How Much It Costs To Prepare for Emergencies With Solar Power
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How Much It Costs To Prepare for Emergencies With Solar Power

How Much Does It Cost To Be Prepared for Emergencies With Solar Power?


Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article discusses the benefits and affordability of solar power, especially as a backup energy source during grid failures. It highlights the decreasing costs of solar energy due to technological advancements and faster production of critical parts. The importance of solar power in emergencies is emphasized, with smaller emergency backup systems being more affordable than complete off-grid setups. The article explains how emergency solar backup works and its benefits, including reliability, sustainability, affordability, portability, and flexibility.

It also suggests using solar kits for emergency backup, noting their lower costs, multi-purpose use, quality parts, full support, and ease of setup. The cost of emergency backup solar power depends on factors like the required power capacity and duration, with examples of different kits provided for reference. Overall, the article encourages considering solar power as a reliable and sustainable solution, especially for emergencies, and provides guidance on choosing the right system for individual needs.


Who loathes paying sky-high energy bills for the “privilege” of being tied to a failing grid system that often goes down at the drop of a hat? If your hand involuntarily shot up just now, it may be time to consider solar power.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, as the cost of utility-provided power keeps rising, the cost of solar power is falling substantially. In the past decade, the price of large-scale solar projects has decreased by 85%. And now, thanks to faster production of critical parts such as lithium-ion batteries, the costs of small-scale solar projects in residential areas are falling as well. 

It’s Time to Consider Solar Power

It's understandable if you’re on the fence about investing in solar energy. After all, even though prices are falling as technology improves, it can come with a steep upfront cost. 

A great place to start your journey away from being shut down when the grid goes down is with a solar power system designed for emergencies like blackouts and brownouts. These systems are smaller than total off grid setups that eliminate your dependence upon the grid or hybrid systems that reduce grid dependence while also protecting against outages. The reduced size of systems intended as backup means they're not as expensive. But you’re probably still wondering how much an emergency backup solar power system like this would cost. Fear not and read on, we've got you covered.

For a quick crash course in emergency solar power, check the emergency solar FAQ page or download our Emergency Solar Power 101 guide to become an expert on how to keep the lights on when the power goes out.

Why Is Solar the Best for Emergency Backup Power?

Unfortunately, solar power is often misunderstood. While most people are aware of the positive environmental impact of going solar, they fail to understand its practicality on a personal scale — especially its usefulness as an emergency battery backup.

So, what are the benefits, and are they enough to justify backup solar costs?

  • Reliability: As unpredictable weather, growing demands, and ancient and decrepit equipment continue to cause grid system failure, installing an emergency solar backup is the best way to guarantee you’ll have power.
  • Sustainability: Solar power produces no air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions,   allowing homeowners to achieve total self-sustainability using free and infinite sunlight. 
  • Affordability: The cost of solar power systems continues to drop, making many home solar kits worthwhile even in the short term. In addition, many governments offer significant tax breaks for those who invest in renewable energy. 
  • Portability: If you’re on the go, many backup solar power system kits are small enough to fit on an RV, travel van, or boat. 
  • Flexibility: Emergency solar power kits are great for anyone transitioning into a hybrid energy approach. 

How Does Emergency Solar Backup Power Work?

Solar backup power is a simple concept. As the solar panels soak in excess energy during peak sunlight hours, the power gets held in the battery of a solar generator that you can draw from and replenish during a power outage, keeping your essential appliances running no matter how long the emergency lasts.

For those with hybrid systems, an islander switch automatically disconnects the fuse board from the grid flow when a power outage occurs. The switch then engages the solar energy generator, powering your home appliances until the grid returns.


Which solar kit is right for you?


Why Are Solar Kits the Best Way to Prepare for Emergencies?

There are many ways to approach solar energy systems, but the best way is through a solar kit. Whether it be a portable system for an RV or van, a small or medium-sized system for those seeking a simple backup or a hybrid setup, or a large setup for those looking to achieve complete off-grid self-sustainability, kits are the way to go.

The main advantage of a solar kit is that they are much cheaper than alternative options. But below is a complete list of benefits of choosing a solar kit compared to other options: 

  1. Lower costs: Not only do solar power systems save tons on energy bills, but kits are also more affordable than putting together a system piece by piece.
  2. Multi-purpose: Solar generators are great in many situations, such as camping trips or during seasons when utility companies increase rates. 
  3. Quality of parts: Solar kits are high-quality and often have warranty guarantees to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Additionally, they are intuitive, allowing users to fix issues independently if desired. 
  4. Full support: Solar kits come with extensive support at every stage of the process. So, whether it’s during the selection, installation, or maintenance stages, you always have a support staff to help troubleshoot and answer questions. 
  5. Reduce workload: Solar kits come with every necessary part and are easy to set up.
  6. Choose your own size: Determine your battery storage needs, then select a kit with the exact capacity you need.

How Much Does Emergency Backup Solar Power Cost?

house with solar panels on roof

The big question: what toll do solar backup systems take on the pocketbook? Estimating emergency solar power costs hinges on a few factors.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Emergency backup solar power cost is calculated by determining your required battery capacity. To know this, you need to establish the number of kilowatts per hour (kWh) you require. 

Power requirements depend on which appliances you’ll need to power during grid failure. You can tally your needs to determine how much battery storage capacity you'll require.

How Long Do You Need It For?

Choosing a system that fits your energy needs depends on where you live and what appliances you’ll need power. For instance, those who live in areas with frequent weather emergencies may need to prepare for a more extended backup power than others. 

10 kWh system can keep basic appliances operational for around three days, not including heating and cooling. Those looking to power an entire home — including heating and cooling — for an extended period should look for at least 30 kWh, at which point you’re almost looking at a system that can take you fully off grid all the time. For a portable unit such as a mobile home or van, however, you may only need as little as 1 kWh.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Once you’re familiar with the various metrics needed to power your home, you can begin looking into kits. Below are some examples of brand offerings that can provide a general understanding of how much different systems cost. 


This long-trusted brand has a wide selection of expandable options if you want to build up your solar backup over time. 

  • Delta Quad Kit ($1,409, 1.3 kWh): The best-selling option for a small, easy setup 
  • Delta Max Quad Kit ($1,959, 2 kWh): Perfect for mobile homes and basic home backup 
  • Delta Pro Nomad Kit ($3,689, 3.6 kWh): A top-selling, expandable unit for basic home needs 
  • Dual Smart Home Solar Kit ($9,898, 7.8 kWh): A great, high-capacity system to help immediately take the leap to self-sustainability 


This brand offers outstanding quality start kits. All products can be expanded with additional battery packs to help achieve off-grid, sustainable systems.

  • AC200P Nomad Kit ($2,459, 2 kWh): Explicitly designed for those seeking power and portability 
  • AC300 Hex Kit ($6,998, 6.1 kWh): Expandable with up to four additional battery packs, great for home use 
  • EP 500 Dual Platinum Kit ($15,389, 10.2 kWh): Great hybrid option for running many essential appliances for extended periods  


If you’re looking for portability, consider Jackery. Although its systems don’t have the largest capacity, they are light, easy to carry, and durable. 

  • Explorer 500 Nomad Kit ($749, 0.5 kWh): A foldable solar backup system that works best for those with smaller mobile vehicles 


If you daydream about energy independence, take the first step and look into an emergency solar backup. Consider ShopSolarKit’s wide selection of products and services.

Need help? Our experts can help determine your backup energy requirements and will provide an accurate quote so you can expect how much you’ll be spending. 

The best place to start learning how to use solar power to be prepared for any emergency is with our comprehensive guide to emergency solar power.

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