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Shop Solar, the premier destination for affordable solar solutions, proudly announces its recognition as one of the top 6 solar companies of 2024 in the USA by Consumer Affairs

This esteemed accolade is a testament to Shop Solar's unwavering commitment to excellence in providing top-notch solar products, outstanding customer service, and unparalleled support to its customers nationwide.

The prestigious ranking by Consumer Affairs is based on comprehensive evaluations, including ratings and reviews, equipment options, support services, pricing transparency, warranties, and various other factors. Among the top 6 nominated companies, Shop Solar stands out with the highest review rating, reaffirming its dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality.

What sets Shop Solar apart is its commitment to empowering consumers. As the only company in the top 6 that allows customers to own their solar systems outright, Shop Solar puts energy independence within reach. Additionally, Shop Solar is pioneering the DIY approach, enabling customers to install their solar systems and save significantly on installation costs, making sustainable energy more accessible than ever before.

Shop Solar's innovative online platform distinguishes it as the only ecommerce-based solar company among the top contenders. This digital-first approach ensures a seamless and efficient experience for customers, from browsing products to making purchases and accessing support services. In addition, their innovative model allows them to cut out expensive overhead costs and pass those savings onto consumers. 

Notably, Shop Solar has been ranked the best for customer service, delivering personalized assistance and guidance to each customer throughout their solar journey. Despite being the youngest company in the top 6, with just five years in operation, Shop Solar has already helped over 45,000 individuals across the USA transition to solar energy and achieve energy independence.

Among the distinguished companies in the top 6, including Sunrun, Sunlux, and SunPower, Consumer Affairs highlights Shop Solar as the go-to destination for consumers embarking on DIY solar projects, stating, "Already know what you need for a DIY project? Start with"

Shop Solar remains committed to its mission of making solar energy accessible, affordable, and hassle-free for everyone. As the industry continues to evolve, Shop Solar will continue to lead the charge towards a sustainable future, one solar panel at a time.

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