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EcoFlow R600 Solar Generator: Launch Updates & Product Review

By SSK Admin November 12, 2021

EcoFlow R600 Solar Generator Launch Updates & Product Review

EcoFlow R600 Solar Generator: Launch Updates & Product Review

EcoFlow has recently announced the launch of a new solar generator they're calling the EcoFlow R600. EcoFlow is well known for it's Delta 1300 solar generator that hit the market in late 2019 and is one of the most powerful, best performing solar generators in it's class. 

The following article outlines everything we know about the EcoFlow R600 so far. 

Modular Design for Capacity Expansion

The R600 starts at 288 watt hours but can be expanded with EcoFlow's battery expansion pack OR connect to any other 12V deep-cycle or Lithium batteries so you can truly customize your own system!

Smart, 600 Watt Inverter Able To Run Up To 1200 Watts

EcoFlow is calling it their X-Boost technology which allows you to run high wattage appliances on their smart, 600W inverter. 

X-Link Chaining Doubles the R600 AC Output

The EcoFlow R600 is one of the only available options that not only doubles your battery storage, but also your power output. So for example, you could chain two EcoFlow R600's together to get 1200W AC output.

X-Stream Charging - From 0-80% in less than an hour

One of the biggest knocks on most portable power stations aka battery powered outlets is the slow recharge time. The EcoFlow R600 has a revolutionary 0-80% recharge rate of less than 1 hour! Never worry about having to sit around waiting for your solar generator to recharge again!

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