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Top 7 EMP Shield Options: The Definitive Guide to EMP Shields & Faraday Bags

Top 7 EMP Shield Options The Definitive Guide to EMP Shields & Faraday Bags

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The article discusses the importance of protecting electronics against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) disruptions or attacks, which can severely damage electrical and technological systems. It explains that EMPs can be caused by natural events like solar flares and lightning, or by man-made events like high-altitude nuclear detonations.

The article lists the top 7 EMP shield options, including Faraday bags and EMP shields for homes and vehicles, highlighting their features and benefits. It also answers common questions about EMPs and EMP shields, emphasizing the need to be prepared for such events. The article concludes by encouraging readers to consider EMP protection solutions, given our dependence on technology.


Top 7 EMP Shield Options: The Definitive Guide to EMP Shields & Faraday Bags

Many aspects of our everyday lives revolve around technology. For work, school, personal, and medical reasons, it is important that we are able to shield against any major technological and EMP disruptions or attacks.

At Shop Solar Kits we carry a wide range of EMP shield options that help keep your valuable electronics protected from an unexpected EMP. This guide will discuss exactly what an EMP is, what damage an EMP can cause, as well as the top 7 EMP shield options currently available to help protect your devices against a natural or man-made EMP. 

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What is an EMP?

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. This pulse is essentially a short high-speed blast of energy that has the ability to cause significant damage. Everything from large scale electrical systems to personal electronic devices can be affected. All modern communication systems would most likely be impaired. 

What Causes an EMP?

There are a few natural and man-made causes of an EMP. Our own sun has the ability to release incredible amounts of energized particles directly towards the earth. If enough energy is released, these solar flares can have devastating effects on our electrical and technological systems. 

Another natural EMP cause is lightning, which may not cause widespread devastation, but can still disrupt and damage nearby equipment. 

A man-made EMP would likely be caused by a high altitude nuclear detonation within the Earth’s atmosphere. When detonated at a precise altitude over a country or specific area, these types of EMPs can cause widespread effects.  

Power line surges as well as weapons specifically designed to emit an EMP are two other potential causes. 

What would an EMP do? 

Depending on the intensity of the EMP, these extremely high-energy pulses would interact with power grids and most electronic devices, causing severe damage and rendering them either temporarily or permanently useless. 

This means everything from your cell phone and computer, to your home appliances, and even potentially your car would no longer be functional. Since each EMP is different, it could affect a small area or have global repercussions.

What would work after an EMP attack?

Any non-electric tools and appliances would still be fine. Solar panels often tend to be able to withstand an EMP. This can be crucial for providing power and recharging devices that were not initially damaged. 

Newer cars with advanced electrical systems are more likely to be affected by an EMP. Older vehicles that don’t depend on electronically controlled systems are better off during an EMP. Batteries would likely survive, however their accompanying devices may or may not.  

How long does an EMP last?

The EMP itself can be very brief. You may not even realize it has happened until you notice the effects. Repairing, rebuilding, or replacing the damaged infrastructure and equipment will take a significant amount of time. It could take months or even years to recover from a powerful EMP. 

Can an EMP attack kill you?

Most people will not be directly hurt by an EMP. That being said, you can still be indirectly injured or killed by EMP related electrical fires or accidents. Those who require the assistance of medical devices, such as pacemakers, could potentially suffer from complications caused by an EMP.

How to Shield from an EMP?

You might not have an advanced warning before an EMP attack, so it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. Items such as an EMP Shield or a Faraday bag can help to protect your home and electronic devices from the dangerous pulse. 

Having a supply of emergency items such as a first aid kit, backup supply of food and water, and other necessities can be lifesaving in an EMP situation. At Shop Solar Kits we’ve introduced a new collection of EMP Shields, Faraday Bags, Solar Generators, and other accessories so you can feel confident and prepared. 

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What is an EMP Shield? 

An EMP Shield is an effective method of ensuring your home, vehicle, and electronic equipment is safe from an EMP.  All Shop Solar Kits EMP shields have been strictly tested and satisfy all military testing standards.   

What is a Faraday Bag

Faraday bags are another type of EMP shield. Essentially acting as a protective casing, Faraday bags are usually constructed of several metallic layers that protect your electronics from electromagnetic pulses. Many Faraday bags also proved an additional level of security by blocking RF signals, Bluetooth, GPS, and more.

Top 7 EMP Shield Options

#1. Rapture EMP Shield / Faraday Bag - $979

Let’s look at the biggest faraday bag / EMP shield available on the market first. The Rapture is made from TitanRF Faraday Fabric, a material composed of both copper and nickel. This durable material shields against EMPs and all wireless signals. Certified by the US Military and made in the USA, Faraday Bags constructed from Titan RF fabric provide convenient and trustworthy protection.

The Extra-Large Rapture EMP Shield/Faraday Bag is ideal for protecting generators and large electronic equipment. Currently, the largest Faraday bag on the market with a 1,060L capacity, this completely waterproof casing can weather the elements and keep important items like outdoor generators in full working condition. 

Not only can the Rapture Faraday Bag withstand a powerful EMP, but it also acts as a privacy shield. Communication signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth, radio signals, 5G cell signals, and others will be blocked by the multi-layer Titan RF construction.

Extremely durable and complete with portable handles and straps, this large-scale Faraday bag is a must-have for serious EMP protection. 

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#2. TitanRF Generator EMP Shield / Faraday Bag - $459

The TitanRF Generator EMP Shield / Faraday Bag is another great option for EMP preparation. Designed to protect generators from an EMP, this bag can also serve as a safeguard for computers, phones, power tools, and other electronics.

Being MIL-STD-188-125 certified means you have the assurance that you’re protected in the worst-case scenario. 

Featuring a removable aluminum base plate for extra support, water-resistant ballistic nylon exterior material, and a 3-layer Titan RF Faraday Fabric interior, this bag’s durability is never in question. 

As with the previous Faraday Bag, personal information stored on devices within the bag will be safe from tracking and hacking.

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#3. T10 EMP Shield / Faraday Bag - $209

The third TitanRF Faraday Bag on our list is the T10 EMP Shield / Faraday Bag. With dimensions measuring 28” x 16” x 12”, this bag is the most compact Titan RF bag on our list.

The 58-liter size of this Faraday bag makes it extremely portable and is great for small solar generators, computers, handheld devices, electronic accessories, and perfect for those on the go. 

When not in use, the bag has the ability to fold down to a compressed 16” x 8” x 2”. The T10 EMP Shield is water-resistant and features a double roll top velcro closure.

This will keep your most important electronics not only safe from an EMP attack or privacy invasion but also protected from the elements. 

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#4. Lion Energy EMP Shield Faraday Bag - $250

The certified MIL-Spec Lion Energy EMP Shield Faraday Bag protects all types of electronics from damaging electromagnetic pulses. This 4th Generation bag is designed with an encased copper mesh, surrounded by a nylon exterior and additional interior nylon sleeve.

This design essentially diverts and grounds the power surge, keeping your items unharmed and fully functional. 

The Lion Energy EMP Shield features another compact design, with the usable interior space measuring 10” x 15.5” x 26”. With such convenient and easy to use EMP prevention options, you don’t have to risk being unprepared when an EMP strikes.

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#5. XXL EMP Accessories Bag - $70

The simple yet effective design of the Tech Protect XXL EMP Protection Faraday Bag is an infallible way to protect your most important equipment. The multi-layer construction, metalizing technology, and excellent moisture barrier make this another ideal EMP Shield. 

Complete with 38-pound puncture resistance, it is highly unlikely that this bag will tear or rip even under harsh conditions. You can safely store portable solar panels, laptops, phones, radios, and other electronics and emergency equipment within this Faraday bag. Its 32” x 38” dimensions provide an ample amount of space. 

If you’re looking for a product that offers all the same benefits as the Tech Protect XXL but in a more compact design, then the Tech Protect XL EMP Protection Bag might be right for you. 

The 20” x 30” dimensions save significant space while still offering enough room for your key items. 

For extra protection from the most powerful EMP attacks, you can even choose to double up your EMP shield bags by placing one inside the other, adding an additional layer of defense. These cost-effective bags offer a quick and simple solution in the event of an EMP.

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#6. EMP Shield for Your Home

EMP shields for your home will keep any electronics that are plugged into the electrical system protected by detecting and shunting any unusually high voltage, draining it before it can damage the system or your devices. 

These home shields will protect against a natural EMP like a lightning strike or a man-made EMP.

Considering different types of EMPs can have different overall effects, it is critical to have protection against all possible outcomes. 

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#7. EMP Shield for Your Vehicles and RV's

Vehicles and RV’s are also susceptible to EMP damage. Similar to home EMP shields, Vehicle and RV EMP shields protect the electronic equipment your vehicle needs to operate properly, as well as any electronic equipment connected to the vehicle's electrical system. 

Vehicle and RV EMP shields are easy to install and can keep your vehicle running when most others have stopped. 

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EMP Shield Conclusion

Now that we’ve discussed the key components of an EMP, it’s time to think about getting prepared.

Simple solutions like EMP Shield Bags or EMP home and vehicle shields can provide valuable advantages when dealing with the aftermath of an EMP. 

Being prepared is never a bad idea, especially when our modern technological livelihoods depend on it.

Shop Solar Kits is proud to offer a variety of EMP solutions, so you can choose exactly what you need for your lifestyle. 

EMP Shield FAQ’s

Does an EMP permanently destroy electronics?

The answer to this question depends mainly on the intensity of the EMP. A powerful EMP has the ability to permanently destroy many types of electronic devices. While some can be repaired, others will no longer function. Electronics protected by a Faraday Bag or EMP shield can still function after an EMP. 

How do I know if an EMP shield will work?

The best way to make sure that your EMP shield will work is to purchase one that is made from high-quality material and has passed military testing and inspections. These tests confirm whether or not a specific shield will protect against all EMP phases. There are even certain at-home tests you can perform to ensure your Faraday Bag is also effectively blocking wireless signals. 

Can I use an EMP shield on a boat or plane?

Using EMP shield bags on a boat or plane can be a reliable way to protect vital electronic devices in case of an EMP. Certain EMP shields like lightning diverters can be effectively used on boats to protect from electrical system failure. 

Fortunately, many planes feature some form of protection against power surges. Many planes can successfully land and operate after an EMP caused by a lightning strike. 

Do EMP shields work in every country?

EMP Shield Bags can provide protection and security no matter your location. The effect of an EMP on electronics would essentially be the same in every country, so having an EMP Shield bag when traveling is important in order to keep your devices safe. 

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