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Off-Grid Solar Kits [OGK]

Discover the powerful and affordable off-grid power solution you've been searching for with our complete off-grid solar kits. These all-in-one plug-and-play solar kits have the ability to hook up to solar panels, fuel/backup generator and/or utility power - So whether you're looking to run your RV, off-grid home/cabin or for an emergency backup solar system they were designed with versatility and expandability in mind.

Common Uses: Full-time off-grid living, standalone home backup systems, larger shops and outbuildings as well as remote or mobile applications like food trucks, construction sites and even small industrial and light commercial needs.

Each kit includes all of the cables, connectors, adapters, diagrams, guides, parts and pieces, needed to get up and running with quiet, free and reliable solar power, all backed by our lifetime customer support (phone, email & chat). Experience simplicity, value, and reliability with our complete solar kit packages. 

Order securely online with major credit cards or PayPal, or enjoy instant financing options at checkout. Give us a call at 877-242-2792 if you have any specific questions.

Embrace the freedom of renewable energy and take control of your power needs today!