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ShopSolarKits vs. Traditional Solar Installers

Do Not Overpay for a Solar Power System  

While it is always tempting to shop locally, solar installers tend to mark up the cost of solar equipment by two, three, and sometimes even four times what it would cost if you bought the same equipment through a trustworthy online retailer.

In many cases, you will pay an unreasonably high installation fee for something that is actually fairly simple to do. You will also end up paying more for the individual pieces of solar equipment, as well as the brackets, cables, and connectors required to wire everything together.

This means the decision to go through a solar installation company can easily turn what should be a $10,000 solar power system into a $30,000 project!

ShopSolarKits vs Traditional

Why Do Traditional Solar Installers Charge So Much?

Unfortunately, inflating prices is a fairly common practice amongst dedicated solar installers. Since storing and stocking bulky solar equipment can be fairly expensive, many solar installers pass these costs onto their customers. Those that use solar installers, rather than installing a pre-purchased solar power system themselves, or hiring a local contractor, also tend to be less informed about the costs associated with purchasing solar equipment, which allows solar installers to inflate prices and take advantage of their customers.

Given the fact that installing a solar power system should be seen as a long-term investment, reducing up-front costs should always be one of your top priorities, as the less you spend purchasing and installing your system, the sooner you will see a return on your initial investment.

Why ShopSolarKits Instead of a Traditional Solar Installer?

At ShopSolarKits, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with the highest quality solar equipment at the lowest possible prices. 

Our massive warehouses and well-established distribution network allow us to store all of the equipment and solar kits you see on our online store. We do not need to pass hefty storage and stocking expenses onto our customers.

We are also one of the fastest growing solar retailers in the country, which means we have been able to establish strong relationships with some of the top solar manufacturers in the world. These relationships allow us to obtain solar equipment at the best possible prices and we always pass these savings on to our customers.

Not only are we able to offer some of the best possible prices on top-quality, warranty-backed solar equipment, we also always offer full lifetime customer support on all purchases. At ShopSolarKits, it is our goal to make solar simple. To do so, we strongly believe in the importance of education, simplicity, and, of course, affordability. It is our overarching goal to rip down the barriers that prevent many people from installing their own solar power system.

By choosing ShopSolarKits, you are choosing fair prices, reliable equipment, and ready-made solar kits that do not require expensive, professional installation.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the solar power system quote comparison chart below. The comparison is based off of a REAL quote one of our customers shared with us!

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