key Technical Specifications

The following are some of the important technical specifications of the Solaria PowerXT-360R-PD-1.

  • Max power (Pmax): 360W
  • Efficiency: 19.9% to 20.5%
  • Max power voltage: 39.5V
  • Max power current: 9.13A
  • Max fuse rating: 15A
  • Max system voltage: 1000V
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 47.7V
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 9.56A
  • Temperature coefficient of Pmax [% / ºC]:  -0.39%
  • Temperature coefficient of Voc [% / ºC]:  -0.29%
  • Temperature coefficient of Isc [% / ºC]:  0.04%
  • Operating temperature: -40º C to +85º C
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon
  • Product: length: 63.8 inches
  • Product width: 43.9 inches
  • Product height: 1.57 inches

Where Are Solaria Solar Panels Made?

The Solaria company is headquartered in Fremont, California. The panels are engineered and designed in the United States and made in Asia. 

Where Are Solaria Solar Panels Manufactured?

The Solaria solar panels are manufactured in South Korea and Southeast Asia. 

Other Solaria Solar Panel Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, look at these other Solaria solar panels reviews. 

Ecowatch rates Solaria solar panels at 4 stars out of 5 stars, commenting that the great warranty coverage, the durability of the panels, and the industry-leading power ratings are all pros for this panel. Cons include the slightly limited options and the fact the panels are not American-made.

overall solaria rating

Numerous other happy customers share their 5-star reviews on EnergySage. The consensus is that Solaria solar panels are efficient, powerful, and beautiful.

energysage solaria review

Using Solar Generator Kits for Clean and Renewable Solar Power

We hope that this Solaria solar panels review has helped you understand how solar panel systems can be used to generate large amounts of electric power from the sun and used to power your electronic devices, phones, appliances, lights, and vehicles. Purchasing solar panels, such as Solaria solar panels, can provide you with the awesome power of the sun.

You can live off the grid, use clean energy, and contribute to environmental preservation by using solar power kits. The starter kits come with everything you need to get started using the sun's energy as a portable, renewable source of energy. You can even live off the grid!

Everything you need to start using solar power is included in our kits, including solar panels, connectors, batteries, cables, and other parts. With the best prices and the most helpful customer support, we at have some of the best solar panel systems, panels, and kits available on the market.

Check out all of our solar panel options, and join the millions of people who use the sun's power to generate their electricity.

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