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Should You Wait To Go Solar?

should you wait to go solar?

Should you wait to go solar? The answer may shock you!

OK, apologies for the clickbait. The answer is actually not that shocking. We've been in the industry for a long time, and we always tell people the best time to go solar is as soon as possible.

There are several reasons why it may seem like a good idea to put off buying a solar power system for your house or business. Guys at work might tell you that the price of solar panel systems is going down. You may have read that solar panel technology is improving all the time, so you figure you might as well wait a few years until the industry has really nailed it down.

Or maybe you don't want to spend the cash and would rather save up until you can buy a really impressive home setup. Maybe you've heard that it's simply too difficult to make the switch to a solar energy system or that installing solar panels doesn't save money on electricity bills in the long run.

Whatever your reasoning, it's important to learn all of the facts before making a decision. You can even complete a mini-course to get you started!

The Truth About Installing Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems

We firmly believe that you shouldn't wait to go solar because the sooner you do, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits. Let's put your mind at ease about some of the facts and fiction around residential solar power and the solar industry:

FICTION: Prices are going down, so you can get solar panels installed cheaper if you wait.

FACT: You won't save more money if you wait.

The prices of solar panels and the components you need to get your solar system up and running are going down. The price of solar energy has come down by 90% since 2009. Because more solar panels are being produced around the world, prices are getting better and better. But saving a small amount of money on the upfront cost of solar isn't worth delaying the switch. That's because solar panels pay off over time.

Your power bills are going up at a rate of 2% per year or more as the global energy crisis continues. When you invest in solar power, you are essentially saving the money you would have spent with your utility company every single year. That compounds over the 25-year lifetime of your solar panels.

And don't forget about government incentives to switch! That 30% of the cost of a solar power system knocked off of you Federal tax bill makes going solar now a lot more appetizing. The sooner you start, the sooner you start saving. Every day you delay means spending too much money on electricity costs. And who knows how long that solar investment tax credit will be around? Grab your solar incentives and solar tax credit while you can.

FICTION: Solar technology is improving all the time. Your solar installation will be obsolete in a few years if you buy now.

FACT: There's nothing wrong with today's tech.

Solar panels and systems are continuously improving, but the rate of improvement is slowing considerably. In fact, solar providers haven't made major leaps in terms of the tech they're offering for a while, and there's no real benefit in upgrading to more "modern" solar panels or components every few years. Solar panels aren't that complex, and they will power your home efficiently for years, at least 15-25 years.

Right now, prices are good, availability is good, warranties are good, and the quality is great. You can have all of the benefits of a solar power system right now and for the foreseeable future. And if your needs change, solar power systems are flexible, and adding solar panels or batteries is pretty easy. Why wait for some bells and whistles?

FICTION: The upfront cost of solar is very high. It's better to buy cash, so save up.

FACT: It's not hard to cover the up-front cost.

Guess what? Everyone but your utility company wants you to go solar, and even they wouldn't mind if you sent some excess energy from solar panels their way. The government wants you to go solar. Your household wants you to go solar. Solar companies want you to go solar. And they are all making it as easy as possible for you to make the switch.

There are great financing options available so you can actually pay off your solar array in no time flat, plus that federal solar tax credit will shave 30% off the cost in the same year you has it installed. The money you'll save on your utility bills alone will pay off the entire setup in a few years, so it's not that hard to get started! 

The only thing you shouldn't do is fall for a zero-down solar scam. These companies promise that you can get started with solar power with zero upfront costs, but it's just a way of keeping control over your solar energy system. They can push up prices, hijack your solar electricity, and charge you interest, and at the end of the day, you may still have to pay a big electricity bill. It's far better to finance your solar panels or to pay cash if you can.

FICTION: A solar setup is complicated and expensive. It's not worth it.

FACT: It's never been easier.

People who say this type of thing have probably gotten a quote from a solar company that drained the blood from their bodies. Companies can charge anything from $5400 to $18000 just for installation, and they justify that cost by making it seem like you need an electrical engineering degree and membership to MENSA just to hook up the solar panels to the battery.

The truth is it's never been easier or more affordable to go solar, thanks to solar kits. These kits are designed for DIYers and contain everything you need to get started with solar energy generation, from solar panels to cables to batteries to any optional extras you'd like. Because solar kit companies buy in bulk and because you handle the installation yourself, you can save 50% off the cost getting the exact same system through a local solar company AND go off-grid entirely if you want to.

Each solar kit comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide that talks you through the installation process, and even if you hire a handyman to do the job, it's still cheaper than going through a solar company.

Conclusion: Should You Wait to Go Solar?

Don't wait to go solar! Every day you delay is another day you waste money paying for electricity that's not only expensive but also becoming more and more unreliable by the day. Contrary to popular belief, you won't save money by waiting. And let's face it: it doesn't seem like the tech giants are going to crack the secrets to nuclear fusion anytime soon. That means that solar is the best source of sustainable, affordable, renewable energy you can access today.

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