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2.4kW Complete Solar Power System - Sol-Ark 8K 120/240V + [10.24kWh Lithium Battery Bank] + 6 x 400W Mono Solar Panels | Includes Schematic [BPK-PLUS]

by BPK

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Gain your power independence today and power all of life's essentials with our Backup Power Kits. Designed for running essential everyday power needs, these solar kits feature all-in-one hybrid inverters, enabling seamless operation on or off-grid. You can recharge your battery bank with grid or generator power, ensuring long-term uninterrupted energy supply.

Embrace simplicity and independence with these simple solar solutions, designed for those seeking a hassle-free, plug-and-play backup solar power solution. Each solar kit is designed for easy installation, making it effortless to harness the power of the sun and gain your energy independence.

Common Uses: Home backup power, mid-size on or off-grid applications, standalone power systems for homes, cabins, businesses and even remote or mobile applications.

Each kit includes all of the cables, connectors, adapters, diagrams, guides, parts and pieces, needed to get up and running with quiet, free and reliable solar power, all backed by our lifetime customer support (phone, email & chat). Experience simplicity, value, and reliability with our complete solar kit packages.

Order securely online with major credit cards or PayPal, or enjoy instant financing options at checkout. Give us a call at 877-242-2792 if you have any specific questions.

Embrace the freedom of renewable energy and take control of your power needs today!


The solar investment tax credit (ITC), commonly known as the solar tax credit, offers home and commercial property owners incentives to install solar and move to renewable energy.

The solar tax credit will allow you to claim 30% of the total cost of this solar system as a credit on your federal tax return. 

*To be eligible for the tax credit, you must own the system and install it at a residence or business that you own in the USA. You must also fill out Form 5695 (Residential) or Form 2468 (Commercial) 

What Type of Solar Panels Are Included?

We only include Tier-1 / Grade A solar panels in our solar kits. They are always monocrystalline and come with at least a 25-year power output warranty. We only source and supply solar panels from reputable brands that have been in business for many years. For more information on your solar panels, click to watch our video.

What Kind of Batteries Are Included?

We almost only include lithium iron phosphate batteries in our solar kits. This is because they are the longest lasting and safest battery option available today. We only source and supply batteries from reputable brands that ideally have US based operations and support teams. We stand behind the batteries we sell and because of that, your lithium batteries will always be covered by a long-term, comprehensive warranty. For more information on your battery bank, click to watch our video.

Does This Kit Come With Setup Instructions?

In addition to guaranteed lifetime customer support, we also provide you with a custom wiring diagram and commissioning guide for setting up your solar kit. Whether you are planning to hire a professional or install it yourself, this information will set you up for success when it comes to getting your solar power system up and running properly. In addition, you’ll also unlock lifetime access to The Solar Hub, where you’ll find instructional videos, articles, troubleshooting guides and tips, so that you can level up your solar knowledge and get the most out of this kit.

Simplified Solar Solutions

Simplified Solar Solutions

Our carefully curated solar kits combine the best components to create an ideal solution for your individual power needs. So whether you need to get off the grid, to save on your electric bill, for emergency backup power, or to fuel your next adventure - we eliminate the need for a designer or custom solution, and pass those savings on to you without compromising on performance.

Best Components, Lowest Prices

Best Components, Lowest Prices

We cut out the bloat of traditional solar companies and pass those savings off to you. Plus, we provide free shipping on all solar kits and lifetime customer service on everything we sell.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Our team of solar professionals is here to help you navigate the world of solar with ease. From selecting the perfect solar kit to installation and beyond, we provide support and expertise at every step of the journey.

We’re people just like you

We’re people just like you

We’re not corporate and neither are our customers. We’re just a group of 50+ solar enthusiasts who are passionate about providing an honest, no-BS way for anyone, anywhere to improve their lives and the world around them with solar power.

Trusted Solar Authority

Trusted Solar Authority

With over 40,000+ happy customers, 2,500+ positive reviews, and decades of experience in the industry, we’re proud to say we’re America’s #1 solar power solutions provider. You can trust us to provide you with top-notch products and legendary customer service at every step of the way.

What's Included:

  • 1 x Sol-Ark 8K 120/240/208V 48V All-In-One Hybrid Inverter - 5 year warranty

  • 6 x 400W Monocrystalline Solar Panels (4,800 Watts) - 25years Linear Performance Warranty

  • 1 x 10AWG 50 ft. Red & Black PV Cable Set

  • 1 x 20A PV Inline Fuse Kit

  • 2 x EG4 Server Rack Batteries [10.24kWh] Lifepower4 - 5-10 Year Warranty

  • 1 x 3 Slot EG4 Server Rack with Built-in Bus Bar

  • 1 x 4/0AWG, SET - Inverter to Battery Cable

  • 1 x Custom Setup Diagram & Commissioning Guide

  • Lifetime Customer Support (Phone, Email, Live Chat)

Product Specifications:

Sol-Ark 8K Inverter Specifications
Max allowed PV Power 11000W
Max allowed PV Power per MPPT 6000W
Max DC voltage 500V
MPPT voltage range 150-425V
Max DC current per MPPT 18A (self limiting)
AC Output Connections 120/240V split phase
Frequency 60/50Hz
Battery Nominal DC Input 48V
Battery Capacity 90 – 2000Ah
Dimensions (H x W x D) 28.0” x 17.375” x 9.37”
Weight 75 lbs
Warranty 5 year standard warranty
EG4 LL-S Lithium Battery Specifications
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Charging Current 100A (Max. continuous)
Discharging Current 100A (Max. continuous)
Charging Range 32° ‒ 113°F (0°C to 45°C)
Discharging Range -4°F ‒ 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Dimensions 6.1 × 19 × 17.4 in.
Design Life *15 Years at 80% DoD
Communications EG4, Schneider, Sol-Ark, Victron, Growatt, Megarevo, Luxpower, and Deye inverters
Warranty 5 years
400 Watt Solar Panel Specs
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) 31~35V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp) 11~14A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37~42V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 12~14
Module Efficiency 20.5~20.8
Dimensions 1094~1134 x 1722~1754
Warranty 25years Linear Performance Warranty
BPK PLUS Solar Kit Specs
Max Continuous Output 8,000W
Max Solar Input 11,000W
Total Wattage of Panels 2,400W
Total KWH of Batteries 10.2kWh
Wattage Per Panel 400W
# of Panels 6
System Voltage 48V
Chemistry Lithium
# of Batteries 2

Disclaimer: Each solar kit includes solar-specific equipment to get you started, but please keep in mind that you may need to purchase additional items like installation tools, grounding rods/wire, and any AC components you might need. We highly recommend bringing in a certified solar installer or master electrician to help with the installation process to ensure a safe and reliable system that meets all relevant codes and standards. Also, if you purchase a solar kit without solar panels, you will be responsible for ensuring the compatibility and configuration of your solar panel array. Each solar kit includes professionally designed schematics that work within the parameters of each inverter. There are minimum and maximum input voltages with each inverter that you will need to be aware of so that you do not damage your inverter and/or void your warranty.

What warranty is included with this solar kit?

When you buy this solar kit, you are covered by the full manufacturer warranties on each component. Plus, you’ll receive our lifetime customer and technical support.

Can I expand this system in the future?

Yes, you can easily add more solar panels as well as up to 8 x powerwalls. You can even stack another inverter if you need more output. Every area of this kit is expandable.

What solar panels are included with this kit?

You'll receive 400W+ monocrystalline solar panels from one of the leading brands in the solar industry. Backed by a minimum 25-Year power output warranty. We do our best to source all of our solar panels from North America, Mexico or Vietnam. Most popular brands we carry are Aptos, Phono, Mission and SolarEver.

How long will my battery bank last?

You'll be covered by a 10-year warranty. The battery is Lithium LFP meaning it's rated for up to 6,000 lifecycles (15+ years of daily use). To calculate daily run times, divide the total battery bank watt hours by your average load in watts to get rough hours of run time.

Can I install this system myself?

We've created the kits for absolute simplicity. That said, we highly recommend getting the help of a professional installer / certified electrician. You should plan on potential costs associated with this as well.

Can this kit handle a well-pump and/or other 240V appliances?

Yes. This kit is capable of running 120V, 208V and 240V appliances. This includes well pumps, dryers and 240V air conditioning units.

Can I use a generator or the grid to charge my battery bank if needed?

Absolutely. The Sol Ark comes ready to go with an AC input where you can hook up a stand by generator for charging the batteries on cloudy days or at night if needed. You can also use the grid as the AC input source if it's available.

Can I sell power back to the grid with this system?

Technically the Sol Ark inverter allows you to sell power back to the grid. However, most people who buy this kit are looking to gain power and grid independence and opt for storing or using any excess power they may have!

How big is all of this? How much space do I need?

The solar panels will come on a pallet and can be left inside or outside. The batteries are the biggest and heaviest deliveries. All together you'll need a good corner of a garage or a spare bedroom worth of space for storing all of the equipment before installing it.

Where is this equipment made?

We do our best to source as much product from North America as possible. Our solar panels are USA, Mexico or Vietnam and most of our batteries and inverters are designed and assembled in the USA.

Do the batteries need to be inside or outside? Does it matter?

Lithium batteries like to be around the same temperature as humans. They also like a temperature controlled environment. So putting them in a garage that is 40F' in the morning and 110F' in the afternoon is NOT ideal. They'd prefer to be in a basement that sits somewhere around 60F-90F on a consistent basis. That said, lithium batteries can be used when below 32F' but not charged unless they are above 32F'.

Do I need to buy anything else?

You'll have everything you need to get up and running with our kits. That said, you will want to plan on a trip to the hardware store to buy any necessary installation tools, ground rods and wire as well as UniStrut if needed for mounting the solar panels. Outside of this, you'll be getting all of the most important components in your kit!

How long will it take for me to get my kit after ordering?

If you're in the lower 48 states we do our best to get you your order within 5-15 business days. Recently with the incredible demand for products, our delivery times to customer's door are averaging around 9-12 business days. You will receive your tracking numbers as soon as they are available.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated at checkout. You'll get lowest possible shipping rates when you buy from You can also reach out to us here and inquire about shipping, or just give us a call 877-242-2792.

Will I be able to track my order and deliveries?

You will receive your tracking numbers via email and/or text message as soon as they are available. So please make sure you use a good Email address when ordering or a phone number that can receive text messages for your your tracking information. Also, please expect to receive multiple deliveries and packages as we ship from multiple warehouses to keep costs down.

What's Your Return Policy?

We try and keep returns simple and easy. We do not charge restocking or return fees. That said, if you decide to return it because you no longer want it, you'll just pay return shipping. If something arrives damaged, we'll cover all of the costs to get you a properly working product.

What happens if stuff arrives damaged?

We stand behind what we sell and we'll take care of the costs of getting you a new working product. Just reach out to us if this happens and we will get you all taken care of.

Does the kit come with a wiring diagram/setup guide?

Yes, you'll get our 3-page setup diagram and instruction manual along with all of the manufactuer guides and user manuals. We've also created the SolarHub which you get lifetime access to when you order from us.

Where do you ship from?

We have 3 main distribution centers (CA, TX, NY) along with suppliers across the US. We ship from multiple different warehouses in order to try and keep costs as low as possible for our customers.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do! We have 2 financing options which you can learn more about if you keep scrolling down this page.

What sort of after-sale customer support do you offer?

You can reach us Monday to Friday via phone, live chat or email. You'll also get free, lifetime access to the industry leading "Solar Hub" - Where you'll find all of our diagrams, installation manuals, troubleshooting guides and more!

Can I qualify for the 30% federal tax credit if I order this kit?

Yes, if you order this solar kit and install it before the end of the year, you may be eligible to claim 30% of its cost as a credit on your federal tax return. This is made possible by the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is part of the Inflation Reduction Act. We recommend consulting a tax professional to make sure you’re eligible to receive the federal solar tax credit.

What is the Shop Solar Kits returns policy?

Returns are free in the first 30 days with no restocking or processing fees, although the customer must pay for the return shipping costs. See our complete return policy on our Shipping, Deliver, and Returns page.

What’s covered by the Shop Solar Kits returns policy?

Our returns policy covers all purchases made through Shop Solar Kits. For warranty issues, as authorized distributors, we honor the full manufacturer warranty of ALL the brands on our website. See our complete returns and warranty policies on our Shipping, Deliver, and Returns page.

How long will it take to receive my Shop Solar Kits order?

All orders are processed within 72 hours and you can expect delivery within 5 to 10 business days. You will receive access to our customer portal after ordering, where it is easy to track all your shipments. See our Shipping, Delivery and Returns page for more details.

What are the financing and payment options at Shop Solar Kits?

We offer several ways to pay to make getting your solar kit simple:

  • Credit Card: if the purchase is greater than your card’s limit, you can split the cost onto multiple cards as well as Paypal, financing through Affirm, and ACH/bank transfer
  • You can arrange financing during the checkout process, see our Financing page for more details

How does the Shop Solar Kits Lifetime Support work?

Our legendary lifetime customer support has helped make us the #1 solar kit retailer. 

We have a dedicated team of solar professionals standing by to help you navigate the world of solar with ease. From selecting the perfect solar kit to installation and beyond, we provide support and expertise at every step of the journey.

If you need help with ordering, shipping, troubleshooting, expanding your system, warranty issues, or anything else you have questions about for as long as you own your Shop Solar Kits equipment, we’ve got you covered: we’re always only a phone call or email away.

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19 Reviews
Reviewed by Thomas H.
Verified Buyer
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EG4 Battery rack is awesome.

I purchased this rack to replace my regular 19 inch rack. This is much more heavy duty. It looks much better also.

Rated 5 out of 5
Easy to Use
Rated 5 out of 5
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Reviewed by Mark F.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Age Range
55 - 64
Rated 5 out of 5
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Great Batteries. Great Shipping

I had ordered most of my System from Signature Solar, all went well until the Shipping. It was a Complete Disaster. So when I wanted to increase my Battery Pack I went with Shop Solar. Everything went Perfect, especially the Shipping, it was even better than I had asked for. Wish I'd went Shop Solar from the beginning..

Rated 5 out of 5
Easy to Use
Rated 5 out of 5
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Reviewed by Govinda
Verified Reviewer
I recommend this product
Age Range
35 - 44
Rated 5 out of 5
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Love it as a Tesla charger!

I love it as my Tesla model 3 charger. It’s perfect for my daily driving needs. I am now able to fully drive just off the sun. Living the dream!

Rated 5 out of 5
Easy to Use
Rated 4 out of 5
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Reviewed by Chuck G.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Age Range
45 - 54
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted

Great service! Product information could use help

I have 2 - EG4 6000W inverters along with 3 - 5.1KW EG4 batteries and 12 - 400W solar panels. I purchased this as a kit from SSK. The kit came with ALMOST everything I needed. I purchased one panel, then added a second panel a few months later. I suggested that, when providing the inverter that a USB to Serial adapter be included for firmware updates. The second panel I ordered came with the adapter. They actually listened to my suggestion and implemented it. Can't ask for much more than that.

Rated 4 out of 5
Easy to Use
Rated 4 out of 5
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Reviewed by Greg
Verified Buyer
EG4 6.5kW Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48 | 6,500W 120V Output | 8000W PV Input | 500V VOC Input | UL 1741 Certified | All in One Solar Inverter
EG4 6.5kW Off-Grid Inverter | 6500EX-48 | 6,500W 120V Output | 8000W PV Input | 500V VOC Input | UL 1741 Certified | All in One Solar Inverter
I recommend this product
Age Range
45 - 54
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted

Easy to Install some improvements needed

These inverters are all in one you can do up to 8,000 Watts 500 VOC which means you could easily run 20 400 watt solar panels from one inverter! The downside on the PV input power from the solar panels is a tiny set screw that holds the wires in. Rebranded inverters come with a simple Plug and Play setup there are many versions from the same manufacturer. Names like Rich solar, SunPower and Sungold Power to name a few this is the most inexpensive rebranded name of them all so it's the best one minus the connectors as I mentioned above. Also it would be nice if there was a built-in software user bypass other than the battery bypass. So if you're running these in a series you could simply bypass the voltage output so that the other inverters can run independently if you have a problem or it quits working, unfortunately this is not the case. These were sold to me as off-grid so you have to consider there's going to be dust more than a normal neighborhood . This brings me to the inverter filters hold on each side at the top for the intake air flow. The filters are a cheap sponge like plastic material you can wash them out and let them dry I find myself cleaning them weekly. Dust still gets inside of the machines this is huge as you don't want dust in the electronics. The app for this inverter is offered under two different names. Even after talking to customer support they came back to the same conclusion the app is garbage. It lets you know the basics like what is charging and…

Rated 4 out of 5
Easy to Use
Rated 4 out of 5
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