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MaxOak FAQ - What you need to know about the Bluetti Solar Generators

This page answers ALL of the most common questions we get asked everyday about how the MaxOak Solar Power Generators. 

General Questions About the Bluetti Solar Generators

Q: How long will it take to get to my door?

  • A: Once your order has been placed, expect about 10-15 days to have your package delivered to you.

Q: Where are the units coming from?

  • A: We work directly with MaxOak cutting out all the middle men in the process.  Your Bluetti is coming directly from the factory, fresh off the factory floor.  We try to minimize the number of people that touch your Bluetti before you do.

      Q: What if I dont want my Bluetti anymore?

      • A: We understand that situations change, and you might have no need for your generator anymore.  If you are within 5-7 business days (or before the unit has started shipping) of ordering your Bluetti, you can cancel no questions asked.  If your Bluetti has already started shipping you will be charged a restocking fee / return shipping fee.
      Q: What comes with the Bluetti?
      • A: The Bluetti comes with the Bluetti solar generator, the AC power cord, MC4 adapters, information booklet & warranty slips.
      Q: Will my Bluetti arrive fully charged?
      • A: Due to shipping regulations, the Bluetti is only allowed to be shipped partially charged. Make sure you fully charge the Bluetti after it is received.
      Q: What is the warranty on the Bluetti?
      • A: The Bluetti comes with a standard two-year limited warranty.

      Q: What happens if my Bluetti isnt working?

      • A: In the unlikely event that your Bluetti isnt working properly, we will help you fix it or we will replace it!  We will need a video of the problem you are having.  Since we work directly with MaxOak, we will have MaxOak engineers analyze the issues.  If it is easy to repair, we will help you repair the issue.  If it is a bigger issue than that, we will get your product returned and ship you a new one.  
      Q: How many watts can the Bluetti handle?
      • A: The Bluetti had a 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter that can surge to 1,200 watts.  - Also, it is important to note that the Bluetti wont register a load that is less than 30 watts.  If you are using something less than 30 watts, you wont see anything on the screen.
      Q: Does the Bluetti have a charge controller to keep from overcharging the battery?
      • A: Yes, the Bluetti has a true MPPT charge controller.
      Q: Does the Bluetti have a built-in fan? Does it run all the time & is it noisy?
      • A: The Bluetti does have a fan will turn on when the power button is pushed.  The secondary fan will only go on when the inside temperature goes up.  Both fans are quite quiet; especially in contrast to their diesel or gas counterparts.  
        Q: Do I have to have the inverter on to use the Bluetti?
        • A: Nope!  You can use DC power without turning on the inverter.

        Battery Questions:


        Q. How do I tell how full my battery is on my Bluetti?

        • A: The battery capacity remaining can be viewed right on the LCD screen of the Bluetti.  

         Q: Can I add additional batteries to the Bluetti?

        • A: No, the Bluetti is not chain-able to outside batteries. 

        Q: What kind of battery is in the Bluetti?

        • A: The battery in the Bluetti is made from the highest quality LG cells.  The EB150 gives 1500wH of useable battery life and the EB240 give 2,400wH.

        Q: Can two or more Bluetti units be daisy chained together to double the inverter and battery capacity?

        • A: Unfortunately, you cannot daisy chain Bluetti units together.  

        Q: How long will the Bluetti hold its charge?

        • A: The Bluetti will hold its charge for more than a full year. However, it is recommended to check the battery level every 3 month to make sure it is not below 10%.  


        Charging Questions:

        Q: What are my options for charging the Bluetti?

        • A: The Bluetti has 2 ways to charge.  It has an AC wall charger which is able to input nearly 170 watts into the unit.  It's one of the fastest wall chargers on the market.  The Bluetti also comes with MC4 adapters which means you can plug any type of solar panel into your Bluetti as well.  

        Q: Can I use my Bluetti while it is being charged?

        • A: Yup! 

        Q: How long does it take to charge the Bluetti using the AC wall charger?

        • A: Approximately 10 hours.  

        Q: How long does it take to charge the Bluetti using 400 watts of solar?

        • A: Approximately 3.5 - 4 hours.  

        Q. What is displayed on the Bluetti LCD? 

        • A. The LCD screen gives you all the important information about your unit that you need.  The screen will show the of input or output wattage. It shows battery life and will show whether your DC is on/off or if your inverter is on/off. 

        Usage Questions:

        Q: How long will the Bluetti EB150 run the following: smartphone, tablet, basecamp LED, laptop, CPAP machine, TV, electric blanket, microwave, or refrigerator

        A: It will run those items as follows. These are approximate only. The actual times may vary due to variations in make, models, conditions, and settings.

        • Smartphone (5-7 watts) – Recharge 128 times
        • Tablet (25-40 watts) – 65+ times
        • LED lights (6 watts) – 255 hours
        • Laptop (50 watts) – Recharge 26 times
        • 50” LED LCD TV (65 watts, Energy Star Certified Appliance) – 22 hours
        • Electric Blanket – Queen Size (75 watts) – 19 hours
        • Refrigerator, 19 cu.ft. – (20% duty, Energy Star Certified Appliance) – 40 hours
        • Sump Pump (1/3 HP) - 4.5 hours
        • Chest Freezer (9 cu ft., 15% duty) - 70 hours

        Q. Can I connect the Bluetti to my house main control panel?

        • A: No. 

        Q: What can I run with the Bluetti and how long will they run?

        • A: The Bluetti has a 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter.  You can run anything on your unit up to 1000 watts.  It will run uninterrupted until the unit dies.  It also has a 1500wH battery so you will be able to run many devices for long periods of time.    

        Q: Can the Bluetti power my entire home?

        • A: No. 

        Q: Will the Bluetti run my air conditioner or clothes dryer?

        • A: If these items do not exceed 1000 watts, then yes the Bluetti can run them.  

        Q: Can you leave the Bluetti on full time with a fridge plugged into it? 

        • Yes and no. The Bluetti isn't designed to act as a UPS (unlimited power source). While that would work, the Bluetti will simply run until it has no more battery life.  It is designed more as a back up option or a portable camping option.

          Q. Will the Bluetti power my electric stove, air conditioner, furnace, hot water heater, or electric dryer? 

          • A. If these units do not exceed 1000 watts, yes the Bluetti will be able to run them. 
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