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Get to Know Your Top Solar Brands: Rich Solar

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Imagine Wal-Mart for the solar industry. That's Rich Solar. They make everything, from solar panels and controllers to generators and energy storage systems to batteries and inverters. It's probably easier to list things that they don't make.

Rich Solar isn't as well known as some of its competitors, which is a pity, because its products are generally great. A lot of our solar kits use Rich Solar panels because they offer great value for money. Their whole diversification product strategy has probably hurt them in the long run because they haven't been able to successfully corner a niche and make a name for themselves in a specific area, but don’t discount them yet. Here’s why!

About Rich Solar

The company been around since 2005 and has grown in leaps and bounds. The company produces all kinds of off-grid solar equipment for commercial, agricultural, and residential use. They offer high-quality solar panels, deep cycle solar batteries, inverters, and charge controllers at good prices and are very popular with the RV and boating communities. Their mission is to "make renewable energy easy" by offering reliable and affordable solar equipment made with the latest technology and most durable materials.

What Is Rich Solar Known For?

With such a broad range of products, it's hard to pinpoint what Rich Solar is best known for. Their most popular products are undoubtedly their solar panels, particularly the flexible and portable panel solutions that every van-lifer seems to love. We're most excited about their latest innovation, though, the complete energy storage system.

Solar Panels

Rich Solar makes great solar panels, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, in different power ratings. You can find rigid, portable, and flexible panels at good prices, including this 100-watt panel that offers great efficiency for under $100. The build quality is great, and their panels have great features, like anti-reflective tempered glass covers, durable metal frames, corner reinforcements, and more. 

There are manufacturers that offer more powerful products, but Rich Solar is hard to beat when it comes to mobile solar systems. Their 100W Portable solar panel briefcase costs less than $200 and comes with a built-in kickstand, a weatherproof exterior, and an easy folding design which means you can take your solar panels with you wherever you go.

All-in-One Energy Storage System

Rich Solar's latest innovation is a 3,000W All-in-One Power Inverter that comes with a fully integrated MPPT charge controller and a 48V 3,000V power inverter. It has all of the modern features you'd expect, including a built-in LCD screen and optional Wi-Fi monitoring, with an efficiency rating of 93%. It sold for less than $9,000 (with solar panels included), which is a pretty good price for an all-in-one system.

It comes with a high-capacity battery bank, so you can store excess energy to use at night or on cloudy days when the sun isn't shining, an advanced inverter that is compatible with your home's electrical system, and a charge controller that guarantees your battery bank is charged and discharged efficiently.

It's only just hit the market, but at that price point, it should start flying off the shelf.

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How Does Rich Solar Stack Up Against Competitors?

Rich Solar has a whack load of competition because they are a jack-of-all-trades, but the one area of the market they've really cornered is the RV and marine equipment space, where Renogy is giving them a run for their money.

There is a lot of overlap between the two brands. Both offer a wide range of solar panels with different power ratings, voltage ratings, and amperage ratings. They also both have panels that are designed for different applications, such as RVs, boats, and homes.

Here's how they compare: 


Rich Solar


Maximum Power

50 to 335 Watts

5 to 550 Watts

Maximum Power Voltage

18.2 to 32.1 V

18 to 41.97 V

Maximum Power Ampere

2.75 to 9.85 A

0.27 to 13.11 A

Open Circuit Voltage

22.2 to 41.6 V

21.6 to 49.95 V

Short Circuit Current

2.94 to 10.4 A

0.3 to 14.05 A

Maximum System Voltage

600 to 1000 VDC

9.25 to 1500 VDC


26.8”x20.5”x1.2” to 65.6”x39.4”x1.4”

11.42”x7.2”x0.2” to 89.7”x44.6”x1.4”


8.2 to 39.3 lbs.

0.68 to 62.8 lbs.

If there is one area that gives Renogy the edge, it's the size of its panels. The bigger the panels, the more solar energy they can capture and convert into electricity. Their biggest panel is 89.7″ x44.6″ x1.4," which means the biggest Renogy panel is 64.8% larger than the biggest Rich Solar panel. They also have small panels for minor applications that are around 400 times smaller than the smallest Rich Solar panel and generally offer a lot more power than Rich Solar.

But the main reason people continue to choose Rich Solar is their price. They are generally around 10% - 15% cheaper than Renogy panels. If you are on a budget, Rich Solar is a great option.

Who Is Rich Solar For?

Rich Solar offers a high standard of products at a very low price. If you are starting your solar journey on a budget, Rich Solar is where you should start, particularly if you are looking for a mobile solution for your boat, camping trip, RV, or just the odd emergency. They are adaptable enough to work with most solar batteries and generators and are very lightweight and easy to install. 

You can find Rich Solar products on Feel free to get in touch with one of our solar experts if you need help making a decision!

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