Solar Kits Don't Work at Night: 5 Solar Myths

Debunking 5 Common Solar Misconceptions

Myth #1: Solar Panels Only Work While the Sun is Shining

One of the more common misconceptions about solar technology is that it is ineffective unless the sun is shining directly on your solar panels. The truth is, a complete solar power system is designed to provide users with power in all types of conditions!

While it is true that solar panels perform optimally in full-sun conditions, even on cloudy and rainy days, particles of light, or photons, still reach the Earth’s surface, which means your solar panels can still generate power.

Once your solar panels have generated power, that power is stored in deep-cycle batteries, which can be used to keep your appliances running in all weather conditions and throughout the night!  

Myth #2: Solar Panels Don’t Work in the Winter

While it may surprise you, solar panels can be just as efficient and effective during the winter months as they are during the summer heat. In fact, solar panels are actually at their most efficient in cold, sunny climates, rather than in hot weather.

This is because colder temperatures prevent the panels from overheating. Remember, solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity, rather than heat. Skiers and snowboarders know just how bright and powerful the sun can be, even on the coldest winter days!

Live somewhere with LOTS of snow that can build up on your panels? It’s likely that you’re living at a fairly high latitude, and mounting your panels at a fairly steep angle will be most efficient AND help keep snow from accumulating too much.

Ultimately, and depending where you live, you might just have to take a snowy trip out with a broom to clear off your panels anyway. However, after that, you’ll enjoy added power from the sun’s refraction off the bright snow!  

Myth #3: Solar Power Systems Can Only Be Installed by Professionals

This is a major misconception! Many people assume that solar power systems are complicated and dangerous, so they can only be installed by professional solar installers. The truth is, solar technology is more user-friendly than it has ever been!

In fact, at, we carry a wide-range of beginner-friendly solar kits that were specifically designed for quick and easy installation. These kits contain everything you need and are so simple to use and install, that even the least experienced weekend warrior can get one up and running in an afternoon!

The truth is, you can actually save a significant amount of money installing your system yourself, as professional installers often markup equipment prices and charge inflated hourly rates for their labor. By choosing one of our complete solar kits, you get every piece of equipment you need, as well as custom wiring and installation guides, so you can save serious money on your system!

Myth #4: Solar is Just Too Darn Expensive

As mentioned above, purchasing one of our complete solar is one of the easiest ways to cut down on the cost of a new solar power system. Not only will buying direct mean that you will receive the highest quality components at the lowest prices, you’ll also save thousands of dollars on installation fees!

It is also worth noting that US Congress recently extended and expanded the Solar Tax Credit which means you can now receive a federal tax credit of 30% of the total cost of your solar power equipment! In other words, for every $1,000 you spend on your solar power system, you could be eligible to receive a $300 credit on your annual return!

It’s important to think of solar as a long-term investment. Like any good investment, a solar power system can pay for itself over time. Rather than paying for electricity from the local utility company, you can run your electronics and appliances off on free and clean solar power. Think about the savings on your monthly bills!

Myth #5: The Only Way to Affordably Finance Solar Equipment is to Lease it

Many people assume that leasing is their only option if they cannot afford the up-front cost of a large-scale solar power system; however, there are actually numerous options that are easier and much more affordable!

At Shop Solar Kits, we offer a variety of solar financing options with low interest rates which makes it super affordable for our customers to order their own solar power system.

Financing a solar power system, rather than leasing it, can save you a serious headache if you ever choose to sell your home, as potential buyers would have to pick up the lease payments. Financing a solar power system also means you own the equipment, rather than just renting it from a solar leasing company.

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