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Ark Lithium Battery 48V 200Ah 10.2kW | 10-Year Warranty

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ARK Lithium’s LiFePo4 batteries are the 100% efficient battery option for solar energy storage.

  • 48V 200Ah, 10.2kW
  • Nearly 100% Efficient, zero losses
  • Impactive Balancing (adds up to 30% more life)
  • Compatible with all major inverter and charge controller brands
  • Off-Grid Living, Grid-Tie with Battery Backup, or Peak/Demand Charge Shavings.


ARK Lithium batteries are a highly efficient battery option for solar energy storage. The LiFePo4 technology is nearly 100% efficient and lasts 5x longer than lead-acid counterparts.

ARK Lithium is the only company in the USA to use Impactive Balancing in their LiFePo4 batteries, adding up to 30% more life and saving you money (learn more below). ARK Lithium batteries are compatible with all major inverter and charge controller brands. Solar applications include off-grid living, grid-tie with battery backup, and peak/demand charge shavings.

  • Stable Voltage
  • Light Weight
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Flexible Installations: terminals on the front and back to simplify the cabling process for various positions
  • Field Serviceable
  • Warranty: Every ARK Battery now comes with a 10-year free replacement warranty!

High Quality, High Efficiency

ARK Lithium batteries are designed to be unbelievable efficient from every possible aspect.

Storage: Most batteries have a round trip (charging power vs. available discharge power) of only 80-90%. ARK Batteries are nearly 100% efficient. What you put in, you can draw out!

Cost: ARK Battery has the lowest cost per lifetime KWH on the market!

Space: Our space-efficiency rule is simple; “Up instead of out.” All of our larger batteries have layered cells to maintain a small battery footprint in your utility room. If your project requires multiple batteries, our heavy-duty steel cased Gold Series batteries can be double and even triple stacked, while our state of the art modular series can be stacked up to 8 high.

Cell Type: We use prismatic cells in all our batteries to improve overall efficiency. Our prismatic cell batteries have fewer connections, lower resistance and use less space than cylindrical cell counterparts.

Installation: ARK Batteries are designed by installers for installers. We have implemented features such as casters, Anderson connectors and Bluetooth monitoring for an easy and time-effective installation process.

Balancing: We use a balancing system called impact balancing that channels power back and forth between cells as needed. Traditional balancing systems dissipate (waste) power from cells with the highest voltage.


The only lithium LiFePO4 company in the USA to use IMPACTIV balancing!

Every ARK Battery is equipped with a special balancing system to ensure that all cells are charged and discharged equally. This serves the same purpose as ‘equalizing’ does for a lead-acid battery. While LiFePO4 batteries may not be equalized externally, it is critical that all cells within maintain the same voltage. An ‘imbalanced’ battery will result in nuisance BMS shut-offs, lower capacity and a drastically reduced cycle life.

Most batteries in today’s market come with a small balancing system known as passive balancing. In passive balancing, a set of resistors begin to dissipate (burn off) power from any cell that has an individual voltage higher than 3.6V. This dissipation typically occurs at 50-100 ma (5% to 10% of 1 amp). We have found this balancing method to be ineffective to meet the stringent requirements of cell balancing. In short, it is too slow as well as inefficient.

IMPACTIV balancing, used in all ARK Batteries channels extra power from high-volt cells to low-volt cells, and deploys additional dissipative consumption should a cell reach critically high voltage.


Dissipates a small amount of power (usually 1/10 Amp or less) when a cell reaches a critically high level.


Transfers current (power) from highest cells to lowest cells to keep all cells equal.

*IMPACTIV balancing kicks in any time that a single cell’s voltage varies from the rest of the pack. This can be a higher voltage (top-balancing during charge) or a low cell (bottom balancing, during discharge). A special extra boost is applied if a cell’s voltage reaches 3.55V. Balancing is performed at up to 20 times the speed of passive balancing while maintaining a much higher efficiency and adding up to 30% to your battery life.


  • ARK 512200
  • Nominal Battery Voltage 48
  • Actual Voltage 51.2
  • Amp Hours 200
  • KWH 10.2
  • LCD Display Yes
  • Max Continuous Charge/Discharge Amps 140
  • Breaker Size (Amps) 160
  • Minimum Temperature 32ºF
  • Maximum Temperature 115ºF
  • Maximum Charge Volts 57.6
  • Recommended Charge Volts 57.2
  • Float Volts 54.4
  • BMS Protected Yes
  • Cell Chemistry LiFe PO4
  • Cell Format Prismatic
  • Certifications UL 1642 UN 38.2
  • Warranty 10 year full

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