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The Best RV Battery Chargers – Keep RV Batteries Charged

Updated July 5, 2023

The Best RV Battery Chargers

The Best RV Battery Chargers – What You Need to Keep Your RV’s Battery Charged

Taking advantage of solar power is one of the easiest ways to enhance your sense of freedom on your next RV trip. A high-quality solar charger will allow you to keep your RV battery topped up, while a portable solar power system will give you the ability to charge your electronic devices, without putting excess strain on your RV’s battery.

Running your RV’s engine to make sure the battery does not drain will burn unnecessary fuel, which is both costly and damaging to the environment. On the other hand, solar electricity is completely free and will not contribute to your carbon footprint.

This is why we have decided to highlight some of the best RV solar battery chargers on the market today. We will also go over some of the basics you will need to build a portable, RV-friendly solar array. Stop worrying about power hookups and battery drain and begin enjoying the freedom solar power can add to your RV adventures!

Why do You Need a Solar Charger for Your RV?

Before we go over some of our top recommendations, we should start by explaining why battery chargers are so important for RV enthusiasts.

Given that the battery is at the heart of your RV’s electrical system, it is of critical importance that you do not allow it to fully drain. This is where a RV battery charger can come in handy. For starters, the best battery chargers can be used to charge a drained battery and get it back up to the point where you can start your vehicle’s engine. This is incredibly important, especially in emergency situations where you cannot boost your battery any other way.

The next way battery chargers can help is by trickle charging your battery. Essentially, this means the charger slowly charges the battery, even as power is being drawn from it. Preventing battery drain in the first place is really helpful, especially if you find yourself in a remote location where plugging into the grid is not a possibility.

Why Solar Chargers?

Solar chargers give you the ability to generate your own electricity. Where traditional battery chargers must be plugged in and charged themselves to be of any use, a solar charger can connect to one of more solar panels. The solar panels absorb sunlight and use that energy to generate electricity you can use to charge your battery.

Just think how valuable that would be if you parked your RV in a remote location where there was no access to a camper shore power plugin.

The Best RV Battery Chargers

Now that you understand why they are useful, we can go over our top recommendations for the best solar RV battery chargers. The following chargers were chosen because they find an ideal balance between durability, performance, and affordability:

  1. EcoFlow - Delta 1,300wh Portable Solar Charger and Generator
ecoflow delta 1300

The EcoFlow Delta 1,300wh solar generator is a great choice for those that are looking to for a RV battery charger that supports solar power. The internal lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to be a reliable power source for everything from fridges to coffee machines. In emergency situations, this portable solar charger can be used to supply power to your RV’s battery.

It features a built-in 1,800W pure sign inverter, so the energy your solar panels collect can be used safely and efficiently. You will really appreciate how fast the charging capabilities of this battery charger are. Where lower-quality units require hours to supply any significant amount of power to your devices and RV battery, the EcoFlow Delta can supply power quickly and safely. The charger’s internal battery is also incredibly efficient and has the ability to go from fully drained to 80% charged in as little as one hour. For situations where sunlight is limited, this efficiency can really come in handy.

The LED display screen provides up-to-date charge input and output information, as well as the current status of the battery. It also comes with an 11’ XT60 to MC4 solar panel extension cable, so you can position your solar panels in the optimal position, while keeping the charger near your RV’s battery.

The Delta charger has versatile output options, including multiple AC wall outlets, USB ports, and a 12V outlet, which can be used to charge small appliances, like fridges and coffee machines. Even when you do not need to charge your RV battery, this unit can act as a high-capacity battery bank to supply power to all of your electronic devices and portable appliances.

Key Features:

  • Built-in MPPT charge controller for efficiency and battery protection
  • 1 year shelf life is ideal for those looking for a battery charger they can use for emergency situations
  • Chaining capabilities, meaning you can connect more than one unit for additional power
  1. MaxOak - EB150 Bluetti 1,500wh Portable Solar Power Station 


MaxOak - EB150 Bluetti 1,500wh Portable Solar Power Station

Most people that are familiar with portable solar power products will recognize the Bluetti EB150, as it is one of the best-selling portable solar power chargers on the market. With a built-in LG 1,500wh lithium-ion battery and a fully integrated 1,000W power inverter, this is the perfect portable power station for anyone that is looking for a convenient way to charge their RV battery using solar energy.

If you need to charge your RV’s battery, this highly efficient solar generator can connect to one or more solar panels and quickly transfer solar electricity to your RV battery.  When it is not being used as a battery charger, it has the versatility to act as an emissions-free generator, which, thanks to a variety of output ports, can be used to charge and power just about any type of electronic device.

In terms of charge output ports, the EB150 features two standard AC outports, four USB plug-in ports, a single USB C-type port, and a car-style 12V outlet. The internal battery has the capacity and efficiency to charge a standard smartphone over 130 times on a single charge, which means can take a significant burden off of your RV’s battery.

If you are concerned about weight and portability, you will be relieved to learn that the entire unit weighs under 40 lbs and it features a convenient, built-in carrying handle.

We also really like the built-in LCD display screen, which gives users the ability to monitor input and output information, as well as the charge status of the battery. While it was designed for solar charging, it is compatible with a standard AC wall outlet, so you can give it a quick charge at home before you set off on your RV adventure.

Key Features:

  • Extremely safe built-in Battery Management System
  • Highly efficient built-in MPPT charge controller
  • Backlit LCD screen displays charge and discharge information, as well as the ongoing status of the battery

    Setting Up a RV-Friendly Solar Power System

    While solar battery chargers are incredibly useful, if you really want to take advantage of solar energy, it might be worth considering setting up a full solar power system for your RV.

    If you are unsure where to start, consider reading through our Basics of Solar Power guide. Once you are familiar with the components you will need, you can start looking for portable solar power products that meet your specific power needs.

    For a reliable RV solar battery, we recommend the Renogy - 170AH 12V Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery. It is ideal for any deep-cycle application and features a lightweight and compact design, which is perfect for those looking for a solar battery for their RV. 

    renogy solar battery

    However, if you would like to explore more of your battery options, we recommend browsing our entire collections of Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

    To run a full solar power system, you will also need an efficient and reliable charge controller to regulate the output of your solar panels. Browse our full collection of  MPPT and PWM Charge Controllers to find exactly what you need for your RV.

    Final Words

    A reliable battery charger can extend the lifespan of your RV’s battery and help you charge your battery during emergency situations. They are a worthwhile investment for any RV enthusiast and one that will help you really embrace the off-grid freedom of the great outdoors.

    As always, if you have any questions about solar battery chargers for RVs, or any other questions relating to solar power and solar products, we would be happy to help!


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