Why use an emergency solar kit to prepare for power outages?
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Why use an emergency solar kit to prepare for power outages?

Why use an emergency solar kit to prepare for power outages?


In our modern culture of mobile devices and instant internet access, it’s easy to take something like electricity for granted. However, as the past several years have shown many Americans, reliable access to power isn’t always a guarantee. Unforeseen events like severe weather, electricity supply shortages during peak demand, or even acts of vandalism can bring the national energy grid to its knees in the blink of an eye.

That’s why many homeowners are turning to solar power. Read on to learn more about how an emergency solar kit can come to the rescue in many difficult situations and why it’s so important to have a backup plan for when the lights go out.

For a quick crash course in emergency solar power, check out our emergency solar power FAQ or download our Emergency Solar Power 101 guide to become an expert in how to keep the lights on when the power goes out.

Why do I need more backup power?

A little preparation goes a long way in today’s unpredictable world. In February 2021, a massive winter storm crippled Texas’ power supply, leaving millions of residents without reliable electricity for days on end. This unprecedented weather event was responsible for hundreds of casualties as vulnerable individuals were left without heat or power to cook and preserve food. 

Unfortunately, another winter storm arrived in Texas almost two years later, leaving many residents once again in a helpless situation. When situations like this happen, having a backup power generator can be a lifesaver, literally. When you think of the Lone Star State you don’t usually think about harsh winters, but it would be foolish to think it won't happen again: will Texans be ready for it next time, no matter what season it is?

Although severe weather is a major reason to invest in a backup solar kit, not all threats to power security are from naturally occurring disasters. In late 2022, no fewer than six separate attacks on power stations occurred in Oregon and Washington state alone. Around the same time, two substations in North Carolina were shot by unknown assailants putting a large portion of Moore County residents in the dark. These events have become increasingly commonplace in recent years, calling into question the reliability of the existing energy infrastructure in the United States.

The economic losses that result from power outages cannot be understated. Aside from the health threats posed by the loss of home heating during the winter months, these power outages can also come with a hefty price tag. Suddenly losing power can damage sensitive electronics, cause food to spoil, and even cause plumbing pipes to freeze, which can leave homeowners on the hook for some significant repair bills. 

The thing is, it’s not that hard to avoid these issues altogether. Backup emergency solar power can provide electricity for the critical devices, equipment, and appliances that are desperately needed during a natural disaster or power outage.

Why use solar backup power for emergencies?

Tapping into solar energy provides a ready-made power source anywhere the sun shines — which is, like, everywhere. Unlike noisy, stinky gasoline-powered generators, which produce noxious fumes and rely on a steady supply of fuel to operate, an emergency solar system generates and stores clean electricity for free. 

Here are some of the main advantages of using an emergency solar kit for your energy needs:

  • Entirely safe
  • Quiet
  • Free refills
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Produces clean, green energy
  • Easy to set up or take down at a moment’s notice
  • Provides both short- and long-term storable electricity
  • Simple to upgrade or increase power production with additional solar panels or batteries 

For these reasons and more, an emergency solar system is an excellent solution for providing on-demand power when electricity from the grid is unavailable. From dawn until dusk, a solar power system will use sunlight to produce electricity for immediate use or store unused electricity in batteries to provide power all day and night.


Which solar kit is right for you?


What is a solar kit?

A solar kit comes with all the equipment and accessories needed to begin converting solar energy into electricity. Solar kits designed for emergencies include all the essentials: one or more solar panels, wiring, cables, connectors, and an all important solar generator that acts like any other generator, providing power to whatever appliances or devices you plug into it. It can even be connected directly into your electrical panel.

Best of all, solar kits come with comprehensive instructions for how to set everything up, so it’s not necessary to be an expert in solar cell technology to use the equipment.

We’ve got a handy article on the best solar kits for emergencies if the words “simple” and “affordable” appeal to you. 

Why use a solar kit to prepare for emergency power outages?

There are a variety of benefits to relying on a solar kit for emergency power. For one, an emergency solar kit is an all-in-one package that comes with everything needed to start generating and storing electricity for a literal rainy day. Since all components are tested to ensure compatibility with one another, there’s no need to worry about buying various parts separately only to discover they don’t function properly. 

Another attractive feature is that solar kits come at a more affordable price point than buying every component individually. As if all this isn’t enough, solar kits also come with detailed instructions for the DIYer (solar kits are a DIY'ers dream) and comprehensive customer support in case there’s ever an issue or question.

How do I get a solar kit?

Solar kits are available to buy from a wide variety of online retailers and e-commerce platforms. Some solar kits with lower watt-hour capacities can also be found in certain brick-and-mortar stores. At Shop Solar Kits, we maintain a massive inventory of complete solar kits built with the best components from the most trusted brands in the industry. All of our complete solar kits come with lifetime customer support, free shipping, and some of the most competitive prices available.

Wrapping up

Using an emergency solar kit is a safe, simple, and reliable solution when challenging circumstances arise. At Shop Solar Kits, our team members are experts in solar technology and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our professionals will give you an up-front quote and work closely with you to find the perfect emergency solar kit for your unique needs.

To learn more about how to use solar power for any emergency, check out our comprehensive guide to emergency solar power.

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