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Jinko Solar Panels Review

jinko solar panels review

You probably don't need convincing that investing in solar energy for your property is a good move. If you've done the research, you know it is. Solar energy is almost always a smart choice. But the devil is always in the details, like which solar panels to buy.

You're probably feeling adventurous. You're going solar after all. But you need to be careful about choosing the right panels. With varying sizes, power levels, and dependability, it's crucial to understand what you're paying for from different energy brands. Let's look at Jinko Solar panels. 

We've compiled Jinko Solar reviews of some of the brand's best products, including Tiger, Cheetah, and Eagle solar panels. Read on to learn why these energy options stand out and what Jinko Solar panels reviews have to say about them. 

Why Jinko Solar Panels?

Jinko Solar's products are renowned for their technologically advanced components, from versatile size options to overlapping cell surfaces. The company is a leading manufacturer in the solar industry. Jinko's camped out on the bleeding edge of solar technology for nearly two decades. In 2021 and 2023, EUPD Research awarded Jinko Solar the Top Brand PV Europe Seal in recognition of the company's innovative and high-quality products. 

Many Jinko Solar reviews highlight their high-power outputs and consistently game-changing developments, including their "tiling ribbon" solar panel surfaces. This manufacturing style strategically stacks monocrystalline cells on top of one another for a higher energy output per panel. 

Another highlight is Jinko Solar's Swan series, a bifacial placement setup that lets panels generate extra energy from cement, paint, grass, and other light reflectors. Swan panels come in different styles that meet various structural needs and are generally more lightweight and easier to install than other panels. This option is available for many Jinko solar models, including the Cheetah and Tiger Neo series, allowing this setup to suit different power needs.

What Materials Go Into Jinko Solar Panels?

Most Jinko Solar panels consist of P-type silicon and mono PERC cells, though different components and models may contain other materials. The silicon and monocrystalline cells ensure the solar panels have dependable lifespans and can survive the elements without impacting efficiency.

Jinko Solar's eco-friendly production process allows the company to sell affordable yet high-quality panels while reducing emissions, waste, and energy consumption. Plus, Jinko Solar provides recycling resources for its customers and products.

Where Are Jinko Solar Panels Made?

Jinko Solar's primary U.S. manufacturing facility is located in Jacksonville, Florida. This plant opened in 2018 and manufactures 1.2 million solar panels annually. The company also has manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia and U.S. distribution warehouses in California, Texas, and New Jersey. 

Products and Reviews

Jinko Solar's current panels are directly connected in their styles and advancements, with each new series having developed from the last. Tiger Neo panels are Jinko Solar's newest series, though older Cheetah and Eagle models may better suit your property's power and installation needs. We look at Jinko Solar's primary panel series and their reviews. 

Jinko Tiger Solar Panels Review

Jinko Solar's Tiger series panels are some of the brand's best-known products. Their most prominent feature is the tiling ribbon surfaces, which allow them to hold more cells than standard panels. With various sizes and power options, Tiger solar panels are ideal for homes, businesses, and everywhere in between, though some models are specialized for larger needs. 

Jinko Solar's Tiger panels fall into three different model types:

  • Tiger series panels: Standard Jinko Solar Tiger panels work like most well-performing solar panels, rated up to 470W with high-efficiency interconnected cells. 
  • Tiger Pro series panels: Jinko Solar Tiger Pro panels rate up to 610W, making them among the most powerful solar products available. Most Pro panels are released in ranging sizes for various applications and roof styles.
  • Tiger Neo series panels: The latest Jinko Solar panels use unique N-type cells for better efficiency and energy purity. Certain Tiger Neo solar panels can reach up to 635W and are designed for larger purposes, such as solar farms. Other mid-size models generate upwards of 440W.

Solar Analytica called Tiger Neo panels "the game-changer we've been eagerly waiting for," consisting of "the best attributes of the preceding Tiger models." They specifically praise the panels' high power efficiency, crisp designs, and sustainable performance. Though they question how well the newer model will work for residential properties, there's no question that the Tiger Neo will inspire future innovations. 

"Jinko Tiger 390W boards are fabulous, proficient, and frequently conveying more significant levels of yield than my Solar Analytics conjectures for the afternoon," said Sahan, a customer who rated the Tiger panel five out of five. "Be that as it may, be careful in the event that you have a little rooftop as these are truly bigger boards."

Jinko Cheetah Solar Panels Review

The precursor to the Tiger series, Jinko Solar's Cheetah panels are best known for their compact sizes and dependability. Most models rate between 325W and 380W, making them perfect for residential and business properties, and are available in standard and half-cut options. Models tend to have about 20% efficiency, are double-tested, and come with 12-year product warranties, guaranteeing long lifespans. 

Cheetah series panels use 66-cell surfaces that increase the output and efficiency compared to standard 60-cell panels while retaining sleek, versatile designs. Even without the Tiger series' game-changing additions, Cheetah panels pushed the industry standard for basic solar capabilities.

"Despite a lower Watt-class due to the cell dimensions, the Jinko Cheetah range provides what can be considered Good power density," said one review of the Jinko Cheetah HC. "Providing relative value for the very good technology at hand, the Jinko Cheetah HC will likely be incorporated within energy systems requiring a more economically viable solution... Overall, a very good solar module."

Jinko Eagle Solar Panels Review

Jinko Solar's Eagle series predated the Cheetah panels and inspired many of the models and energy strategies the company uses today, including PERC cell technology. Though they're a couple of generations behind, Eagle solar panels are incredibly efficient and dependable solutions for many properties, especially homes with basic energy needs and budget restraints.

Jinko Solar's Eagle series comprises three primary model types:

  • Eagle G2 panels: G2 panels are the most affordable and straightforward of the Eagle series, perfect for homeowners and working on a budget without limiting output. The 60-cell model rates up to 330W and is ideal for residential properties, while the 72-cell model works better for commercial and industrial facilities. 
  • Eagle G4 panels: G4 panels use the brand's tiling ribbon style, like most Tiger models, to generate more energy with more monocrystalline cells. These panels are ideal for high-power needs and fit most budgets. 
  • Eagle G5 panels: The Eagle panels, Jinko's most advanced, rate up to 545W and are available in monofacial and bifacial options. This high-energy efficiency, combined with the panels' versatile designs, makes them reliable and affordable options for properties with sizable power needs. 

Energy Theory said Jinko Solar Eagle panels had "highly effective performance in low-light environments and high salt mist and ammonia resistance" while being "the most affordable panel in Jinko's selection." 

More Solar Panel Resources

When upgrading to solar energy, it's important to consider others' input, including Jinko Solar panels reviews and expert consultants. At ShopSolar.com, our customer service team can answer all your questions about solar panels, including which models and sizes work best for your roof. Plus, with reviews under nearly every product in our inventory, you always know what you're buying. View our available solar panels to choose your best options.

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