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How to Quiet a Generator - The Definitive Guide

How to Quiet a Generator - The Definitive Guide

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The article provides tips and recommendations on how to quiet a generator, especially for outdoor activities where noise pollution can be a concern. It suggests alternative options like portable solar generators as quieter alternatives to traditional gas generators.

Various methods are discussed, such as turning the generator away from living areas, using extension cords to place the generator farther away, avoiding hard surfaces that amplify noise, and using sound deflectors or muffling boxes to reduce noise levels further. The article also lists the top 5 quiet generators, including the Bluetti AC200P, Lion Safari ME, EcoFlow Delta, MaxOak Bluetti EB240, and Titan Solar Generator, highlighting their features and suitability for different needs and budgets. It concludes by recommending solar generators for a quieter and more environmentally friendly power solution.


How to Quiet a Generator - The Definitive Guide

Everyone loves the convenience of portable power until a noisy generator becomes involved. Campers, tailgaters, and homesteaders alike have all wondered about how to quiet a generator at some point in a desperate attempt to enjoy continuous electricity without the noise pollution. 

At Shop Solar Kits, we know our way around a generator. And so, to help outdoor lovers enjoy some peace and quiet, we’ve decided to put together this collection of tips and tricks. 

In this article, we will explore the best ways of how to quiet a generator before recommending our top 5 quiet generators for outdoor and indoor use. 

Ways to Quiet Your Generator

For most gas and diesel-powered generators, operating noise remains at a constant hum between 60 and 100 decibels. Because this can be as loud as city traffic, both small and extreme measures can be taken to reduce the noise coming from any ordinary generator.

Reconsider your Generator Options

Although it might be too late for some people, the best way to quiet a generator is not to purchase a loud unit in the first place. If you are planning to use your generator for camping, festivals, and other outdoor gatherings, then sometimes it is easier to look for alternative solutions rather than finding ways to adapt your system.

As an alternative to noisy gas generators, we recommend portable solar generator designed to supply electricity at near-silent decibel levels. Batteries rechargeable by solar power will also save you a trip to the gas station next time it’s time for a resupply. 

Turn it Around or Move the Exhaust Pipe 

If you’re stuck with your noisy generator, a few adjustments can be made to create a more bearable atmosphere. To start, you may just need to simply turn it around. If this is your first time using your generator, you’ll quickly learn that the output side is going to be very loud and should always be pointed away from a campsite or living area.

Depending on your generator’s system, it may also be possible to point exhaust pipes in the direction away from gatherings. Exhaust pipes should be pointed upwards to avoid noise refracting off of the ground or other surrounding structures. 

In extreme cases, some people even extend their generator’s exhaust pipes into a bucket of water. The liquid acts as a muffler and can completely dampen the noise from being heard elsewhere.

Get an Extension Cord

If you’ve got room to spare, then an extension cord is going to be your best friend on the quest to quiet your generator. During events, generators are best unseen and unheard, so operating as far away from people as possible is ideal if you have the right equipment. 

Although this does not technically quiet your generator, it will solve the problem of having to listen to it work. When delivering large loads of electricity in remote locations, it is important to purchase a hefty extension cord or two that can handle your power demands. 

Avoid Hard Surfaces 

While they are sometimes difficult to avoid, hard surfaces can amplify the noise from a generator to create an even louder, more unpleasant environment. Surfaces such as concrete, metal, asphalt, and wood should all be substituted for dirt or grass as the resting operating location for your generator. If the natural ground is not available, you can always quiet a generator on a hard surface with a mechanical vibration damping pad.

Deflect the Sound or Use a Muffle Box 

Sound deflection is where science and creativity meet to help keep your generator from disturbing you and those around you. Although there are many commercially available “muffle boxes,” generators of all shapes and sizes may need custom-made enclosures to properly deflect the sound.

Here, hard materials are placed intentionally so that sound vibrations are sent away from a campsite, medical tent, or gathering area. Sound deflectors can be as informal as a few sheets of plywood or as technical as a fully soundproof (and ventilated) wooden box. 

Replace, Update, and Maintain Properly

If you are noticing more noise coming from your generator than usual, then it may be time to replace your unit’s muffler or update another part of the system. Proper storage and maintenance of a generator will help keep it in the best shape possible and failure to do so may result in mechanical failures and increased operating noise. 

Top 5 Quiet Generators

As we mentioned earlier, our top recommendation on how to quiet a generator is actually to reconsider your options. Save the headaches by purchasing a purely electric solar generator that uses portable batteries to supply noise-free energy anywhere in the world. 

Our Favorite: The Bluetti AC200P [Quad Kit]

While a loud gas-powered generator is sure to get you some negative attention in a campground, the Bluetti AC200P may also catch the eye of neighbors in need of a charge. The Bluetti AC200P is a massive, quiet generator that is capable of charging up to 17 devices at once with its unbelievable outlet variety.

With our Bluetti AC200P Quad Kit, you can have a quiet generator experience without sacrificing power. The 2000W continuous inverter provides more than enough capacity to power any ordinary electrical appliance without the noise, fumes, or maintenance of a gas generator (solar inverters collection). 

Ultimate Flexibility: Lion Safari ME [GOLD Kit]

If you’re looking for the most flexible power solution possible, then you may want to avert your attention to the Lion Safari ME. With our Lion Safari ME gold kit, system owners receive a modular capacity, high-performance solar generator, with 400W of foldable solar panels (see our collection of folding solar panels). 

Large enough to deliver 2000W continuous watts of near-silent electricity, the Lion Safari ME is just as powerful as it is versatile. Simply power up as many batteries as you can with the high-efficiency solar charging and store them away until you need power.

Budget-Friendly: The EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator [Quad Kit]

Are you on a budget but still want large amounts of quiet generator power? We suggest the EcoFlow Delta solar generator, which comes with 400 watts of monocrystalline solar panels in our Quad Kit. If you aren’t using its fast solar charging, the Eco-Flow Delta can also be plugged into the wall, typically reaching full battery capacity in less than two hours. 

Although the EcoFlow Delta is limited by its 1800W continuous inverter capacity, its whisper-quiet discharge is still powerful enough for most reasonable portable electricity demands. The Kickstarter-backed product is the most affordable on this list, without sacrificing quality or reliability whatsoever.  

Most User Friendly: MaxOak Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator [Quad Kit]

MaxOak manufactures some of the most user-friendly, fully-electric generators on the market in their line of Bluetti devices. Although the internal fans may be louder than other solar generators, the overall noise output of the MaxOak Bluetti EB240 is marginal compared to gas generators of similar capacity. 

With our Bluetti EB240 Quad Kit, customers can easily access a massive storage battery with efficient solar charging. The EB240 is very limited in total output potential (1000W continuous) but is great for low-demand remote electricity applications.  

For the Power-Hungry: The Titan Solar Generator [500 Watt Kit]

Last but certainly not least, the Titan solar generator is one of the most powerful, low-noise generators that money can buy. With 3000W of continuous output, the Titan can power any electrical demand that a gas generator produces without any of the noise or toxic fumes. The Titan is perfect for indoor use with outlet variety to power all of your devices.

With our 500 Watt Titan solar generator kit, you have the choice of rigid or flexible solar panels to best fit the demands of your property. Installed on a home, RV, or outdoor space, 500W of solar can keep the Titan remain charged and ready for quiet operation, anywhere in the world. 

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