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Over 40,000 Happy Customers
Slash or eliminate your electricity bills will a solar kit.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Shop Solar


Best Components, Lowest Prices

With our online model, we cut out the bloat that traditional solar companies have, like high commission sales reps, expensive offices, inflated installation costs, and pass those savings off to you.


Expert Guidance and Installation

We know going solar can be complicated, but we make it fast and easy to find the right solar system for your individual energy needs, and take care permitting and installation so that you can spend less time researching & more reaping the benefits of going solar. 


Lifetime Customer Support

Our team of solar professionals is here to help you navigate the world of solar with ease. From selecting the perfect solar kit to installation and beyond, we provide support and expertise at every step of the journey.

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Founded by Solar Experts Alex & Max

Benefits of Going Solar

Gain Energy Independence

By investing in a solar kit, you can liberate yourself from the grid, ensuring a reliable and self-sustaining energy source that grants you complete control over your power supply.

Save Money

Enjoy producing your own power and the significant savings experience with that, allowing you to save money in the long run and enjoy a more cost-effective energy solution.

Embrace the Future

Become a part of the future-forward revolution, tapping into the boundless potential of renewable energy and
paving the way for a cleaner, greener world.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The process of finding the right solar kit was really easy and the installation of it went well. They were quick to answer every question I had and were very thorough. The convenience of having solar power is freeing. I would highly recommend Shop Solar


Houston, Texas

Things went smoothly with ShopSolar. I ordered the kit and did a home install. If I needed help, it was always just a quick phone call away. I've used them a couple of times for troubleshooting and I've always gotten a quick response from their engineering team.


Sugarland, Texas

It only took 3 weeks from the time I submitted my quote to having my system installed on my house. On top of that, Shop Solar was almost 50% cheaper than what I was quoted locally. I couldn't recommend them enough!


Cape Coral, Florida

The process of ordering my solar kit and getting it installed was empowering. I recommended Shop Solar to a lot of people and say, "Hey, if you're interested in a system, go look at them because you can see the package prices, and they are much more affordable than having a local contractor install your solar.


Applegate, MI

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Go Solar in 7 Simple Steps


Fill our our online quote

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll provide you with a solar kit recommendation with transparent pricing


Pay Deposit

Pay a small deposit for your survey, diagram and permits


Site Survey

An expert Shop Solar technician will measure, review and finalize the plans we initially discussed


Design Review

We follow-up to review any tweaks or changes to our initial plan and make sure you're happy with the result



We'll handle the permitting and paperwork with your city, and let you know when everything is good to go



Schedule a day to have your system installed. We’ll ship the kit to your door and take care of the setup


Power On

Flip the switch, sit back and start harnessing the power of the sun

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  1. Why should I switch to solar?
    The sun rises every single day. This consistent and ever-renewable resource is why solar energy is such a reliable and environmentally friendly power source. It allows us to decrease our dependence on damaging power sources like oil, coal, and natural gas, which generate harmful emissions that negatively impact our health and the world around us.

    Moreover, the technology of solar panels and home batteries is advancing rapidly, becoming more cost-effective, accessible, robust, and efficient. They offer households a sense of security, ensuring you have power during outages or inclement weather. With home solar systems, you're in the driver's seat, steering towards a sustainable energy future.
  2. How is Shop Solar less expensive than traditional solar companies?
    Most solar companies are paying high commission sales reps, have expensive regional offices and make their money on inflated installation costs. At Shop Solar, our online model allows us to cut out these aspects of our business and pass these savings off to you. Leveraging our network, we’re also able to source a wider array of products and get the best components at the lowest prices, which local installers can’t compete with.
  3. How much does installation cost?
    We charge a flat rate of $399 plus $0.75 per watt, which includes all design/permitting fees, which is 3.5x cheaper than the national average.
  4. How does shipping cost?
    Shipping is free on all solar kits. This means that the price you see is the price you get.
  5. Do you handle the design and permitting?
    Yes. We handle everything that you need to install your system - including your site survey, design and permitting. You can just
  6. What warranty is included with this solar kit?
    When you buy a solar kit from Shop solar, you are covered by the full manufacturer warranties on each component. Plus, you’ll receive our lifetime customer and technical support from our expert in-house team.
  7. How do you customize my solar power system?
    We select the best solar kit for your needs by taking into account your past usage, the type of roof you have, your roof space and your design preferences to make sure that your system will work for you and your family.

    We look at your historical usage to determine how much power you will need, which allows us to select a system that will meet your energy requirements. We also take into account the roof of your house, to determine how many panels will fit on each roof plane. From there, we verify our measurements and system design with a site survey.

    Lastly, we will present you with our design so that you know exactly what your system will look like and how much power you’ll get from your solar system.
  8. What happens after I complete my quote request?
    Our team of expert solar technicians will provide you with a specific solar kit recommendation that meets your energy needs, along with a quote for the price of your system and installation. If that looks good to you, we will get to work on the site survey, design and permitting process.

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