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How To Go Off Grid With Solar Power

how to go off grid with solar power

Being able to produce electricity when the power grid is down is an important component of readiness and independence. Yet, can you go off the grid with solar panels? 

Absolutely! It can be done effortlessly and produce energy cost savings in the long run. 

In this article on how to go off grid with solar, you can learn how to use the awesome power of the sun to generate power for all of your electricity needs. You'll also learn how solar power works to generate electricity, how you can get started with solar power, and where to get solar panels and kits.

Can You Go Off Grid with Solar?

Solar energy works by using the sun's rays to produce electricity. The solar panels' photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight, creating an electric field that can then power devices, vehicles, and buildings depending on how much energy is produced. Plus, any excess solar energy can be stored in solar batteries, which come in stationary and portable options for ease of use to match your lifestyle. Solar panels come in various forms, such as:

  • Small devices with a single panel that can charge a phone or be used as a vehicle trickle charger
  • Kits that can power vehicles or machines
  • Solar panel arrays on a building’s rooftop to power lights, appliances, and electrical outlets
  • Huge arrays of solar panels that cover fields. These can produce megawatts of electricity for facilities or communities

Reasons to Go Off the Grid

Getting off the grid with solar power means being able to generate power for daily needs. It also means having access to power in an emergency or when the power grid is interrupted. Blackouts, emergencies, storms, and other interruptions to the generation and distribution of energy are just a few reasons to stay ready with your own solar power system.

You'll also need to generate power in the following situations:

  • Going off the grid without access to a power grid, such as camping
  • Going off grid to save money on electrical bills
  • Heatwaves and times when the grid cannot handle the electricity demand
  • Rain and snow storms that can knock out the power
  • Ice that can build up and pull down power lines

Going off grid also means building resilient to crises and having electricity to power essential items such as refrigerators, radios, and phone chargers. 

How to Go Off the Grid with Solar Power

There are a few ways to go off grid with solar power. Homeowners can purchase solar panel systems to put on their houses. Campers and preppers can buy smaller kits to charge devices, vehicles, or appliances. A solar power kit provides everything necessary to produce the energy you need. 

Here's what you can expect to find in a kit:

  • A solar generator
  • Solar panels or numerous solar arrays to collect sun rays
  • Cables and wires to hook up devices, vehicles, or buildings
  • Chargers
  • Instruction manual

off grid solar kit

Using Solar Panels Off the Grid

A solar generator kit is a DIY all-in-one tool essential for solar power generation. It includes everything required for safe, off-grid, emergency solar power without fuels or fumes. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive ways to use solar panels to go off grid.

A solar power kit contains all the components needed to generate, invert, and distribute solar power for your home and electronic devices, including connectors, panel arrays, and other parts and pieces. 

Plus, using the kits is easy: Simply follow the user manual to assemble the kit. Then you can start using solar power!

Going Off the Grid with Solar Power

Going off the grid with solar kits is easily accessible and affordable feat. Complete solar panel systems can be purchased for as little as $1,889 and smaller solar panel kits can be purchased for as little as $1,409. 

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Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a solar setup newbie, we'll guide you every step of the way!

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