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Below you'll find all of our planning, training and design services. We have standardized all of our processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy when it comes to delivering high-quality designs and services. We believe that going solar should be simple and affordable. That's why we have an in-house support team ready to assist you with all the unique aspects of your project.

By utilizing our in-house team you can save thousands on overhead costs when you go solar with

1. Complete Solar Kit Schematics & Step-by-Step Commissioning Guides | 3-Pack OF PDF'S

When you order a solar kit from us - You will receive a custom wiring diagram and step-by-step commissioning guide included with your order. These are extremely handy when it comes to your solar kit setup, and are a great resource when hiring a professional to complete your solar kit installation.

However, if you'd like to review & study a set of diagrams before placing an order, you can go ahead and purchase a 3-pack bundle of PDF Schematics for the line of kit that interests you most.

Starting at $197

2. [DIY Solar Essentials] Video Modules & 40-Page Handbook | Digital Mini Course | 1-Day Online Training

Learning about solar + storage systems is hard, we've been there. But now it doesn’t have to be...

The DIY Solar Essentials Mini Course gives you access to everything we wish we had when starting our solar journey's.

With over 10+ years of solar experience all packed into 7 x video modules, a 40-page solar power + storage handbook, packed with sizing guides, easy to understand analogies, example wiring diagrams, installation tips, worksheets and more - You will be a solar + storage expert, in less than an hour!

Starting at $97

3. Solar Permitting & Plan Set Services

if you're looking to install your solar power system on the grid or in a state with stricter guidelines, you may want to secure a solar permit.  Although not always required, tese plans can be nice to have for the building department that oversees construction in your area.

Your solar permit application is relatively quick and easy and our team will handle the rest.

Starting at $1399

4. System Deposit & Consult Service

Looking to get your solar project rolling but not sure where to start? Save yourself days, if not weeks of research and eliminate the guesswork with our System Deposit & Consult Service.

When you put down a System Deposit, you’ll receive an intake form asking you a series of questions to help our team of solar technicians make the perfect solar kit recommendation, along with a follow up call to review everything.

Your deposit is then applied as a credit towards any future purchase. This allows our team to deliver a personalized experience as well as a premium level of service throughout your selection journey.

Starting at $99