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The decision to purchase a solar kit is both exciting and scary.  There are so many things to figure out; from how many watts you'll need, the size of battery bank or even how to mount our panels.  What size of inverter will you need?  Should I go with an MPPT or PWM charge controller?  These decisions when you're just starting out can be overwhelming, which is why we are now offering a FREE solar kit consultation - where we jump on a scheduled phone call and go over all of your power needs in order to recommend the best possible solar kit for your situation.

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You can read the information below in order to get a high level understanding of the size of kit you need and then book a one on one call with our team or you can go ahead and just book a call right now!  


If you're not quite ready to chat - we suggest starting out with our off-grid calculator which you can find here.  The first step is always to determine how much energy you will use daily.  You can get a rough idea of that with our calculator.

If you are more experienced with Solar power and know what you are looking for, we sell individual parts and pieces so that you can put together your custom system.   However, the information outlined below is for complete solar kits.  This means that they come with everything you need in order to start harnessing the suns power.  You will receive all of the panels, wiring, and parts/pieces you need in order to live off-grid.  This is the benefit of a complete solar kit; all you need to do is know how much energy you will use and we can suggest the right kit for you. We can also help you figure out how much energy you will use with our handy off-grid calculator. 

There are 4 main types of complete Solar Kits that we offer:

Plug & Play
Small & Budget Friendly
Medium & Mobile

Large & Full-time

Each kit has benefits and what will work for you will depend on your goals and what you're hoping to get out of your solar system.   Below we have outlined the differences between all 4 types of kits so that you can have a base understanding before booking a free 1 on 1 call with a SSK team member.


Plug & Play Options

These are great for anyone who is new or green when it comes to solar power.  These kits come with a portable solar generator which will act as your battery, inverter and charge controller all in one.  It will also come with compatible solar panels and all the wiring necessary in order to connect everything and start harnessing solar energy.  These options are similar to the medium sized kits in what you can power.  Perfect for multiple laptops, cameras, phones, LED lights etc.  You can get away with using some appliances like microwaves and kettles etc, but that should be used sparingly because they are very energy intensive. 


Solar generator

Wiring / cables

Most popular plug & play kits:

Inergy: Gold, Silver & Bronze kits
Goal Zero: 1400, 1000 & 400 kits

Humless:  Go mini kit 

Small & Budget Friendly Options

Perfect for Cars, Minivans, stealth campers who have limited roof space or are on a tighter budget.  These will be the lightest systems that you can install and perfect for someone who is only needing to run their laptop, a few USB chargers, a camera and some LED lights.


100-200 watts of solar panels
100 amp hour battery
10-20 amp charge contoller
750-1000 watt inverter

Most popular small & budget friendly kits:

Go power retreat

Medium & Mobile Options

These are perfect for people who will spend significant amounts of time in their vehicle.  A fantastic option for serious Vanlifers, Skoolies or smaller RV’s.  You will be able to run almost all of your appliances off of these systems like a desktop computer, a fridge, microwave, blender etc.


300-400 watts of solar panels
300 amp hours of battery (less with lithium)
30-40 amp charge controller

1000-2000 watt inverter 

Most popular medium & mobile kits:

Go Power solar Elite 

Large & Full-Time Options

These systems are designed for people who live full time or are planning to live full time in their RV, trailer or Skoolie; it would also work for an off-grid cabin as well. You will be able to run anything you need from power tools to induction cooktops etc. 


800-1000 watts of solar panels
80 amp charge controller
600 amp hours of battery (less with lithium)

Minimum 2000 watt inverter  

Most popular large & full-time kits:



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