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Tips for Living Off the Grid With Solar Power

tips for living off the grid with solar power

Living off-grid is a goal for many people who want to save money, live on raw land, or disconnect from the power grid for various reasons, such as cost savings and disaster preparedness. This can be an achievable goal for some, but it will take some proper planning.

One of the most important aspects of living off the grid is the ability to generate power. Generating electricity when the power grid is down is crucial to energy independence and readiness. This can be accomplished with the tremendous power of the sun.

With solar power, energy can be generated without connecting to the utility grid. Learn how to use the sun's incredible ability to generate electricity, as well as other off-grid ideas in this article on tips for living off the grid. Discover where to get solar panels and solar power starter kits to easily get started living off the grid for a relatively affordable cost.

What Is the Grid?

Colloquially speaking, living off the grid means living on land without using public utilities such as public power, water, and sewer. Strictly speaking, the grid refers to the power grid, the electric power utilities connecting electricity generators to buildings with high-voltage power lines. 

The grid connects communities with public utilities and is generally stable and reliable in most areas. This includes the infrastructure required to keep communities connected, including streets, power lines, pipes, and sewers, all paid for by utility customers and taxpayers. 

Why Would People Live Off the Grid?

For many, living on the grid represents a connection to public utilities, which can be expensive and unreliable, especially during emergencies. Utility prices may continue to rise, and the power can always go out during storms or times with high energy demand. People may want to deliberately live off-grid to avoid these and other issues.

Some reasons for living off the grid include:

  • A desire to be closer to nature 
  • Camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities
  • Generating power to save money on electric bills
  • Protection from blackouts and other power disruptions
  • A sense of independence and achievement
  • Prepping — preparing for the unknown
  • Survivalism— learning to survive in the woods in dangerous situations

Tips for Living Off the Grid 

Living off the grid is possible if certain preparations are made and precautions are taken. The following are just a few tips for living off the grid:

  • Find a place to live that's safe from wildlife and isn’t prone to natural disasters and bad climate.
  • Learn to grow and hunt for food.
  • Have a food stockpile.
  • Bring fresh water in bottles or drums.
  • Collect rainwater .
  • Boil groundwater to disinfect it.
  • Have more than one power source, if possible.
  • Conserve power.
  • Keep lines of communication up with rechargeable radios and phones.
  • Use solar power generators to make power from the sun.

How to Use Solar Panels to Generate Electricity

Solar energy is the electricity generated from the sun's rays. Solar panel systems use the sunlight that hits the solar panels to generate electricity. These solar panels come in the form of arrays on rooftops or fields, small panels for single devices, or kits that can recharge devices or generate power for lights and appliances.

Being able to produce energy for daily needs is essential for off-grid living. Solar panel systems for homes are available for purchase by homeowners to go off-grid at home. Smaller kits that can charge electronics, vehicles, or appliances are also available.

An off grid solar kit provides everything needed to produce solar power to go off the grid:

  • Instructions
  • A solar generator
  • Solar panels
  • Wires
  • Chargers

Going Off the Grid With Solar Kits

solar generator kit is a complete DIY kit that includes all the components required for producing solar power for off-grid living. A solar generator kit comes with everything needed for reliable off-grid solar power without the need for fuel. Kits are comparatively cheap ways to go off the grid using solar power.

Smaller solar panel kits can be purchased for as little as $1,409. Complete solar panel systems start at $1,889. Living off the grid is easier with these solar panel kits. With power generation taken care of, following this article's other off-grid living tips should provide a good start for getting off the grid. 

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