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Solar Generator School: Everything You Need To Know About Solar Generators

This page has links to everything you need to know about solar generators!

Solar Generator Comparison Chart: 

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Solar Generator User Manuals:

  1. EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generator - User Manual
  2. Lion Safari ME Solar Generator - User Manual 
  3. Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator - User Manual 
  4. Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator - User Manual 
  5. Bluetti AC200 Solar Generator - User Manual 

Solar Generator Setup & Learning Videos:

  1. How to Connect Solar Panels To a Solar Generator
  2. How to use MC4 Cables & Branch connectors
  3. How to calculate run times & recharge times for any Solar generator
  4. DIY Solar Panel Stands

Solar Generator Wiring Diagrams:

  1. Titan Wiring Diagrams
  2. Solar Panel Diagrams for Solar Generators (Bluetti)
  3. Solar Panel Diagrams for Solar Generators(Delta)

Solar Generator Accessories & Adapters:

  1. Bluetti 300W Power Converter (car charger)
  2. Reliance home controls manual transfer switch
  3. 30A to 15A 110V Plug Adapter

Transfer Switch & Adapter Videos:

  1. Transfer Switch Review
  2. Proper Adapter to Connect your Transfer Switch
  3. Andersen to MC4 Connectors


Solar Generator Review Articles:

Solar Generator Review Videos:

Solar Generator Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. How Long Will This Charge My Fridge/Freezer? 
  2. How Long Does This Generator Take To Charge?
  3. What Is The Best Kit For Emergencies?
  4. Are There Different Levels To Your Kits?

More FAQ's...

How & where should I store a solar generator?

We recommend storing solar generators in a temperature controlled environment such as a bedroom closet or anywhere inside the house or temperature controlled garage.

It’s true that lithium based solar generators work in extreme weather conditions, but a temperature controlled storage environment will help prolong the life of your solar generator.

Can I use a solar generator to power my devices at the same time that it's charging from the solar panels and/or the wall?

Absolutely. This is called pass-thru charging and it’s one of the most important features of a solar generator. This is because pass-thru charging is what allows you to use a solar generator as a long term/off grid power solution. You can run your devices all day and night while simultaneously charging the generator during the 5-7 good sun hours each day.


How many ways can you charge a solar generator?

There are typically 5 ways to charge a Solar Generator: 

  1. With the AC power (from the wall) 
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Vehicle’s 12V cigarette plug
  4. Gas generator (using the AC charger)
  5. Wind turbine


Can you charge a solar generator off of a gas generator?

Yes. To charge your solar generator from a gas generator you simply plug your AC charger (standard wall charger) into the gas generator. You will need to ensure the gas generator you have is powerful enough to handle your solar generators AC power needs. Typically we recommend a minimum 2000W gas generator.


How long would it take to recharge a solar generator?

While most solar generators have different size batteries, there is a simple equation to determine how long it will take to charge your unit. 


You simply divide the # of watts your are inputting in to the generator via solar or AC, by the # of your Wh (battery size) or Battery Watt Hours / Solar Input Watts = Recharge time


An example would be: the EcoFlow Delta has a 1300Wh (Battery). Its solar input can handle 400W. If you had four x 100 Watt panels pushing 400 Watts into the battery, it would take 3.25 hours to charge.  Wh (1300) / Solar Input (400W) = 3.25 hours


How long will a solar generator's battery last? Could a solar generator power devices for a week straight if needed?

To determine how long a Generator can run something, you need to know the Wh ( battery size) and the Load (amount of watts being used.) For example. If i wanted to run my Television for as long as possible, I would find out the amount of watts it uses. 


In this case it is 100 Watts. Then I would find out my battery size (wh). I then divide the load (watts being used) by the Wh (battery size) to get my answer.  Wh(1300) % by the Load (100W)= 13 hours continuous.


Run Time = Battery Watt Hours / Load Watts = Hours of Run Time


How do you connect the solar panels to the solar generator?

Is there a warranty on your solar generators?

There is a warranty with almost all generators, however each warranty could be different. Most Generators come with a two year warranty. We advise you to reach out if you can’t find the proper information, and someone will be able to tell you the appropriate answer. 


What does the shelf life mean?

The term “Shelf Life” is referred to when looking at how long a solar generator can be stored away, before the battery storage is effected.  

Again, most generators are recommended to be used once every 6 months, but each unit has a little different shelf life, typically 3-12 months. It is advised that once every 3 months minimum you cycle your solar generator.


Is a solar generator noisy?

Some Solar Generators have a small amount of noise. This is the sound of the fan kicking on to ensure the unit does not overheat. Almost unnoticeable. Still a much more noise-friendly environment than using a gas generator.


Can I use a solar generator in cold and hot temperatures?

Solar generators are temperature friendly units. That being said, they do have temperature regulators built into them. If trying to charge or use the unit while in a temperature that is too cold or too hot, it will result in an error code. 

This is to allow the customer to understand the limits of your generator and to prevent the unit from being damaged. The ideal temperature is between 50°F and 85°F.

You can generally discharge the unit in below freezing temperatures, but cannot charge the generator from the sun or any other power source unless it’s above freezing.


How long should a solar generator like this last me (in years)?

This is usually determined by how many Life Cycles the solar generator has. That being said, if stored in a temperature controlled environment and used properly, a solar generator should easily last 10+ years of solid use.


Can I connect a solar generator like this to my house with a transfer switch?

It is recommended you reach out to a licensed electrician if you are looking to alter your home’s electrical setup. That being said, it is possible to hook up a solar generator + a 4-6 circuit 110V transfer switch to run things like lights, tv, fans and more in the home.


Is a solar generator safe for indoor use?

Yes! This is one of the most popular things about solar generators! They are 100% emission free units that make almost no noise..


What’s better: Rigid solar panels or flexible for solar generators?

Rigid panels are the industry standard. They have been around for decades, can stand up to all kinds of weather and can be installed to optimize solar angle throughout the year. They are tried and true and no one will look at you sideways if you choose to go this route.

Flexible Panels can conform to a wide variety of surface shapes, provide the same power output, and weigh a fraction of their rigid panel cousins. They are slick and sleek but cost nearly twice the price and don’t generally last as long as rigid panels.


Will any solar panel work with a solar generator?

Solar panels are interchangeable but you have to be aware of the voltage of the panel as some units are built for 12V, and other are built for 24V.


Is there a Pure Sine Wave inverter in a solar generator?

All of the solar generators we sell have pure sine wave inverters inside. Anything else would risk damaging your electronics.


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